Open letter to Camilla Stoltenberg

Jan Terje Voilaas

Camilla Stoltenberg is a Norwegian physician and researcher. Since 13 August 2012, she has been Director-General of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (Folkehelseinstituttet-FHI). She is the sister of former Prime Minister of Norway and General Secretary of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg.

Dear Camilla Stoltenberg,

My name is Jan Terje Voilaas, and I am a worrying father from Kristiansand. – I am worried about my family, especially for my three grandchildren, and one of the reasons is that the FHI [Folkehelseinstituttet-Norwegian Institute of Public Health] still describes the mRNA vaccines against SARS Cov. 2 (C19) as "safe and effective", while FHI, with confirmation from SSB [Statistisk sentralbyrå, Statistics Norway], says the exact opposite in its own statistics. What is lie, and what is truth?

I am addressing you, Camilla, because in 2021 you were honoured as "Role Model of the Year" by the magazine KK and that you then gave the following answer to questions about what was the most important lesson you took home with you: 💬 "Respect for all people, regardless. And warmth, love, freedom and commitment to a better world." My hope is that "respect for all people, regardless" also includes a worried grandfather from Kristiansand.

I have many questions and reflections related to the whole complex of C19 and mRNA vaccines, but will try to limit myself to FHI's own slogan; "Safe and Effective."

From the FHI's own statistics – The figures I will present here are taken from the Worldometer, whose source is VG which gets its figures from FHI, so these are your figures Camilla, not mine.

The table on the right covers the period from 15/2-2020, the day the first C19 infected person was registered in Norway, up to and including 30/9-2022. I have divided the period into three; 1) from first infected to first vaccine dose, 2) from first vaccine dose until Norway was fully vaccinated (70%+) and 3) the time after full vaccination.

The data set here tells us a lot, e.g. that C19 before vaccination only killed around 40% of what a normal flu would have done. It was only after vaccination started that more and more people became infected and died, despite the fact that all new virus variants became progressively less dangerous. 97.3% of all C19 infections and 91.2% of all C19 deaths occurred AFTER vaccination started. Comparing period 1 with 3, the average number of daily C19 infections and deaths shows an increase of 2.765% and 688% respectively.

The table to the [right] covers the period 1/7-21 to 20/10-22, and here I have looked at how many people are infected and die from C19 each month, according to FHI. As we can see, the numbers vary a lot, although the trend is clear; more and more infected people are dying from Covid-19. In August, 6.1% of all people infected with C19 in Norway died. The average for KV3-22 gives a Case Mortality Rate (CMR) of 5.4% which is 3,500% higher than the 0.15% estimated for the whole population in vaccine-free 2020 (Dr. John Ioannides 2020).

The 0.15% mortality rate in 2020 created anxiety and partial panic. 35 times higher mortality in 2022 creates little more than a jitters. No one is asking questions.

Let me stress once again that these are not my figures. The figures come from you Camilla and from FHI, so if you haven't typed them up, the figures reveal, with microscopic clarity, that the more vaccine doses, the more infected people die. I find the same pattern in the 11 other countries I have data from. To be 100% sure, I have double-checked the FHI figures with data from the Statistics Sweden (SSB).

Before I present the figures from the SSB, let me give you a background against which you can assess them:

Throughout the occupation period from 9/4-1940 to 8/5-1945, a total of 10,262 Norwegian citizens lost their lives in acts of war. From 1945 until 2019 Norway experienced 45 disasters like plane crashes, shipwrecks, fires, mining accidents, races, terrorist attacks etc. A total of 1,566 people lost their lives in these disasters, like Alexander Kielland, Scandinavian Star and the Utøya tragedy, three disasters I'm sure you remember well. Including WW2, these 46 disasters add up to 11,828 disaster deaths over the last 80 years.

Since the C19 outbreak I have followed SSB statistics 12982, 05531 and 01222, retrieving data back as far as they are presented. I have studied a number of correlations in these statistics, especially deviations from expected numbers of deaths and births. As expected figures, I have used the average for the 5 previous years.

