Letter to Europe

Alexander Rogers

Peoples of Europe! Citizens of Germany, France, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Greece, Bulgaria and other countries! All people of good will who do not want the madness of a global war into which globalist gerontocrats like Soros, Biden and Pelosi, who have lost their minds, are trying to drag us all!

My name is Alexander Rogers. And I'm Russian. Not a minister, not an official, not a propagandist working for the state, but an independent economic expert. Read these two pages of text, because this is probably one of the most important texts in your life.

2014: Russia never wanted war. And now she still doesn't want to. Putin endured all the antics of the Kyiv regime for eight years. Twice persuaded them to sign the Minsk chords - the first and second. According to which Donbass remained part of Ukraine, but its Russian population received autonomy regarding the right to speak their native language and preserve their culture. In full compliance with the European Charter.

And Ukraine itself pledged to maintain a neutral status. Not to be part of Russia, not to become its vassal - Russia was quite satisfied with the neutrality of Ukraine.

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