Fed Breakdown Inevitable: Putin at Valdai-2022

Elena Panina

Under an outwardly peaceful veil, Vladimir Putin announced Russia's unwavering determination to destroy the US Federal Reserve's power. Those who did not see in the speech a "desire to raise rates" are looking in the wrong direction.

"Russia sees the formation of new international financial platforms as inevitable, including for international settlement purposes. Such platforms should be outside national jurisdictions, secure, depoliticised, automated and not dependent on any single control centre."

What Putin said at the Valdai Forum 2022 is an unprecedented statement. It is not a routine proposal to create equal and mutually beneficial trading systems, as it outwardly looks like. It is a slogan: the time has come to destroy the US Federal Reserve as the centre of world currency and international settlements. Russia will pursue this with the full force of its politico-military and economic capabilities. Notice Putin did not say: "Russia considers it necessary" or "Russia considers it expedient". He tightened the wording: "Russia considers it inevitable". That is to say bluntly: you are being challenged, and we will not turn away from this path.

From now on the Russian President has indeed burned all bridges. The West will somehow forgive him for his passages about LGBT, arrogance and hubris, but hints about the REAL destruction of the Fed and all its international institutions like the IMF and WB, as well as the role of the dollar in the world, will never be forgiven. It is the undermining of the status of the Fed since 1913 and the Bretton Woods (and Jamaican) system from 1944 and 1976. Putin is not just declaring check on the West. He is turning the table of pieces on the board. Putin has announced that Russia is joining a reformatting of the world where Europe is only the periphery of Eurasia and Russia is its centre. The most important thing, as usual, is between the lines and in scraps of phrases. To hope that such words could be followed by negotiations and compromises on any issues is naivety. Here, in the phrase "execute cannot be pardoned", a comma will be put after the word "execute" in the USA. It will not be decided at the White House or the Capitol, but on Wall Street and in the City. At that level, decisions cannot be reversed.

Open letter to Camilla Stoltenberg

Jan Terje Voilaas

Camilla Stoltenberg is a Norwegian physician and researcher. Since 13 August 2012, she has been Director-General of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (Folkehelseinstituttet-FHI). She is the sister of former Prime Minister of Norway and General Secretary of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg.

Dear Camilla Stoltenberg,

My name is Jan Terje Voilaas, and I am a worrying father from Kristiansand. – I am worried about my family, especially for my three grandchildren, and one of the reasons is that the FHI [Folkehelseinstituttet-Norwegian Institute of Public Health] still describes the mRNA vaccines against SARS Cov. 2 (C19) as "safe and effective", while FHI, with confirmation from SSB [Statistisk sentralbyrå, Statistics Norway], says the exact opposite in its own statistics. What is lie, and what is truth?

I am addressing you, Camilla, because in 2021 you were honoured as "Role Model of the Year" by the magazine KK and that you then gave the following answer to questions about what was the most important lesson you took home with you: 💬 "Respect for all people, regardless. And warmth, love, freedom and commitment to a better world." My hope is that "respect for all people, regardless" also includes a worried grandfather from Kristiansand.

I have many questions and reflections related to the whole complex of C19 and mRNA vaccines, but will try to limit myself to FHI's own slogan; "Safe and Effective."

Russia under Siege - from Ivan the Terrible to the Present Day

Elena Panina

Unfriendly countries are trying to cause maximum damage to Russia's economy, industry and financial system, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said.

The head of the government drew the attention of participants of the international export forum "Made in Russia" to the fact that unscrupulous Western competitor countries are trying to oust Russia from global trade and intimidate the entire business community. The politician stressed that the gold and foreign currency reserves were simply stolen from Russia by the West.

For our part, we should add that the thuggish attitude of the Anglo-Saxon states and their henchmen towards other sovereign countries is, unfortunately, the norm for them.

No matter how hard we try to restrain emotions in the analysis of international relations and make forecasts on mutually beneficial development positively, facts are stubborn things, and we should not hope for a sudden "repentance" of the dishonest participants of the world economy and politics.

Historians assert that till 1917, the gold stock of the Russian Empire was 1337 tons. The government tried to evacuate the country's wealth, but the turmoil of the Civil War made its "adjustments". It is known that some of the Russian gold was "lost", probably because of the traitors among the White Guard commanders and the numerous gangs which prowled the vast expanses of Siberia. However, it is known for certain that more than half of the reserve was placed in banks in the United States, England, and Japan.

The foreign partners promised support and arms, but after the Soviet victory, they "forgot" not only about their debt obligations but also about the fact that they received untold wealth from the Russians. There is a theory that the financial well-being of Tokyo and London (which until recently was the case) was largely based on money stolen from Russia. In 1996 the Russian Duma tried to raise the issue of foreign debt repayment, citing documentary evidence, but the initiative faded into oblivion, as did much good in the chaos of the 1990s.

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