From 2005 through 2020, the trend has been mortality lower than normal, that fewer die than expected. In only 3 of 16 years has Norway experienced excess mortality, with 2012 being the latest year with 382 (0.9%) more deaths than expected.

This positive trend continued throughout vaccine-free 2020, but over the first half of 2021, while the mass vaccination was ongoing, the under-mortality rate decreased until in July 2021 it turned into an over-mortality rate.

In 14 of the last 15 months, Norway has experienced excess mortality, in seven of them higher than in the whole of 2012. A total of 5,469 more people have died in Norway in this period than the average from 2016-2020. This gives an excess mortality rate of 10.9% for the period, 12 times higher than in 2012. Any actuary would characterize this as a statistical impossibility unless a 200-year catastrophe has occurred.

Every single day for the last 457 days has seen 12 more deaths than expected in Norway, which averages out to 3 Alexander Kielland accidents every single month for 15 months running, and the trend is pointing upwards, not downwards. If this continues until the end of 2023, over a period of 2.5 years, which cannot be excluded, then 80 years, 46 disasters and 11,828 deaths will be beaten by a good margin.

What may be the cause of this? – The C19 virus was at least on a par with a normal flu, which in Norway it probably was. Norway was never hit by a pandemic. All subsequent variants of C19 have been significantly "smarter". C19 can therefore be excluded as the cause of the wave of death now sweeping Norway and all other mRNA-affected countries.

Since nothing else of significance has hit Norway since 2019 than the Coronavirus and the mRNA vaccines. If we disregard C19 for a moment,the cause of the death wave after 2021 is obvious.

A number of studies reveal that the mRNA vaccines not only alter the natural DNA of the vaccine recipient, but weaken the vaccine recipient's immune system by up to 80% after 3 doses. This is the reason why well over 90% of those who are now infected and die from C19 are fully vaccinated.

I am being cautious here, but have the full support of a wide range of international experts who go much further than I do; Dr. David Martin, Dr. Mike Yeadon, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Raskid Buttar, Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Judy Mikovits, and Karen Kingston are just 8 of thousands who have long warned us in the strongest terms and can document and provide incontrovertible evidence that mRNA vaccines are in fact patented biotechnological weapons designed to harm and kill. If anyone still clings to the conspiracy theory straw, listen to what Karen Kingston reveals and documents in this recent interview. Do it while you still have the chance.

Tragedy and sensationalism – None of the vaccines used in Norway has been finally approved. None have been tested over time, and during a recent hearing in the EU Parliament, on direct questioning from MEP Rob Roos, Pfizer CEO J. Small admitted to the open mic that Pfizer never checked whether the mRNA vaccine could stop the spread of disease. They had no time.

Dr. Celia Lourenco, Director General of Health Canada, has also recently confirmed under oath that the Covid vaccines were not tested on humans, despite this being an absolute requirement in Canada. She further explained that the trials are now underway on over 80% of an unsuspecting Canadian population, without anyone having been informed that they are participating in a gigantic medical experiment.

Nor in Norway has anyone been given this information and written "informed consent". The Norwegian people have in fact been experimented on with 13,867,511 mRNA doses, of which 669,899 have so far received 4 doses. The few physicians who had the knowledge, conscience, moral backbone and courage to inform their patients as they are obliged to do under the Nuremberg Code, were fired. How many doses has FHI ordered for the Norwegian population? 10 doses for each person, as in the EU?

Last week, my triple-amputee little sister was taken by ambulance to hospital with pressing chest pains. I got in touch with her and advised her to order a D-Dimer test, which CT-focused doctors had not thought of. The test showed elevated levels, which I suspected, and blood clots were detected in both lungs. Microscopic and still growing blood clots caused by the mRNA-generated spike protein are now circulating throughout her bloodstream, including the brain and heart.

