The Only Option for Ukrainian Nazis Not Taken: Unconditional Surrender

Stephen Lendman

Russia’s only choice is to demand unconditional surrender. Nothing less is acceptable.

On Monday and Tuesday, Ukrainian Nazis got a taste of Russia’s overwhelming military superiority when unleashed — and how defenseless the regime and its US/NATO patrons are against it. Hegemon USA-dominated NATO wants Russia co-opted. Vladimir Putin earlier said the following:

💬“(T)hey want to defeat us on the battlefield.” “Let them try.” “(E)veryone should know that, by and large, we have not started anything in earnest yet.

On Monday and Tuesday, a page was turned. A new reality dawned. In response to one US OK’d Kiev terrorist attack on Russian infrastructure too many by damaging the Crimean Bridge, Russia significantly degraded the regime’s power grid, greatly disrupted its communication systems and impeded its ability to move troops and arms by rail to frontline positions. All of the above was achieved in 2 days.

Throughout Russia’s liberating SMO since February, US-controlled regime troops never achieved a strategic triumph, never captured a single city — just largely open spaces of no strategic importance because Russia saw no reason to defend them.

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