Public Is Catching On, U.S. Economy Is War Based

Charles E. Carlson

Wars are deadly adventures orchestrated to keep the domestic economy churning, but the public is not suppose to suspect it. The seemingly spontaneous, overwhelming negative public response to President Obama’s campaign to bomb Syria is as encouraging sign that some are catching on. America’s grass roots war resistance has been slow in coming, long after many European politicians, goaded by their own constituencies, refused to play the U.S. Administration’s war-game in Syria.

It is significant that few if any of the hundreds of diverse groups resisting war are doing so in support of the Assad dynasty; at best, President Bashar al-Assad is looked upon as the better dictator; at worst, as a naked tyrant. My most unique source, Karriem Shabazz, was, for the safety of his young family, recently forced to leave his adopted Syria and a satisfying life he had built there as an English teacher for 15 years. Dr. Shabazz recently stated in an interview, “Why doesn’t America know this and mind its own business? Don’t we have enough expensive problems? Are we going over there with drones and increase the collateral damage that may kill as many or more women and children as Bashaar al-Assad has done?” (1)

President Obama billed the attack that did not happen as a punishment for Bashar al-Assad. We will teach him a lesson he will not forget, is the twisted rationale for starting another killing war-game. It is not unlike an imprecation practiced by some branches of Talmudic Judaism that loads all of a group’s sins on a scapegoat or chicken, and then slaughters the sacrifice to get rid of the sins. Mr Obama would blame the sins of the Middle East on Bashar al-Assad and bomb the Syrian people to punish Assad. What can his real reason be? Why are we always in the process of going to war with a country C that seems totally insignificant, while we are still bombing and droning country B, and while our 10 year old war with Country A is only now winding down?

Banks, Generals, & Churches are Stealing Egyptian Revolution

Charles E. Carlson

Egypt's central bank cut its reserve requirement on local currency
deposits to 12 per cent from 14 per cent (20 March 2012), in a
move to provide banks with more cash to lend to the government
and business.
(Photo: Bloomberg. Caption:

Part I: Egypt’s Mysterious Central Bank

The joyful celebrations in Cairo sadden me because I know what Egyptians are up against. If you don’t, you need to read this series and understand it. I have spent 15 years championing lost causes. Sadly, Egypt seems to be one more. I would remind those who feel this, too, that Jesus did not call disciples to win, but to follow and be faithful. Unless you are prepared to be on the losing side, you cannot engage with the world in which you live.

The odds of the Egyptians finding freedom is about the same as our own odds of keeping our freedoms. Why? Because we and the Egyptians have the same half-hidden enemies.

According to Reuters, Mohammed Morsi, “Egypt’s first freely elected president, whose powers have already been curbed by the army, began work on a coalition Monday, after touring his new palace, once home of Hosni Mubarak who banned his movement for three decades.” Reuters is right, but they only cover one-third of the problem: the military.

The Messianic Movement Smuggles Zionism into the Mainline Church

Charles E. Carlson

Stealing Easter from Jesus

The Messianic Movement that is growing inside America’s mainline churches could be called the second generation of what has been called Christian Zionism. Its leaders are no longer arrogant celebrity types, like John Hagee, who have become an embarrassment to tradition church-goers. The crass first generation of Christian Zionists, used by sponsors in Israel’s Likud Party to mobilize millions of pro-Israel zealots and force the U.S. Congress into serving the interests and executing the plans of Israel rather than of the United States, is in its last stage of usefulness; its mission has been accomplished.

The "Messianic movement" is wooing mainline churches with a velvet glove. Caesar Aharon, author of Judaizing Elements in the Messianic Movement, wrote almost 15 years ago about the danger of Jewish corruption inside the churches and recorded a valuable program about it. Trained as a Conservative Jew, Aharon followed Jesus without Jewish reservations or Old Testament trappings.[1]

Aharon asserted that Messianic Churches always consisted of one or a few Jews on the inside, administering and preaching in the churches, which were attended and supported by seeking Christians spirited away from other denominations. We wrote about one such church a few weeks ago — The McLean Bible Church.[2]

If you are under the impression that your church is mainline, orthodox, or traditional Christian by any label, you need to watch for warning signs of Messianic Zionist corruption.

