‘Leader of the free world’ permits genocide and global annihilation

Strategic Culture Foundation Editorial

If there is any hope, it may be that the abominable reality galvanizes the world to rise up against this criminal system and the war criminals that lord it in high office.

This week may go down as the week that saw the collective Western leadership being self-indicted as criminally insane.

First of all, we see United States President Joe Biden declaring that the massacre of civilians in Gaza does not “cross any red lines” that might bar further crucial American support for the Israeli regime.

Then we have Biden and other Western political figures declaring their permission for the Ukrainian regime to strike Russian territory with long-range NATO weapons. This is the same regime that glorifies the Nazi Third Reich and collaborators in World War Two genocide, and whose president canceled elections, now becoming a dictator.

It is entirely fitting – and heinous – that accomplices to genocide in Gaza are also recklessly pushing for global nuclear conflagration.

The abhorrent public position of Biden and other Western leaders should be a shocking wake-up call for citizens all around the world as to the criminal nature of these powers. It is all the more sickening given the arrogant claims of the US to be the “leader of the free world” and narcissistic notions about “Western, American, European values”.

Biden has personally taken up a crusade based on a narrative of “leading democracy against autocracy” and promoting a “rules-based global order”.

The conceited Western powers routinely vilify Russia, China, Iran, and others as “autocracies” that are threatening supposedly precious freedoms of democracy and international law.

Russia and China have had enough

Pepe Escobar
Strategic Culture Foundation

Both have had enough of being “polite”. You want confrontation? Confrontation is what you’re gonna get.

Something very important happened earlier this week in Astana during the meeting of the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi went straight to the point: he called for SCO members to “maintain their strategic autonomy”, and “never allow external forces” to turn Eurasia into a “geopolitical arena.”

Wang Yi detailed how “a few countries are pursuing hegemony and power, forming small cliques, establishing hidden rules, engaging in interference and suppression, ‘decoupling and cutting off ties,’ and even assisting the ‘three forces’ in the region”, thus attempting to suppress the strategic autonomy of the Global South.

The “three forces” is Chinese code for terrorism, separatism and religious extremism – actually the three main reasons for the foundation of the SCO way back in 2001, a short while before 9/11.

The straightforward translation of Wang’s message points to Beijing being very much aware of the Hegemon’s myriad Hybrid War tactics now deployed all across the Heartland. Still, Beijing excels in politeness, calling for “common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable” security cooperation and to work with the “international community”.

The problem is the “international community” is a hostage of the “rules-based international order”.

Will Zionism self-destruct?

Alastair Crooke
Strategic Culture Foundation

(This paper [was] the basis of a talk [...] given at the 25th
Yasin (April) International Academic Event on Economic and
Social Development, HSE University, Moscow, April 2024

Israel's strategy from past decades will continue with its hope of achieving some Chimeric transformative "de-radicalization" of Palestinians that will make 'Israel safe'.

In the summer following Israel’s 2006 (unsuccessful) war on Hizbullah, Dick Cheney sat in his office loudly bemoaning Hizbullah’s continuing strength; and worse still, that it seemed to him that Iran had been the primary beneficiary from the U.S. 2003 Iraq war.

Cheney’s guest – the then Saudi Intelligence Chief, Prince Bandar – vigorously concurred (as chronicled by John Hannah, who participated in the meeting) and, to general surprise, Prince Bandar proclaimed that Iran yet could be cut to size: Syria was the 'weak' link between Iran and Hizbullah that could be collapsed via an Islamist insurgency, Bandar proposed. Cheney's initial skepticism turned to [enthusiasm], as Bandar said that U.S. involvement would be unnecessary: He, Prince Bandar, would orchestrate and manage the project. 'Leave it to me', he said.

False Flags Won’t Pass!

"Hadi bin Hurr"

Why would ISIS choose to carry out such a large-scale terrorist attack on Russian soil at this very moment when we know that nothing similar was attempted even in the midst of the war in Syria?


If it weren’t infinitely disgusting and totally inappropriate to the tragic moment, someone might find it funny how much Washington and their satellites are trying these days to prove that Ukraine has absolutely nothing to do with the horrible terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall that killed 144 completely innocent Russian civilians, while 360 of them were injured and 95 are still considered missing. If these professional Western liars had a little more brain than a parrot needs to endlessly repeat the same nonsense that no one on this planet believes anymore, they would realize that Moscow, by labeling the Kiev Nazi regime as the culprit of the second largest terrorist operation in Russia since 1991, in fact, in front of the whole world, more than directly calls out Washington and their other subordinate power centers. After all, simple logic and the abundance of direct and indirect evidence that is already available to the public lead each of us to come to the same conclusion ourselves.

