Anders Breivik Declared Insane: Who is Guilty? (Part1)

Charles E. Carlson

Anders Breivik and Mossad agent Pamela Geller

Everyone has heard the legal explanation of when free speech becomes a crime. “You must not cry 'fire' in a crowded theater." According to the findings of the Norway court-appointed psychiatrists who examined Anders Breivik, he believes there is an immigration fire in his native country, so he killed or wounded some 80 Norwegian youths whose parents belong to the political party he blames for the migration of Muslims into Norway.

Note that Breivik, as far as we know, did not gain a single krone for his violent, well-planned deed. And he risked his own life to do it, for had the police shown up before he ran out of bullets [1], or if anyone on Utøya Island had had a gun, Breivik would likely have been shot down. As it stands, Breivik may be in a mental institution for a few years, or for the rest of his life.

Some good may come from the unfamiliar and seemingly overgenerous Norwegian law, because it will now bring focus on those who Breivik heard shouting “fire” and who influenced him to kill 74 youths. Unlike Breivik, many of them are well paid and rewarded for promoting war.

We live in a war-based economy in a society trained not to know it. A brazen few make their living agitating for those who benefit from serial wars. The serial war on Islamic countries is now in its third decade, having started with Operation Desert Storm in January 1991, when the cold war thawed out after 50 years of artificial freezing. Among the anti-Islamic agitators are Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, two of many named in Anders Breivik’s Manifesto, some 1500 pages published on the web just before his killing spree, that named and credited the people who inspired him. Geller and Spencer are in the business of shouting "fire, the Muslims are coming to take over America.” Their acts and voices aid and abet the call to war on Islam. They, and the nameless, faceless billionaires who see to their success, may be legally responsible for Andrew Breivik’s acts. In America a bartender can be held responsible for the acts of the drunk to whom he sold booze. Why not hold the purveyors of hate responsible for the acts of the guy who listened to their inflammatory words, and acted on and carried out these words? For the first time I wish I was a lawyer!

But the legal blame should not stop with Geller and Spencer. Note that Breivik did not kill Muslims; he killed pale-skinned Norwegians, mostly Lutherans, who just happened to sympathize with Arabs in the Gaza Gulag. Breivik murdered these youths, not because they were immigrants, but because they were ethnic Norwegians who had the audacity to hold a rally on Utøya Island at which they openly sided with the inmates inside Gaza.

No wonder Breivik was considered insane.[2] But were those who cried "fire" into Breivik's ears also insane? I think quite a few would pass the sanity test. But they would not pass the hate test. Nor does the guilt end with Geller and Spencer and other conference speakers. Every pastor who opened his church to the "Constitution or Shari'ah Conferences" is a hate crime accomplice; every college administrator who allowed the program inside the door he is paid to guard, shares the responsibility for listening to and encouraging others to listen to the hate message of "war, war, war."

But why are so many agitating for war on Muslims? Because since January 1991, Muslims have been the new boogeymen used to justify the war-based economy. All candidates for President, to a man, with one exception, have echoed a call for war with Iran. Because only a third of the voting public will stand for war, Americans must first be taught to hate Iranians, and that means hate Muslims. This cry for war against Muslims was a driving force in Anders Breivik, a 29 year old self-styled crusading "Knight Templar" who believed Muslim immigrants threaten his homeland and his race. We know this because he wrote a 1500 page suicide note.

Are Geller and Spencer and the dozens of sources cited in Breivik’s Manifesto also "insane?" Why not let a civil court decide! Perhaps parents of the Norwegian youths and children should file a class action wrongful death suit in a U.S. court, naming each one of those as accomplices who inspired Anders Breivik to commit his awful act. If Breivik can not be held responsible, then why not those who knowingly hosted spoke at the meetings at which hatred for Muslims was fomented?

Nor let it be said that no one knew the possible result of poisonous websites and Hate Islam conferences. The Hutton hotel in Nashville, owned by Amerimar Enterprises, refused to allow the conference after the officials discovered the content of the program! The Hotel representative clearly stated they did not want to host a meeting with race hate filled content. Amerimar is now being pressured and threatened with boycotts and legal threats from a professing Christian groups for canceling the meeting.

I suggest the first named defendant be Maury Davis, pastor (owner) of Cornerstone Church of Madison, Tennessee, who knowingly sponsored "Constitution or Shari'ah Conference" inside his church on November 11, 2011. Pastor Davis scooped the conference out of the gutter and took it home after the Hutton Hotel turned it down. Two days later this author helped lead a vigil for peace and justice at Davis's Cornerstone Church, and met with Pastor Davis.

Some might say Davis could not be responsible for Breivik's act because the latter was in jail when the conference took place, but this is not the first time for Pastor Davis. In January 2011, Cornerstone Church hosted anti-Islamist Geert Wilder, who was also honored in Breivik's Manifesto. Pastor Davis is a “serial hater.”

If the Norwegian families do not want to place a monetary value on the lives of their lost children, I suggest they start a foundation for peace and justice with any money they might win in court. More important is the precedent this will set. Maybe it will cause professional propagandists for war to think twice before agitating for more Muslim blood, and more wars for us to pay for.

[1] The police (Delta group) acually did arrive before Breivik had run out of ammo. He surrendered to them meekly, his guns still loaded. - He considers the police to belong to his own "tribe" and sees its officers as being close to him in their way of thinking. His logic seems to be, you don't point your gun at your own people. - Editor
[2] The court-appointed psychiatrists are Torgeir Husby and Synne Sørheim. In Norway, their opinion now is being disputed by a number of experienced psychiatrists, and by a recognized one in Sweden as well. It basically is their considered opinion that insufficient or no evidence has been adduced by Husby and Sørheim to support their diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia plus that their allegation that Breivik was "psychotic", while 1) he committed his crime and 2) when he was being examined by the psychiatrists, appears dubious. The dissenting psychiatrist from Sweden (Cullberg) has suggested that some kind of antisocial personality disorder (malignant narcissism) would seem to be what lies behind Breivik's outrageous behavior. "Moral disengagement" has been offered too, being a useful concept within the general problem area of bullying, in an effort at understanding Breivik and people like him. (See "Moral kan kobles ut" by Olweus in Bergens Tidende, paper edition, Dec. 9, 2011.) Many have also correctly pointed out that Breivik's thinking lies well within the familiar right-wing political spectrum. It is hard to prove them wrong in this respect. An additional problem with all this, is that psychiatry as such now has encroached upon politics and criminal law. If this continues, it could lead to a Soviet style psychiatric tyranny in Norway, where legal restraints on involuntary psychiatric treatment have been removed in recent years. - Editor

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