Try Peace For A Change

Charles E. Carlson

Where is the hope for world peace now that the season for singing "Peace on earth and mercy mild, Christ and sinners reconciled" and “Joy to the world, the Lord has come," is over?

Political candidates are competing for the votes of so-called "Christian Zionists,” who are, in mass, supporting the Warmakers’ goal of bigger conflicts in Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, and Gaza and any place Muslims live. Note that all of these countries with the exception of Gaza, have small populations and rich natural resources,

The outcry for peace that fueled demonstrations a few years back has sadly faded. It seems the banker-warmakers have stamped out all resistance to their war-based economy. The call for jobs, tax reform, home financing, and even concerns about the shaky states in Europe dominate financial news. Peace has become a non-issue.

President Obama is trying to make it appear that he has fulfilled his 2008 promise by bringing home the occupation force from Iraq. This is a sham, for it appears that 8000 troops are not coming back, but will remain stationed on Kurdish territory near the Iranian border. Worse yet, a huge number of incredibly expensive non-military mercenaries--a private army in every sense--are staying in Iraq. They are no doubt there to control the corrupt government installed by the U.S. The people of Iraq have no peace.

It is likely that President Obama does not himself understand the continued occupation, or who is pumping Iraq’s oil. He, like his opponents, is too caught up with the election to unravel the "facts" he is fed from the Pentagon, and central bankers. In America, war is too important a business to be entrusted to the President.

As for the Republicans, Dr. Paul seems to be the only one who understands the war-based economy and how it is financed through the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (FED). The rest of the Republican candidates have accepted the wars as a given. The big media is ignoring the move toward new wars and playing down the old ones.

Failure to link the corruption of the bankers with the serial warmaking has defused the protests against Wall Street, leaving Occupy Wall Street a fractured and confused movement.

We seem to live in the land George Orwell described in his novel, 1984, a kind of political science fiction. It was once read and acceptable in the U.S. because the economics it taught was wrapped around a Soviet or "communist" ideology that we thought was un-American. But today this book portrays the here and now.

In Orwell's book, the implementation of control over the entire world population is accomplished by dividing the global land area into three nation states, all under an invisible world order that is left to our imagination. The three states constantly battle with each other to keep the population controlled and anesthetized. War is arranged and administrated somewhat like perpetual NFL playoffs, where at any time, two of the states are in a contrived war with each other, while the third rests and rearms, awaiting its turn to take on the winner.

Our war-making machine is focused on the Muslim Middle East. Syria, Libya, and Egypt are in shambles. Egypt's popular revolution seems to have stalled because the ruling clique still runs the Egyptian Central Bank, which controls the money supply. The Egyptian revolution leaders forgot to occupy the Central Bank and arrest and send the bankers to jail--a good lesson for us.

Israel has openly stated it is preparing to again invade Gaza. This time expect it to murder or jail all those associated with Hamas, no matter how many families it has to destroy. The excuse for Israel’s second invasion of Gaza is Mahmoud Abbas' play for meaningless statehood. Poet Jonathan Azaziah has dubbed Abbas the Israeli "Donkey" because he carries the load for Israel. Abbas has asked the United Nations to declare Palestine a state, but one without borders, an affront to every sacrificial life lost in quest of peace.

The U.S. and Israel should both be happy to accept this state without boundaries farce, which will then be an excuse for Israel to murder anyone connected with Hamas for the proclaimed purpose of unifying Palestine under Abbas. The "Donkey" will go home with what appears to be a state, but isn’t, and with renewed U.S. financial aid to cement his authority. Shame on the schemers.

This is the reality of this moment. Who can fix it? Only God, with a little help from those who want to.

Orwell wrote his book in 1949. The tide of war has risen from that time to this, and the awakening is coming not because of the horrors of war, as much as from the accumulated cost of war we all must bear. The wake up call is the economics of our warmaking era.

Someone like Ron Paul might start the needed revolt in motion, but no one man can sustain it against the architects of the war-based economy. A moral revolt does not require an honest President or an enlightened majority. It does requires an honest and moral and determined public minority. It calls for a different kind of miracle, and this is the season for miracles.

America has more churches, synagogues, mosques, and "Christians" than any country. Christianity stands for brotherhood and love. Jesus is the Peacemaker we sing about at Christmas. Those who are warmakers cannot be Christians or Muslims. So what is the problem, we have the votes for peace, do we not?

No, right now, we don’t have the votes or the resolve for peace because about half of voting Christians have been captured by the war worshiping cult called Christian Zionism. Our website teaches about it. When its grip is broken, as it will be, America will again, Try Peace for a Change.

Article published here: We Hold These Truths


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