American attempts to shift the blame for the massacre in Moscow solely to the “Islamic State” are more than naive and foolish. Worse than those pathetic attempts was only the American conviction that this false flag operation could pass and that the Kremlin could be successfully misled. Moscow does not believe in American crocodile tears! In addition, a large part of the world public has never allowed itself to become a victim of brainwashing by the Western mainstream media, so it does not fall for the American claims about the non-involvement of Kiev in the massacre in Moscow, which also applies to an increasing part of the Western public, which has become resistant to the lies of Zionist-controlled Washington. The world public has long been aware of the fact that Daesh is nothing more than a proxy weapon of global terror under the control of the infamous Zionist triad of special services consisting of the CIA, MI6, and the Mossad. Reinventing ISIS as the duty culprit for all the crimes planned in Washington, London, and Tel-Aviv is no longer possible.

Germany joins Israel in dock for genocide… Western imperialism’s perverse evolution

Strategic Culture Foundation Editorial

Germany and the United States along with other Western powers are continuing deep-seated historical crimes by way of their proxy war against Russia

The repeating of history might seem tragic, even farcical. One may wonder how such apparent madness can be repeated. But the explanation is straightforward when it is understood that the motive force is the same.

The charge against Germany at the International Court of Justice this week of aiding genocide in Gaza is truly shameful. Germany was brought to court by Nicaragua for facilitating Israel’s genocide in Gaza in breach of the 1948 Genocide Convention.

That convention was created in the aftermath of Nazi Germany’s mass murder of six million Jews during World War Two. Only 79 years after the end of that war, the German state is again in the dock for complicity in an ongoing genocide in Gaza committed by a self-declared Jewish state of Israel.

It seems a shocking and deplorable twist in history. Within living memory, Germany stands accused again of abominable crimes against humanity.

What is even more disgraceful, the German authorities are denying that Israel is committing genocide and that Germany is nobly defending Israel’s security out of a special obligation owing to its heinous World War Two holocaust.

Germany’s supposed rationale for supporting Israel is an astounding perversion of history.

The BBC’s war against Russia

Declan Hayes

The warmongering of the BBC against Syria, Russia and a host of other countries has cost more lives than we could ever count.

With the recent Crocus City terror attack in Moscow, MI6’s BBC outlet has again revealed itself as chief cheerleader, if not chief co-conspirator for indiscriminate mass murder. No sooner had MI6’s little helpers carried out this outrage than the BBC was busy covering their tracks by attempting to verify if the attacks in fact took place. On Tuesday 26th March, four full days after the massacre, the BBC’s Verify unit were still trying to discredit Russia’s investigation and to clear MI6, the CIA and their Ukrainian puppets of any and all involvement in this atrocity.

Let me put MI6 right on a couple of things. It is the job of the Russian police force to investigate such crimes and to bring to justice in this world, if not the next, all of those involved in this and related massacres. It is not the job of the BBC or similarly tainted outlets to play amateur detective. Their job is to report the facts as they know them and not to try to concoct fictions that suit MI6’s war aims or their own career ambitions.

And, though that applies to all media outlets, it applies in particular to the BBC, which has been unable to verify who blew up the Nordstream pipeline and which singularly failed to examine miscarriages of justice against innocent Irish and British citizens arrested over IRA outrages. Because life is short, the BBC should do us all a favour, stop spreading this puerile misinformation about the Crocus City attack, and confine itself to commenting on croquet and cricket matches. Aunty should stick to her knitting and leave adult investigations to adult investigators.

If that is too much, then the BBC should, in conjunction with Russia Today, interview Britain’s top detectives to see if they can shed any professional light on these crimes. If not, they should just STFU and refrain from being cheerleaders for fascism. Simple as.

Biden sinks to new lows over Moscow bombing and RussiaGate fake news

Martin Jay

Biden’s breathtaking stupidity in Ukraine is finally going to expose NATO for what it is: a paper tiger.

Are we all preparing for the inevitable? Trump returning to the White House? It would seem that certainly the Biden administration is doing just that given recent events. Moscow’s terror attack has taken center stage of world news in recent days yet not one western journalist seems able to call out the ISIS warning from the U.S. for what it was: sham.

And not only the warning was disingenuous but the sheer bad taste vitriol of Washington which was on a level only matched by the suspicious outright and swift rejection that Kyiv had no part in the attack.

