The BBC’s war against Russia

Declan Hayes

The warmongering of the BBC against Syria, Russia and a host of other countries has cost more lives than we could ever count.

With the recent Crocus City terror attack in Moscow, MI6’s BBC outlet has again revealed itself as chief cheerleader, if not chief co-conspirator for indiscriminate mass murder. No sooner had MI6’s little helpers carried out this outrage than the BBC was busy covering their tracks by attempting to verify if the attacks in fact took place. On Tuesday 26th March, four full days after the massacre, the BBC’s Verify unit were still trying to discredit Russia’s investigation and to clear MI6, the CIA and their Ukrainian puppets of any and all involvement in this atrocity.

Let me put MI6 right on a couple of things. It is the job of the Russian police force to investigate such crimes and to bring to justice in this world, if not the next, all of those involved in this and related massacres. It is not the job of the BBC or similarly tainted outlets to play amateur detective. Their job is to report the facts as they know them and not to try to concoct fictions that suit MI6’s war aims or their own career ambitions.

And, though that applies to all media outlets, it applies in particular to the BBC, which has been unable to verify who blew up the Nordstream pipeline and which singularly failed to examine miscarriages of justice against innocent Irish and British citizens arrested over IRA outrages. Because life is short, the BBC should do us all a favour, stop spreading this puerile misinformation about the Crocus City attack, and confine itself to commenting on croquet and cricket matches. Aunty should stick to her knitting and leave adult investigations to adult investigators.

If that is too much, then the BBC should, in conjunction with Russia Today, interview Britain’s top detectives to see if they can shed any professional light on these crimes. If not, they should just STFU and refrain from being cheerleaders for fascism. Simple as.

In the Name of the Father: Gonzalo Lira, Julian Assange, Gerry Conlon

Declan Hayes

The fathers of Lira, Assange, and Conlon soldier on, armed with halos of dignity those who oppose them can never begin to comprehend

Former British MP George Galloway recently interviewed Gonzalo Lira Senior, the 80-year old father of American citizen Gonzalo Lira, who is currently being held in one of Clown Prince Zelensky’s dungeons. With John Shipton, the 80-year old father of Australian citizen Julian Assange, who is currently being held in King Jug Ears’ darkest dungeon, and with Guiseppe Conlon, the father of Gerry Conlon, who died in another of Queen Elizabeth’s darkest dungeons, he forms the heart of this article.

Lira’s interview with Galloway is a passionate one, done by an ageing Chilean, who would much prefer to be playing with his grandchildren than fighting to free the father of those children, his own son, from Zelensky’s clutches. Lira junior, as the photographs of him being arrested attest, was no threat to Zelensky’s junta. We are not here talking of a General Armageddon, a Chechen or of a Wagner musician but of a middle-aged, stooping father of two young children his enemies, the enemies of his children and of all such children, find all too easy to denigrate.

Although Gonzalo Lira, like the young girls Zelensky’s valiant warriors strap to lamp posts with their panties down around their knees, make easy targets, they also stir a hornet’s nest and arouse the wrath of good God-fearing folk like General Armageddon, the Chechens and the Wagner musicians, who are much harder nuts to crack than are middle-aged Chilean dumplings like Gonzalo Lira.

Waging WOKE Warfare Across the United States Takes a Major Hit

Declan Hayes

Not only do America’s children not want male freaks in dresses terrorising them but they do not want those freaks lecturing to them from the huge podium Disney’s movies offer them.

Though Russian President Putin has compared NATO’s WOKE madness to the early years of the Soviet Union under Bolshevism, he doesn’t know the half of it.

Though the WOKE lunatics long ago took over the NATO asylum, current indications are they have pushed their luck and their trans fascism madness too far. There is, in American hillbilly-land, the mother of all push-backs against those WOKE companies BlackRock, Vanguard and NATO’s other middle management have used as the shock troops of their Satanic campaign.

Though I will later get to the theory and practice of Satanism, I must first describe the backlash against “story creator” Disney, clothes retailer Target and beer maker Anheuser-Busch, all of whom have surrendered their sovereignty to BlackRock’s warped stakeholder ideology. As previously explained here and here, these NATO’s companies have been shoving BlackRock’s warped WOKE ideology down the throats not only of their customers but of their customers’ children as well. And both of those stakeholders have had a gut full.

On the one side we have Russia’s Masha and the Bear, which is hilarious, all the more so if you are in the target age range for this series of cartoons and which Disney catered for when it first got off the ground with Mickey Mouse, Snow White and Donald Duck in the early 1930s.

U.S. In Damning Admission of Long-planning War Against Russia

Strategic Culture Foundation Editorial

The United States and its allies are guilty of perpetrating a deliberate war of aggression against Russia that has long been in the planning works.

A study by the Rand Corporation published more than three years ago demonstrates incontestably that the war in Ukraine is in fact the manifestation of a bigger willful confrontation against Russia whereby the United States is attempting to weaken and subjugate Moscow.

What is happening is without doubt the culmination of U.S. long-held planning. That puts a wholly different meaning on the current conflict in the Ukraine – now in its eighth month. This is not, as the Western governments and media would make out, an “unprovoked” assault on Ukraine and “Western democratic values” by “Russian aggression”. The conflict has been deliberately fomented, stoked and now exacerbated by policy choices made by Washington and its NATO partners.

The Rand Corporation is one of the oldest think tanks in the U.S., established in 1948. One of its cofounders was air force commander General Curtis LeMay, the architect of the 1945 firebombing of Tokyo and the atomic holocaust at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. LeMay was an arch-Cold War hawk who advocated preemptive nuclear strikes on the Soviet Union to President John F Kennedy in the early 1960s. The corporation he set up, Rand, is funded by the U.S. government and in some ways can be seen as the public brains and mouth of the Pentagon and CIA.

The study cited above, entitled ‘Overextending and Unbalancing Russia’ and published in April 2019, has caught the attention recently of many independent observers (see, for example, a recent episode of the Jimmy Dore show in the U.S.). What makes it topical is how real, current events are unfolding in a way that the American planners envisaged.

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