1) Has your church begun to practice Jewish "Passover" or "Seder dinners," on Christian Good Friday?
2) Does your church sponsor or arrange tours to Israel, most of which are Zionist propaganda sessions and not Christian tours? Less than 10% of tour takers ever meet a Palestinian while in Israel.
3) Does your church recognize Jewish holidays, such as Hanukkah at Christmas time, or the feast of Purim in February?
4) Does your pastor offer special prayers for Israel as a state, or for “the peace of Israel?"

Vigil for Peace at McLean Mega Church while AIPAC Demands War

Charles E. Carlson

Six men, one woman and one excited teenager challenged the leadership of McLean Bible Church on Sunday, March 4, in the affluent suburb of Mclean, Virginia. The church claims over 13,000 regular attendees at three consecutive services. Its website lists a staff of 74, each of whom received two letters in advance of our visit. Attendees park in a two-story concrete garage that holds over 1500 cars; four off-duty policemen direct traffic.

Our vigils are organized, but in no way resemble mass demonstrations. Rather, like Jesus at the Temple of Herod, we go alone or with a few friends, with a firm message. We were large enough in number at McLean to display a uniform message of peace to everyone who gave us one glance. Many try not to look, but few can force themselves not to read the large display messages out of the corner of their eye:


We do not expect many people to stop and thank us for being there, but a few did. One told us that in Pastor Solomon’s message to his huge audiences, he said of us, ”They are wrong, we are not in favor of war on Iran....we do not support all of Israel's acts.” Two members, one of whom was with our vigil, told us the church has many wonderful people, but they are prompted to support wars. One said, "I have heard the full auditorium cheer when someone talks about the need for war against Iran."

Like most "Messianic Christians" (former Jews), Lon Solomon plays at being both a Jew and a Christian. He mixes a dash of Talmudic Judaism into his "Christian" sermons, references to The Book of Esther, for example. It is not coincidental that, as reported in The Atlantic, Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu presented U.S. President Obama with a copy of The Book of Esther, a reminder to the President that, according to Hebrew legend, the Persians (today, Iranians) were massacred by the Israelites (called jews in The Book of Esther), a massacre that is celebrated as the festival of "Purim" at this time of year. But Purim is a feast that celebrates the murder of innocents found in a book (Esther) that does not mention God. What would Jesus say to that?

AIPAC Presses Congress for War; Zionist Christians Have the Votes

Charles E. Carlson

Pastor Lon Solomon is #3 from left. (Click to enlarge.)

Money power from above, voting power from below

A look at American Israeli Public Affairs Committee's (AIPAC) website, reveals that Israel is selling war at the Washington DC Convention Center on the first week in March. Every front page story is about war against Iran, except one that is against Palestinian statehood. AIPAC is in Washington to get Americans to pay for its war of choice upon its distant neighbor that just happens to produce a great deal of oil.

Our American president will address this foreign lobby. Newt Gingrich and many members of Congress will also be there. Is AIPAC a danger to world peace? Sure it is.

A second danger to world peace is the Christian Zionist churches that are selling their congregations on the need to finance Israel's wars. [1]

Zionist Christianity has some 70 million Americans under its influence; it is AIPAC's trump card. We, who claim to follow Christ, must examine the forces that are deliberately pushing for war; we must know why and how they do it, and we must figure out how we can generate peace else we will be locked into in wars unending. - Can't happen? The USA first attacked Iraq 21 years ago! Can we afford AIPAC and Christian Zionism?

Try Peace For A Change

Charles E. Carlson

Where is the hope for world peace now that the season for singing "Peace on earth and mercy mild, Christ and sinners reconciled" and “Joy to the world, the Lord has come," is over?