Bad taste seems to be the hallmark of the Biden administration, with a failed foreign policy which trails in second place. If Americans didn’t know before that the U.S. could not control two proxy wars on two separate fronts, now they know. As the aid parcels which drop onto Palestinians – sometimes even killing them – makes a statement in itself, it’s interesting to see how Biden is always looking in the past in almost everything he does. Even Russia Gate has been dragged out of its dank grave and had new life breathed into it by Biden’s press people, who are now preparing the American public for a Biden failure in December. The biggest fear for Biden is the “hack and leak” attack, which pushed many democrats over a line with Hillary Clinton when her emails revealed what an utterly morose political figure she is. Who could forget that “there are terrorists there [in Syria] but they’re on our side” comment when talking about the early days of the Syrian crisis which started in 2011?

NATO’s Proxy War Against Russia Was Always in Essence Terrorism

Strategic Culture Foundation Editorial

The attempt by the United States and its NATO partners to create a false narrative about the Moscow terror attack only underlines their culpability and the depth of their depravity.

The terror attack in a Moscow suburb last week was indisputably orchestrated and enabled by Western powers. In many ways, there should be no surprise about this because the NATO proxy war against Russia was always essentially “unconventional” – or, more plainly, terroristic.

The timing of the move to deploy more outright acts of terrorism reflects the fact that the U.S.-led NATO proxy war in Ukraine is facing historic defeat, and hence Russia’s enemies are – by necessity – switching to unconventional terror tactics.

Only a week after the atrocity in which more than 140 people were shot dead by terrorist gunmen in a theater, it has been fairly well assessed who organized the mass murder of Russian citizens.

The trigger men may have been four individuals from Tajikistan but it seems all but certain that the masterminds behind the slaughter were the CIA and other Western intelligence agencies working in collusion with the Kiev NeoNazi regime.

What remains to be determined is how high up in the Biden administration was this nefarious plan authored. Suspicion points to the head of U.S. national security Jake Sullivan and the former State Department official Victoria Nuland. The latter was the point person for covert dirty tricks in Ukraine going back to the Maidan coup in Kiev orchestrated on her watch along with the CIA. Just before Nuland resigned from office last month, she had bragged about “nasty surprises” awaiting Russia.

Unable to Defeat Palestinian Resistance, Israeli Regime Intensifies Killing and Torturing Children

Finian Cunningham

Locking children up and threatening their families with punishment if they show the slightest emotion is the dirtiest terror tactic.

Despite Western media’s systematic attempts to normalize Israeli state terrorism, it is inescapably evident even from their distorted lens just how wicked the Netanyahu regime is.

All Palestinians released so far in hostage exchanges by the Israeli regime are women and children. Women and children! Why were they even in detention in the first place? What sort of despotic regime does that?

One that is supported to the hilt, militarily and diplomatically, by the United States and other Western governments. So much for “Western Values”.

And for all their valiant attempts to cover up for outrageous war crimes, the Western media can only be seen to be contemptible laundromats washing the blood away. They are as complicit in this sickening genocide as the U.S. and European governments are. The BBC and CNN, etc, are the most trusted news sources, according to their advertising. Yes, the most trusted to make you throw up.

Ex NATO Chief’s Latest Hair Brain Plan for Ukraine? Can’t Make This S*** Up

Martin Jay

NATO’s 75th birthday is coming around soon, with celebrations planned for July of next year in Washington. Yet the organisation has a bit of a problem with the party and celebrations.

When people reach the ripe old age of 75, there is usually a tendency to slow down and take things easier; often there’s a lack of cohesion, sentences often aren’t completed, delusion and incompetence become more noticeable if not plain idiocy on a scale not previously seen. In some cases, relatives might even talk of assisted suicide to put the old bugger out of his misery, with some even as going as far to talk about being “brain-dead”.

NATO’s 75th birthday is coming around soon, with celebrations planned for July of next year in Washington. Yet, the organisation has a bit of a problem with the party and celebrations. What’s there to celebrate with Ukraine more or less, a war that even die-hard Republicans in America admit is a war which cannot be won? 75 years old, NATO is looking more and more like an outdated institution which, if anything, is going to fall on its sword at some point when the world wakes up and realises what a con it is.

But the old git has to be kept alive at all costs, largely to keep up appearances for new members and also to protect the reputations of western leaders who have staked theirs on the war in Ukraine being a righteous win.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen is a lucky man. The former NATO chief is fortunate enough to actually not look as stupid as he really is and is at a period in his so-called career where he can say patently idiotic things, and it doesn’t matter. But his latest idea – to give Ukraine some kind of token, half-cocked NATO membership – is braindead nonsense on a whole new scale which we haven’t seen before.

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