North Stream 2: Sweden Ordered to Remove All Evidence That Could Point to US and British Involvement

Russian Demiurge (Русский Демиург)

It is clear that Sweden withdrew from the joint investigation with Germany into the circumstances of the explosion on the strings of NSP2 because it was ordered by Washington to remove all evidence that could point to US and British involvement. A feature of today's sabotage policy is the openness of its clients from the very beginning after the event. Nobody is hiding it: The US blew up the gas pipelines, and the evidence of the crime is being removed before the eyes of the world by a puppet.

Germany, the victim, understands everything and does not dare to say a single word against it. Just as Germany dares not say a word against the storage of German gold in the US, against the US military bases in Germany, against the total wiretapping of German politicians by US secret services, against the fact that Washington directly manages German media, universities, the formation of political parties, their programs, the personnel reserve and the economy.

Germany, Sweden, Denmark and all of Europe understand: pushing the US out of Europe means a nuclear war in Europe. It will be the US that will start it. They have already shown in the Second World War that they make such decisions easily and do not stop at implementing them.

So the pro-American sympathies of the European elites are driven not by cultural and civilizational affinity, not by fear of Russia, but by an animal fear of the USA. Europeans can easily come to an agreement with Russia in Europe, but not with the United States. And so Sweden understands what it has to do on the pipelines.

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