Neocons Teach Germany the Real Meaning of “Unconditional Surrender”

Richard Solomon

Former Axis partners Germany and Japan have allied again—this time as vassal state crash test dummies for the US Anglo-Zionist Empire. Following crushing WW2 defeats, both nations accepted unconditional surrender. The victorious new superpower America was merciful, if only for its interests. That America went the way of the hula hoop. Under the neocon doctrine, unconditional surrender means Germany gets turbo-f*cked into a giant donut. No moans of pleasure from the German people- only a collective death rattle.

The Marshall Plan rebuilt West Germany into a peaceful and prosperous industrial powerhouse, and under crypto-emperor General Douglas MacArthur, Japan was retooled as a sleek piston rod for the global capitalist engine. The American Way was “the way,” and for a while, it seemed like that might be true. Hard reality has shown otherwise.

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