No one knows how many others this happens to in Norway, as no one has yet discovered it. Canadian Dr Hoffe found that this happened to 62% of his patients, immediately after revascularization. What is common for many is that they will not discover this until it is too late since no one is warned, for while the Norwegian media can fill libraries with articles from WW2 and the subsequent 45 disasters, the ongoing catastrophe has barely been covered by a single word [in the mainstream media]. A total scandal, and no one dares to ask a single critical question.

How many are 62% of 4,346,257? What will happen if/when a wave of injuries and deaths hits a double, triple, and soon quadruple-dose vaccine hospital?

I have wanted to write to you Camilla for a long time, but have been waiting for data that will only come in 2023. Now that my sister is also affected, the wait is over. Now it's war; my pen against your needles. My sister has worked for over 40 years in the health service, a health service she is proud of and proud of blindly. She was also blindly proud of you, Camilla, but you and the FHI made mistakes, with the absurd and grotesque result that the health service, which we were all proud of and proud of, became an unsuspecting and silent killing machine. What will all our health workers say when they discover that they have not only been used as weapons against a population they do everything they can every day to serve and help, but also against themselves and their loved ones? In Canada, more than 80 young children have already suddenly and unexpectedly died because they too were exposed to mRNA vaccines.

Truth is never far behind – The truth about these mRNA vaccines is now emerging in parliaments and courtrooms across much of the Western world, showing that "Safe and Efficient" is the biggest lie of the century. The truth will also be revealed in Norway. Increasing numbers of sick and dying people and a collapsing Norwegian health system will ensure that.

But all this you know Camilla, not only because your own figures for a long time have told you this, but also because I have already sent you this information. I know that you are well-informed, and I know that the FHI has understood that Norway as a civilisation may have suffered a railroad wound, a judgement well-made and linguistically camouflaged on page 66 of this FHI report. Yet, the FHI continues to push mRNA doses as if nothing has happened.

I don't know if you and the FHI are doing this with full intent, in pure satanic evil, or because you are under pressure, are bought and paid for, taking orders from higher ups outside the country, or if you are just blinded by self-delusion and by the consensus you have brainwashed yourself and the rest of the population with. You appear as a responsible, serious and caring person Camilla, you should have, but here action and impressions crack as much as slogans and facts, lies and truth.

Dr. Camilla Stoltenberg; you are now the Executive Director of what is already a medical disaster, a disaster that threatens not only to be the deadliest to ever hit the country, but one that may take the lives of more than the sum of all disasters and wars since the Ice Age. No one knows for sure if this will happen, when it will happen, before it might happen, but by then it will be too late.

Let me remind you of the wave of infection during KV1-22 when 1,008,104 were infected. Combine that figure with the CMR from KV3-22 of 5.4% and 54,400 more will die than normal over a single quarter, 600 every day, 25 every hour, and KV1-23 is getting closer by the day. I'm not saying this will happen, only that it can.

We already know what has happened in the last 15 months, and what continues to happen every day. The statistics do not lie and there is more than enough reason for all mRNA vaccines to be stopped immediately, for all vaccinees to be warned and tested for all possible visible and hidden side effects, for the population to be thoroughly and correctly informed and for the truth to be uncovered and immediately shared with the Norwegian people.

There has long been suspicion and talk of a planned and premeditated global genocide as a step towards a sharp reduction in the global population. 94% reduction is carved in granite (Georgia Guidestones). Show us with action that it is a lie. Show us with action who the real Camilla Stoltenberg is, who she works for, and what her real intentions are.

You owe it to yourself, your husband, your sons, your grandson, your parents, your little sister, my little sister, the over 5,400 who have already died, the tens of thousands who have already been wounded for life, the countless who have already had their fate sealed without knowing it, the countless relatives, the 4,346,257 innocent and unsuspecting health workers who have been lied to, misled and subjected to lethal biological experimentation and not least all the unaware who were pressured, stigmatised and ridiculed because they saw through the lies, propaganda and brainwashing and took responsibility for their own health.

You also owe that to a concerned grandfather from Kristiansand, who wishes you all the strength and courage you can muster in order to do what you know you must do now.

Jan Terje Voilaas


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