Political candidates are competing for the votes of so-called "Christian Zionists,” who are, in mass, supporting the Warmakers’ goal of bigger conflicts in Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, and Gaza and any place Muslims live. Note that all of these countries with the exception of Gaza, have small populations and rich natural resources,

The outcry for peace that fueled demonstrations a few years back has sadly faded. It seems the banker-warmakers have stamped out all resistance to their war-based economy. The call for jobs, tax reform, home financing, and even concerns about the shaky states in Europe dominate financial news. Peace has become a non-issue.

President Obama is trying to make it appear that he has fulfilled his 2008 promise by bringing home the occupation force from Iraq. This is a sham, for it appears that 8000 troops are not coming back, but will remain stationed on Kurdish territory near the Iranian border. Worse yet, a huge number of incredibly expensive non-military mercenaries--a private army in every sense--are staying in Iraq. They are no doubt there to control the corrupt government installed by the U.S. The people of Iraq have no peace.

It is likely that President Obama does not himself understand the continued occupation, or who is pumping Iraq’s oil. He, like his opponents, is too caught up with the election to unravel the "facts" he is fed from the Pentagon, and central bankers. In America, war is too important a business to be entrusted to the President.

As for the Republicans, Dr. Paul seems to be the only one who understands the war-based economy and how it is financed through the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (FED). The rest of the Republican candidates have accepted the wars as a given. The big media is ignoring the move toward new wars and playing down the old ones.

Failure to link the corruption of the bankers with the serial warmaking has defused the protests against Wall Street, leaving Occupy Wall Street a fractured and confused movement.

Anders Breivik Declared Insane: Who is Guilty? (Part1)

Charles E. Carlson

Anders Breivik and Mossad agent Pamela Geller

Everyone has heard the legal explanation of when free speech becomes a crime. “You must not cry 'fire' in a crowded theater." According to the findings of the Norway court-appointed psychiatrists who examined Anders Breivik, he believes there is an immigration fire in his native country, so he killed or wounded some 80 Norwegian youths whose parents belong to the political party he blames for the migration of Muslims into Norway.

Note that Breivik, as far as we know, did not gain a single krone for his violent, well-planned deed. And he risked his own life to do it, for had the police shown up before he ran out of bullets [1], or if anyone on Utøya Island had had a gun, Breivik would likely have been shot down. As it stands, Breivik may be in a mental institution for a few years, or for the rest of his life.

Some good may come from the unfamiliar and seemingly overgenerous Norwegian law, because it will now bring focus on those who Breivik heard shouting “fire” and who influenced him to kill 74 youths. Unlike Breivik, many of them are well paid and rewarded for promoting war.

Messenger's Report at Vigil for Peace with Justice Outside Cornerstone Church, Nashville TN

Charles E. Carlson

Pastor Maury Davis's church website tells that "he was arrested at age eighteen for the crime of first-degree murder. Following his trial and conviction, he served eight and one-half years in the Texas Department of Corrections." He claims 3900 members at Cornerstone church, where he emphasizes that if Jesus can forgive him, anyone can be forgiven. We do not disagree.

It is not our business to judge God's work, but if indeed Maury Davis repented for killing just one middle-aged woman, why did he sponsor a "Preserving Freedom Conference," inside his church which openly promoted hatred and fear of Muslims. Most of the Conference participants openly called for preemptive war upon Iran. Nor is this the first Muslim bash Davis has sponsored, for Geert Wilders who is under criminal indictment for hate speech in his native Holland, was a guest in Cornerstone earlier this year, and beat the drum for war. Several of the speakers at Cornerstone, including Wilders, were cited as authorities in Anders Brievik's Manifesto, left behind as his logic to murdered upward to 90 Norwegian students in May.

Does Pastor Davis not know that killing is the purpose of war? I have reason to think he knows. Does Jesus repeatedly forgive those who go on killing, or encouraging others to kill time after time? We asked this question of Maury Davis in a letter delivered to him, and to most members of his staff by e-mail a week before the conference. Has Maury Davis repented of his sin if he calls for war that can not help but kill tens of thousands, most of whom will be every bit as innocent as was the woman he murdered 35 years ago for accidently spilling paint on his boots. Jesus' last words to a woman to whom He forgave of her sin of prostitution was, "sin no more." He did not say, sin some more. We understand from this Jesus forgiveness was conditional upon her repentance.

