An Opportune Death Hypocritically Mourned

Stephen Karganovic

The psychopaths that Navalny foolishly agreed to serve probably got lucky, Stephen Karganovic writes.

If Western media are to be believed, after the countless failures of their poisonous preparations clumsy Russian chemists seem now to have finally gotten it right. Alexey Navalny is reported to be dead and the Kremlin Borgias can now say: Gotcha!

However, unfortunately for the orchestrators of the new media stunt that after February 16 plunged the Western political class and MSM into a hysterical frenzy, the carefully crafted delusion began to unravel as soon as it was launched.

First off, it turned out that the politicians and media began to react as if on cue literally just a quarter hour after the obscure website of the Russian penitentiary system posted the news of Navalny’s death.

Observe the highly indicative chronological sequence of events and draw your own conclusions about the plausibility of their indignation.

At approximately 2:19 p.m. on February 18, 2024, the website operated by the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia for the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area (surely not in the favourites section of most people’s computers) reported the death of convict Alexey Navalny in Prison Colony No. 3.

It’s Official: Hegemon USA at War on Russia

Stephen Lendman

Are things on a path toward global war 3.0? Is it inevitable? Will it be waged with nukes able to end life on earth by mass destruction and nuclear winter?

Cities turned to smoldering rubble can't be rebuilt. Radioactive contamination is long-lasting. If occurs from enough detonations, nuclear winter threatens all life forms with extinction.

Physician, nuclear expert, anti-war activist, Helen Caldicott, earlier explained the following:

💬 “If present trends continue, the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink will soon be contaminated with enough radioactive pollutants to pose a potential health hazard far greater than any plague humanity has ever experienced.”

A “single failure of nuclear deterrence (could) start nuclear war.” Devastating consequences would follow, potentially killing “tens of millions of people, and caus(ing) longterm, catastrophic disruptions of the global climate and massive destruction of earth’s protective ozone layer.” “The result would be a global nuclear famine that could kill up to one billion people.”

NATO Engaged in Direct Aggression Against Russia

Paul Craig Roberts

A wider war is Washington’s goal

As I have many times written, the Kremlin’s Ukraine operation cannot be limited. Washington will not permit it to be limited. Washington has already widened the conflict, and is now widening the conflict further. The insane Jewish neoconservatives who have control over US foreign policy have prevailed on tiny, helpless Lithuania to violate the agreement with Russia for the provision of Kaliningrad and has received a Russian ultimatum.

The moronic State Department spokesman Ned Price dismissed the ultimatum as “bluster.” The White House idiot says Washington backs Lithuania. In other words, Washington is egging on a wider war.

The conflict in Donbass has gone slowly, because it is a war in the midst of Russian people attached to Ukraine by Soviet leaders. The Russian troops are fighting under restrictions to minimize death and destruction in the Donbass region, from which Ukrainian forces are being driven out and destroyed. A wider war will not be fought among Russian populations. The world has never seen such recklessness as Washington and NATO are demonstrating.

Watching the Western World dissolve into Nazism

Paul Craig Roberts

President Trump’s Free Speech Depends on Who Owns Twitter

How is it that in the exceptional and indispensable USA, a former American president can be denied his constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech by a private communications company?

How can a mere private company cancel the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights? How is it possible that the Constitutionally guaranteed rights of the lowest American can depend for a former US president on who owns Twitter? And Facebook? And Google? And the New York Times?

How can Americans, especially conservatives, think they live in a free country when a former president of the United States can have his Constitutional Rights cancelled or granted by a private company CEO? Isn’t this a case of the “private sector” controlling the government? How can any people be free when they are denied access to facts, open debate, and truth?

The head of Homeland Security, a Nazi-era institution now assuming a governing role in the USA, has established a US Ministry of Truth with the power to shut down all who challenge the official narrative. How is it possible that a presidential administration dares establish in the USA a Nazi-era Gestapo institution with the power to cancel truth? And still be supported by 45% of the population? How can a country with 45% of its population completely stupid beyond all belief survive?

What is the matter with “Biden Democrats”? Are they unable to comprehend that freedom, liberty, the rights for which the founders of the country fought for, are at stake? How can anything be more valuable than truth?

Assange’s Extradition Is Another Building Block of The Controlled Explanation

Paul Craig Roberts

The Corrupt US & British governments, greatly aided and abetted by Western presstitutes, have destroyed the First Amendment protection of journalism. Julian Assange’s extradition to the US to stand trial for espionage signals the termination of a free press as a method of holding government accountable. Henceforth, any journalist who publishes a leaked story unfavorable to the government can be prosecuted as a spy.

During the Vietnam War the US government tried this on Daniel Ellsberg and the New York Times, but could not get away with it. But times have changed. Today’s Ellsberg–Julian Assange–and today’s New York Times–Wikileaks–are demonized as spies serving foreign intelligence.

The New York Times and The Guardian, both of which published some of the Wikileaks’ material leaked allegedly by Chelsea Manning, escaped prosecution in the case by turning on Assange and helping Washington to demonize him. The rest of the presstitute media joined in, including Wikipedia, which falsely reports the situation as it does most issues that have been turned into controversies. Today hardly anyone knows the true story.

