Neocons Teach Germany the Real Meaning of “Unconditional Surrender”

Richard Solomon

Former Axis partners Germany and Japan have allied again—this time as vassal state crash test dummies for the US Anglo-Zionist Empire. Following crushing WW2 defeats, both nations accepted unconditional surrender. The victorious new superpower America was merciful, if only for its interests. That America went the way of the hula hoop. Under the neocon doctrine, unconditional surrender means Germany gets turbo-f*cked into a giant donut. No moans of pleasure from the German people- only a collective death rattle.

The Marshall Plan rebuilt West Germany into a peaceful and prosperous industrial powerhouse, and under crypto-emperor General Douglas MacArthur, Japan was retooled as a sleek piston rod for the global capitalist engine. The American Way was “the way,” and for a while, it seemed like that might be true. Hard reality has shown otherwise.

For the record—I’m over capitalism. Bring on the post-scarcity Star Trek economy. Sticking people on rat race treadmills with dollar bills on fishing hooks dangling in front of their noses seems like a waste of human potential. Plus, I want my free Jetsons robot maid.

Back to the meat. Traditional German and Japanese cultures contain many similarities. Both respect excellent craftsmanship, as exemplified by the vintage Mercedes Benz and the intricately forged samurai sword. The code of honor holds high value. Strip away the exterior trappings, and the Teutonic knight is the Samurai warrior. And for both peoples, “the price is the price”- no haggling, fine print, or hidden fees. All those traits are inimical to the parasites of global finance.

As Germany is first up for sacrifice on the altar of Rothschild Zionism, I’ll make it the focus of this article. Like an inverted “Schindler’s List” Twilight Zone episode, the German people march sheep-like to their final destination. Germany’s quisling Green Party cut vital energy links with Russia to the detriment of the Volk. The neocons’ underwater demolition of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline napalmed the wooden bridge of Russo-German rapprochement. This act of audacious sabotage also created an environmental disaster in the Baltic Sea. Were the “environmentally friendly” Greens sitting shiva for all the dead fish?

It looks like the globalists intend to freeze and deindustrialize Germany into some Dark Age hell hole. Or perhaps it’s genocide. If so, that’s not surprising. Rothschild Zionists get off on “Holocaust” revenge porn.

Since this is a touchy subject, I think it good to state that I don’t include righteous, little, or beautiful creative Jews in with the Rothschild Zionists. From my viewpoint, irrational racism is the epitome of ignorance. For myself, I identify as Jewish Hebrew Israelite or Jew, and accept k!ke (out of compassion for angry victims of Rothschild Zionist induced PTSD). Process that data as you see fit. Disclaimers and disclosures aside, let’s proceed.

Because Rothschild Zionist neocons run US foreign policy, the “Holocaust” revenge motive behind Germany’s destruction needs to be addressed. It’s not the only factor, and may not be the biggest, but it’s certainly relevant. It’s like when a woman poisons her husband. His life insurance policy may have been the primary motivator, but she also hated the two-timing bastard.

Germans have been inculcated with WW2 guilt to the point of self-immolation. Forbidden by law from engaging in honest historical analysis, many Germans accepted the self-image created by the Hollywood ziocracy: “Like crazed zombies high on bath salts, Germans flipped out and ripped the faces off Jews for no reason.” Millions of innocent Jews suffered under Nazism, but the lethal Hitler flower could never have blossomed without Rothschild Zionist fertilizer.

Jealous of German industrial success coupled with improved worker benefits, City of London bankers and their British industrialist friends snared Germany into WW I. Kind of like the neocons goading President Putin into invading Ukraine by trying to turn it into a NATO nuclear missile silo and bioweapons plant. After Germany was sucked into a nightmare trench quagmire, the Rothschilds cut German war funding when Great Britain agreed to help create the Israeli state (Balfour Declaration).

Following Germany’s defeat, International financiers like the Warburgs wiped out German pensions and life savings. The Treaty of Versailles was a banker reparations wealth grab. During the Weimar Republic, the hungry carted wheelbarrows of Deutschmarks to the bakery to buy a loaf of bread. Innocent little Jews got it on both ends, first as fellow victims of Rothschild economic plunder, and then as targets of German rage. No Rothschild was ever sent to a concentration camp.

