Global Intifada

Nahida Izzat,
Exiled Palestinian

I need to watch this horror
I need to feel their pain
Homes erased
Schools bombarded
Hospitals targeted
Water cut off
Food denied
Children crying
Babies Dying
Mamas losing their minds

A Letter From Heaven

Nahida Izzat
Exiled Palestinian

This poem is very special, it was written by my beloved niece Jeanine, read by her two beautiful daughters Jude and Jena, and put together by my lovely niece Sabreen

The Beginning Of The End

Nahida Izzat
Exiled Palestinian

This is not the last battle
This is not the final blow
We have made the U turn
This is the road with no return
A pivotal battle on the path of liberation

The New Ten Commandments

Nahida Izzat
Exiled Palestinian

The New Ten Commandments

1. Thou shalt believe that “they” are the “Chosen Ones.”

2. If thou seest their numbers extremely over-represented in high positions of power and control, thou shalt not mention it, except if it were to praise their “superior” IQ.

3. If thou becomest aware that they are “running the show” in the media, thou shalt only glorify “their talents.”

4. If thou comest to notice their grip on the world of finance, thou shalt be in awe of their “out-standing aptitude.”

5. If thou detectest their attempted steering of social progress or revolutionary movements, thou shalt only explain it with their “admirable righteousness, evolved integrity and exceptional morality.”

6. Thou shalt not compare their suffering with that of any other's. Theirs is unique.

7. Thou shalt revere the Holocaust –faithfully, as narrated by their gurus, and with all thy heart.

8. Thou shalt have no doubt in your heart as regards the number 6 million.

9. Thou shalt not criticize “Israel”, the “light unto nations”, and thou shalt honour its eternal right to exist as a “Jewish state.”

10.Thou shalt sacrifice as many “goyim” as possible (especially those who dareth say NO), and on the altar of their conquest, greed, arrogance, and supremacy, thou shalt bow down and worship.


They want you to believe that defending the Palestinian people’s legitimate right to DEFEND themselves and to RESIST the occupation and usurpation of their homeland is “terrorism”, a “crime” worse than the CRIME of murdering almost 5000 Palestinian children in less than four weeks.

🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸

They want you to believe that chanting “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” is a “hate crime”, a “crime” worse than target bombing ambulances, hospitals, schools, and refugee camps killing hundreds of innocent civilians.

🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸

They want you to believe that holding the Palestinian flag is “antisemitic”, a “crime” worse than keeping two and half million people in a concentration camp, without food, water, electricity, while flattening entire neighbourhood on the heads of the inhabitants.

🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸

They want you to believe that the legitimate Palestinian resistance to a seventy-five years of occupation is “terrorism”, and the bombardment of two and half million people to smithereens is “self defence”.

🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸

They want to you believe that “offending” the feeling of some-person, on his/her say-so, is far more serious “hate crime” than the slaughter of over almost 10000 innocent men, women and children in less than a month of constant carpet bombardment.

🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸

They want to you believe that being concerned about some group’s sensitivities is far more humane than stopping the crime of Genocide and Extermination against another group of people.

🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸

They want you to believe that some humans are more humans than others.

🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸

Nahida Izzat
Exiled Palestinian
Poetry For Palestine



Nahida Izzat,
Exiled Palestinian

* * *

Seventy five years of deafening silence
As bombs rained down on Palestine
Day in day out
Year in year out
Droves of children wiped out
In their mothers’ arms
O hear us world,
We’ve been mowed down

* * *

No More Pain

Nahida Izzat,
Exiled Palestinian

Pile your ugly missiles and guns

Froth at the mouth drinking my blood

Feast on your foul bars of gold

Beat your chests, rejoice my death

Until we meet at Court Divine

Your final shock and awe will be

Your “chosen-mess”, your own demise


Nahida Izzat,
Exiled Palestinian

To be human is to be hugely affected by what is happening in the world
Sadness, depression and grief may linger in your heart
Colours fade into one tone of grey
You may even gasp at the edge of despair, sometimes
For one breath of hope, you’d give your life

Renouncing Judaism

Stephen Lendman

Decades of Israeli high crimes against peace are reason enough for all Jews [who are] for justice to renounce Judaism.

Shlomo Sand for one. On October 10, he headlined his London Guardian commentary " 'I wish to resign and cease considering myself a Jew.' "

Zionism harms Jews and non-Jews alike. Its roots date from the late 19th century.

In his book titled "Overcoming Zionism: Creating a Single Democratic State in Israel/Palestine," Joel Kovel said:

Zionism seeks "the restoration of tribalism in the guise of a modern, highly militarized and aggressive state." It "cut Jews off from (their) history…It "led to a fateful identity of interests with antisemitism the only thing that united them." It "fell into the ways of imperialist expansion and militarism…(It) show(s) signs of the fascist malignancy." If you accept "the idea of a Jewish state," you mix its twin notions of "particularism (and) exceptionalism…" They're "the bane of Judaism…" They give "racism an objective, enduring, institutionalized and obdurate character." Doing so turns Israel "into a machine for the manufacture of human rights abuses…"

Three former prime ministers were terrorists. Menachem Begin (1977 - 83), Yitzhak Shamir (1983 - 84 and 1986 - 92), and Ariel Sharon (2001 - 06) dispelled the illusion of Israeli democracy, morality and respect for rule of law principles. Today's "world would be a far better place without Zionism('s) corrosive effects," Kovel stresses.

The Expression of Hatred for Gentiles

Richard Edmondson/Nahida Izzat

Screen capture from Chabad website

Nahida at Poetry for Palestine has posted a rather remarkable article extensively documenting Jewish hatred of Gentiles, as expressed on certain Jewish websites.

We often hear of “anti-Semitism” as being this terrible problem that supposedly is on the rise and that imperils Jews the world over–and in certain countries (France comes to mind especially) you can even get thrown in jail for making statements perceived as being too “anti-Semitic.”

But never do we hear about “anti-Gentilism” (which is the term Nahida coins), either in terms of condemnations of it, or otherwise, something which qualifies as a rather perverse incongruity since Jewish hatred for Gentiles seems to be a problem at least as bad, if not far worse, than the converse. I say this because not only is anti-Gentilism apparently quite widespread in the Jewish community, but it seems for the most part to be openly and blatantly expressed–by individuals and even by “respected” organizations such as Chabad–without anyone ever publicly calling them out on it.

What this boils down to on a practical level is that Gentiles can be fired from their jobs, or denied tenure, on the basis of angry or negative comments about Jews, but that the same standard does not apply when Jews express malice or distaste for Gentiles. The hostility can even reach the point of advocating, or at least justifying, the murder of Gentiles, with the offender suffering little in the way of opprobrium or retribution.

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