Ukrainian Update #9

Paul Craig Roberts

A security agent walks in an empty Red Square in Moscow, Russia, January 21, 2022. /CFP

Just as everything you were told about Covid by the media and health and government officials was false, so is everything you have been told by the same propagandistic liars about Ukraine.

Americans have had nothing but lies since the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy, of his brother, US Senator Robert Kennedy President-in-Waiting, Martin Luther King, the Vietnam war, 9/11, Saddam Hussian’s nonexistent “weapons of mass destruction,” Assad’s “use of chemical weapons,” Iranian nukes, the extraordinary lies about Kaddafi, Covid pandemic, Russian invasions.

The entire Western World lives in The Mattrix, a world created by propaganda. The vast majority of people in the West have no idea of the reality in which they live. This makes them impotent and completely unable to protect their freedom. They are sitting ducks for tyranny which is fast enclosing around them.

NATO Is Propagandizing Itself Into War

Paul Craig Roberts

Those who rely on Western media have the impression of a stalled Russian campaign in Ukraine with demoralized Russian soldiers deserting and surrendering to Ukrainians in order to get something to eat. Russian soldiers are even allegedly shooting holes in the gasoline tanks of their motorized equipment so that they cannot advance, out of sympathy for the innocent Ukrainians.

This propaganda has been so effective on NATO that NATO is considering deploying troops in Western Ukraine where Russian troops are not operating. This would be a fatal mistake, but propagandists usually end up believing their own propaganda.

To prove our solidarity with the official narrative, we in the West are supposed to believe only the narrative and not anything knowledgable commentators or the Russian Ministry of Defense say. Only Russian agents and dupes believe the truth.

As I watch NATO blunder into war, I again dissent from the official narrative and present below the facts as announced today, March 25, by the Russian Ministry of Defense. The results of the 1st month of the SVO from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation:

1. The offensive of the Russian troops disrupted the plans of the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the DPR [Donetsk Republic] and LPR [Luhansk Republic] using artillery, missile systems and aviation.

Putin Acknowledges that Washington Has Launched a War of Annihilation Against Russia

Paul Craig Roberts

In his speech to the assembly of national, regional, and district leaders on Russia’s response to the sanctions, Putin first factually describes the situation in Ukraine, how it developed, and Russia’s objective. It stands in striking contrast to Western propaganda.

Putin’s speech is also notable because he acknowledges that Russia has a fifth column that operates against her for the West:

“Yes, of course, they will try to rely on the so-called fifth column, on national traitors, on those who earn money here, but live there, and “live” not in the geographical sense of the word, but according to their slave consciousness.”

Putin then speaks of those Russians who have a villa in Miami or on the French Riviera, who cannot do without foie gras, oysters or so-called gender freedoms. These people are inherently mentally located there, and not in Russia, not with our people, not with Russia. Such people are ready to sell their mother, if only they were allowed to sit in the hallway of the West’s highest caste. They want to be to be part of the West. But they forget or do not understand that the West needs them only as expendable material to use to inflict maximum damage on our people.

“The collective West is trying to split our society, speculating on combat losses, on the socio-economic consequences of sanctions, to provoke a civil confrontation in Russia and, using its “fifth column,” seeks to achieve its goal. And the only goal, as I have already said, is the destruction of Russia.”

Ukraine Update #3

Paul Craig Roberts

Begin by reading Michael Hudson’s explanation that the sanctions actually fall on Germany and serve the interests of the three interest groups who rule in Washington. The sanctions do far more to serve Washington’s interest than to hurt Russia’s. For Russia the main burden of the sanctions is the insult.

Russia is in position to issue crippling sanctions against the US and Europe, but so far has not done so. The Russians seem determined to prevail with as little force as possible. The Kremlin has not paralyzed Germany by turning off the gas. The Russians have not nationalized US and European assets. The Russians have not disrupted global supply chains by refusing to sell minerals. The Russians have not stopped the export of wheat. The Russians have not issued international arrest orders for American and European war criminals for their crimes against humanity in Serbia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and for their various assassinations.

The Insanity of the West Accelerates

Paul Craig Roberts

The New York Times reports that Biden is going to forestall Russian aggression against Ukraine by deploying between 1,000 and 5,000 US troops on Russia’s border and is prepared to increase the number of troops tenfold to 10,000 to 50,000 soldiers. A Russian army would eat this small number for a snack in 5 minutes. Clearly the purpose of the deployment is not military. The purpose is to heighten the “Russian threat” in the minds of the people in advance of a false flag event that will be blamed on the Kremlin.

If Biden wants to deter Russia all he needs to do is to give Russia the security guarantee she says she needs. Why does Biden want Russia to be insecure?

The cause of the problem is obvious. In 2014 the US in an attempt to deprive Russia of her Black Sea naval base overthrew a Russian-friendly and democratically elected Ukrainian government and installed a neo-Nazi regime that began war against the Russian inhabitants of the Donbass region of Eastern Ukraine, formerly parts of Russia that had been transferred during the Soviet era into the the Soviet Union’s Ukrainian province.

To stabilize the situation, Russia hammered out the Minsk Agreement but neither Ukraine nor the Western signatories kept the agreement. Russia does not want the broke and troublesome Ukraine. Russia just wants Ukraine not to become a place for US missile bases. It is a simple demand easy to accept in the interest of peace.

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