International Jewish financiers and their Wall Street Anglo associates (e.g. Prescott Bush) heavily funded the Nazis, as documented in Professor Antony Sutton’s book, “Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler.” Members of the Warburg family sat on the board of directors of IG Farben’s Auschwitz slave labor plant. If a German teacher included that in their lesson plan, they’d wake up in the bowels of a maximum security prison. The American educator has it better- he/she would only get fired and banned for life.

How fortunate that technology entrepreneur, free speech activist, publisher, and journalist Ron Unz provides a free speech sacred space to openly discuss ideas. Free speech is an integral part of the Tao of the Bill of Rights. From my perspective, Ron Unz is an American Tao Patriot.

However, no free speech allowed in “Holocaust” studies. The “Holocaust” is big business for the Rothschild Zionists. They transformed crematoria into gold smelting furnaces, as per Professor Norman Finklestein’s book, “The Holocaust Industry.” Since all the old Nazis are dead, the Rothschild Zionists have to hunt down ninety-something Auschwitz bookkeepers and secretaries and hang them on meat hooks to keep the money train rolling. It’s revolting- like watching a nutcase snatch a baby from a carriage and toss it into midday traffic.

How a nation treats its kids and elderly reveals a lot. The seeds of rebellion should be planted in the mind of the German who witnesses this grotesque spectacle of elderly ritual murder. Any German man who silently applauds this travesty needs to don a dress and wig, and sell his ass on Kurfürstenstraße. No disrespect to the gay & trans communities, sex workers, or crossdressers. (What consenting adults do in their personal lives is their business. Just don’t involve kids.)

I in one way excuse Nazi atrocities against innocent little Jews. The Nazis killed Kafka’s sister. In true schizoid mind-split, top Nazis like Hitler, Goebbels, and Göring had close relations with Jews in their personal lives.

I would speculate Hitler suffered inner conflict with his solution to the Jewish question, but decided that to take out international Jewry, he needed to wage war on all Jews. I think history has shown that this “ends justify the means” approach was incorrect. Had Hitler taken Ayahuasca with a rainforest shaman trip guide, instead of Dr. “Feelgood” Morell’s cocaine-amphetamine-B12 injectable cocktails, perhaps events would have unfolded differently.

I’m joking of course- well half joking. Tripping Hitler versus speedfreak Hitler makes for an interesting historical “what if.” Do magic mushrooms grow in Germany’s Black Forest? If tripping Hitler looked up at the night sky, would he see a giant burning swastika rotating clockwise? Would it reveal that the time of Western dominance was coming to an end, and a vital force from the East was preparing for its turn on the cosmic wheel? Perhaps he’d see clockwise and counterclockwise swastikas rotating side by side, and make them the Aryan yin yang- not as a symbol of violence, but of balance and harmony. Hitler inverted the swastika, and created mass chaos.

In a case of jet-fueled cognitive dissonance, the Nazis complained about five hundred thousand Jews within their borders, but by invading Russia, wound up ruling over millions of Jews. Operation Barbarossa fed millions of Germany’s and Russia’s best men into the Eastern Front meat grinder. I don’t think either nation ever fully recovered. (Russia was always Hitler’s main objective- Lebensraum, oil, food).

Speaking of Russia, a big reason why the neocons want to take a baseball bat to Germany’s spinal column is to prevent both countries from forming an energy link. A primary instigator behind WW I was the Kaiser’s plan to build the Berlin-Baghdad Railway. which was a nascent energy pipeline of sorts. The Allies crushed that dream. Kind of like the Nord Stream 2 disruption. Like Mark Twain said, “History doesn’t repeat, but it often rhymes.” As an added dividend, an estranged Russia and Germany make each country more susceptible to banker plunder. (see 1990’s Russia)

Another destabilization tool used by the globalists against Germany was weaponized immigration. The post-9/11 neocon wars flooded Germany with millions of Middle East and North African refugees. That was the Rothschild Zionist plan. A homogenous society is better equipped to resist alien rule than a multicultural one.