Face to Face With Angry Evangelicals and Jewish Zionists at “Night To Honor Israel”, Arvada, Colorado

Charles E. Carlson

Pastor John Hagee at the 'Night to Honor Israel'

Zionists from three or more religious groups converged at John Hagee's Night To Honor Israel in Arvada Colorado, Sunday October 16, 2011. We say "from" because, when one becomes a Zionist, he leaves behind whatever God-driven faith he may have had before. At Faith Bible Chapel, Colorado, we met many "Christian" and "Jewish" Zionists; one man claimed to be a Muslim for Israel and against Palestine. We even met a few Christ followers, whom we tried to convince did not belong there.

This Vigil for Peace With Justice was by far our most broadly supported vigil in over eight years at over 70 American churches. We are grateful for the co-sponsorship of other pro-peace and pro-Palestinian organizations, as well as the continuing support of our friends from past vigils.

This was our second outing at Faith Bible Chapel, a true mega-church in Arvada, Colorado.[1] As always the vigil was quiet and safe, but highly exciting in its conflicts. The churches usually employ private, off-duty police officers, who they can count on to protect Zionist's interests. We make sure there is a city police presence for our protection. We protested for 2 1/2 hours at the open house that preceded the nighttime pep rally for Israel, conducted by John Hagee and a Rabbi from South Africa. We left at dark.

"Angry Evangelicals," as WHTT’s Tom Compton has dubbed churchgoers who become Zionists, were never more hostile. Hostile, we think, because Project Strait Gate correctly labels them a cult. It challenges the scriptural core of their belief system, which has been corrupted by their leaders. We tell them when we have a chance, they are every bit as much a cult as the Jonestown cult, many of whose misled members died in 1978.

The many self-identified Jews in attendance were even more vociferous in their outrage. Perhaps they recognize that we are exposing the unchristian nature of their warmaking for Israel. Where at our previous Hagee vigils, they ignored us, or treated us with confident contempt, this time a number stopped on the way in or out of the Hagee open house to argue, proclaiming how uninformed we were.

Israel's Pending Attack on Iran

Charles E. Carlson

Israel's Pending Attack on Iran to Spur War Based Economy, Wikileak Exposes Mexico Farce

I have listened to many commentaries and interviews by reasonable writers who just do not buy the conspiracy story from Eric Holder and the White House. I agree with most, from Iran's point of view, a plot to murder the Saudi Arabian envoy to Washington makes no sense. Some compare the scheme to a "B" movie.

But even a “B” movie develops a plausible reason why the killer did it. If Iran would not benefit from this scheme, who would? Is there a motive for a U.S. secret service, say the FBI, to hatch this plot and blame Iran? It is easy to see this could have been done, but I have yet to hear others hit one the plausible argument why the US leadership might invent this illogical scheme. The U.S.'s motive is so simple it is easy to overlook, and it is almost too horrible to contemplate so the obvious is ignored.

We American have been living in a war-based economy for decades and those who steer our leaders know they need a newer and bigger war to keep it going. About 100 years ago, Calvin Coolidge said "the business of America is business." Today his statement must be modified to "The business of America is ‘Warbusiness’.” We are officially coining this new noun for the special kind of business that began with World War I, when for the first time, the cost of war was no longer an obstacle. Why, because the world warmakers had just installed the Federal Reserve System over the US dollar.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are winding down. Warbusiness can only sell one to us gullible consumers for so long, and these two of America's longest running wars. And you Warmakers know the US economy can not be stimulated fast enough by finance infrastructure, like roads and bridges. However, money can be deployed in a hurry to destroy things, which is why war works best to stimulate a crumbing economy. Ask yourself, which can be done quicker, break a clock or build one?

The logical reason for the lie is the economic need for another war, larger and more draining. This is the simple theory of war spending, and it is the simple and untold reason why Ben Bernanke's bosses, the state of Israel, and our behind the curtain political leaders want war with Iran right now. It is a big enough goal for them to take great risk, and they are.

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