Some on the reactionary right hate the war refugees. This constitutes irrational racism. Germany is a NATO member. If you (through your government’s policies) burn down a man’s house, you can’t get mad when he shows up at your door looking for a place to crash. From my viewpoint, any solution to the European immigration crisis needs to incorporate karmic law and the principles of the Tao.

Germany is German, Just like Ethiopia is Ethiopian. The Germanic tribal bloodline emerged from the primordial mist. That’s not to say Germany can’t grant a foreigner permanent resident status with full rights and social benefits, but that person won’t be “German.” Maybe his kids will if he hooks up with a German woman. A rare case of a foreigner becoming “German” could be like when Native Americans or other indigenous peoples adopted a White man into the tribe after determining he operated on the tribe’s philosophical and spiritual frequency.

In true satanic hypocrisy, Rothschild Zionists screech about diversity, yet support 1935 Nuremberg-type race laws for Israel. I prefer living in a multicultural community. I learn much from people of different cultures, religions, creeds, races, genders, and orientations. I also understand that some people want to live in a culturally homogeneous community. Pierre-Joseph Proudhon’s (godfather of political anarchism) “right of free association” solves this issue beautifully and peacefully.

Saving the big daddy grand poobah for last—what’s the main reason behind the neocons’ anti-German plot? China. Imagine German engineering, artisanship, and scientific ingenuity plugged into China’s Belt and Road Initiative. China’s policy of win-win cooperation would greatly benefit both countries, and provide the rest of the world with amazing technological and cultural gifts. Before the neocon assault on Germany, it was happening.

Under US pressure, German politicians abandoned the lotus flower path to salvation, and slavishly u-turned onto the neocon road to hell. To grasp the insanity of the German government, look at how they provided Israel with Dolphin submarines that house Israeli nuclear warheads. Are the German political class suicidal dolts? If the Samson Option ever gets implemented, Berlin, Munich, and Frankfurt are the first targets on the mushroom cloud hit parade.

As a side note, while I oppose Rothschild Zionist Israel, I have nothing against the Israeli high school math teacher or cab driver. Just like I have nothing against the Palestinian high school math teacher or cab driver. If the Rothschild Zionist America crooked umpire was replaced by a neutral China umpire, maybe the Israelis and Palestinians could reach a peace agreement. Withdraw Mossad operatives from foreign nations and give Palestinians full civil rights, and Israel-Palestine* (*Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s idea- too bad the neocons killed him) gets to join China’s beautiful Belt and Road initiative. Perhaps China could even convince Israel to dismantle its nukes, creating a true Middle East “nuclear-free zone.” Under China’s guidance, treaties like SALT II could be resuscitated to remove all nuclear weapons from planet Earth.

Why do I support China for the role of primary global influencer? First, I think a peaceful US Republic that stayed within its territorial borders could coexist in beautiful harmony with China. Second, from my viewpoint, President Xi and China are pro-Tao. What do I mean by Tao? The Tao is unexplainable. I can provide examples.

Pro-Tao is when China builds high-speed rail networks, raises the standard of living of its citizens, and refrains from invading foreign countries (FYI- Taiwan is part of China). Anti-Tao is when the US privatizes public utilities to create Flint water mass poisoning and rolling Enron blackouts, impoverishes its citizens, and uses drone-launched hellfire missiles to turn innocent women and children into meat mist for Raytheon stock price upticks.

The follower of the Tao performs acrobatic contortions to avoid conflict. Bring the holy war to him, and he becomes a closed snake fist style pipe-swinging mutha. China is polite. China tries to avoid conflict. However, if the Pentagon keeps poking the Dragon, the neocons will learn- China is One Bad Mutha.

If the beautiful German people want to survive, they should: Tap into their inner Visigoth (Where’s Aleric when you need him?). Burn their NATO death card. Resume relations with Russia. Link up with China.

Germany needs to follow its Tao. Rothschild Zionism is anti-Tao. “Unconditional surrender” to the neocons means spiritual and physical destruction for the Germans. It’s that simple.


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