The 4 Jacobs and the 2100 Esaus

Michael Hoffman

Conflict in Holy Land: The Israeli-Palestinian Recent Months

2100 Palestinians victims from the summer of 2014 rendered invisible.

As background to yesterday’s tragic events in Jerusalem, Prof. Daniel McGowan of Deir Yassin Remembered, has confirmed that the Jerusalem synagogue where the attack on the rabbis occurred, is located on land in the Hasidic Har Nof district of West Jerusalem, that was stolen from the Palestinians 66 years ago.

Har Nof is on the site of the Palestinian village of Deir Yassin, which was obliterated by Israeli “ Irgun" terrorists on April 9, 1948. More than a hundred Palestinian men, women and children were systematically murdered and the village was razed, so that in 2014 Talmudists could worship themselves in a synagogue, on a site where civilians were massacred and then completely forgotten by a ‘Holocaust’-obsessed world. (“Holocaust" saint Elie Wiesel served as a propaganda writer for the Irgun).

The NY Times, Wall Street Journal, CNN, CBS, Fox, ad nauseam, report none of this, even as they express hypocritical outrage that Putin’s Russia is opening more of what they term “propaganda” media outlets around the world; toward their own propaganda they are utterly indifferent.

The 9/11 Terror Attacks as Alchemical Process

Michael Hoffman

Psychologically, [the American people] have the status of defeated and demoralized prisoners of war. They have cut a deal with the System: they won't contradict the Cryptocracy's lies in return for the Cryptocracy allowing them to "get on with their lives," pursue a career, marry a trophy wife, raise and educate two children, root for the stadium sports team of their choice, acquire a boat, a recreational vehicle and a second home.

In the course of this quid pro quo, they pretend they are concerned about the state of the nation and their children's future, but their souls are rotting in the face of the lie they are living. Americans are being marched in the direction the Cryptocracy has been taking us since it immolated the King of Camelot near the 33rd degree line in 1963. The 9-11 attacks of 2001 represent the second stop on that alchemical jornada del muerto...

What does the Cryptocracy thinks of us? These elitists always regarded non-iniates in any era as being not truly human, little more than "ghostly homunculi," e.g. "goyim, gentiles, kelipot, cowans." The "Cambridge (University) Apostles, "who produced a slew of traitors who spied for and defected to the Soviet Union, styled themselves "realities," in contrast to the rest of us who they termed mere "phenomena."

Before the modern age, the Cryptocracy's low estimation of us was kept secret, for the reason that virile, perspicacious yeomen with a medieval mentality had a tendency to rise against wicked tyrants when they were identified as such and summarily pitchfork, club and hang them expeditiously. Even in the Victorian era, in the wake of the Trafalgar riots, British Masons perpetrated the "Jack the Ripper" butchery with the utmost secrecy.

Now they are so contemptuous of us, so extremely confident of their invulnerability and immunity, "so bold and arrogant" that on 9-11 "they mocked us to our faces by leaving clues in plain sight."

Zionism, Anti Semitism and American Democracy

Henry Makow

This essay was written in September 2002.

Christians who believe Israel represents an outpost of Western Civilization might benefit from a book entitled "Jewish History, Jewish Religion" (1994) by Israel Shahak, a Professor Emeritus at Hebrew University.

Shahak escaped from a Nazi concentration camp and later served in the Israeli army. He is an organic chemist who combines a research scientist's objectivity with a humanist's commitment to universal ideals.

It appears that Judaism made a mistake when it rejected Christ's gospel of Love. As a consequence, Judaism may have become a primitive and possibly dangerous anachronism in the 21st Century. According to Shahak, Judaism is a xenophobic totalitarian belief system that has morphed into a fanatical Zionist ideology that now threatens the whole world.

I must admit that, even as an assimilated Jew, reading this book was like taking cod liver oil, not pleasant.

The Age Of Revelation

Kev Boyle
No One To Vote For

The very-traditional-Christian, Talmud scholar and sometimes-genius, Michael Hoffman, argues in his book "Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare" that we are currently in the age of 'the Revelation of the Method'

Having studied masonic and Pharisaical Jewish occultism, he says that in this current time the Group Mind has been alchemically processed sufficiently for the "cryptocracy" to "make manifest all that is hidden."

This 'alchemy' is, he claims, the final stage in the occult trajectory that has been working ceaselessly for total global control for many centuries.

We are being allowed to see and understand what is being done to us because, such is the hypnotised state of the masses, that even though many of us can see the truth there is nothing we can do about it.

Thus, rather than these revelations (about 9/11, 7/7, the money system and the like) liberating us, they deepen our humiliation and sense of helplessness.

As he says, it is a terrible thing to have someone rape your wife. How much worse if the rapist tells you what he's going to do first and then comes round and rapes her anyway.

Well, so far things do look pretty bad. There are plenty of people who know the truth about the great crimes that have been perpetrated against the common man in order to enslave him but, as yet, only small signs of any effective fight-back against the globalist powers-that-be.

In the end, however, this bold and, from their point of view, (one can understand) necessary strategy is obviously highly dangerous and will, in the end be undone.

The Reality Of Zionism

Jonathan Azaziah

A refutation of Shelby Steele’s propaganda piece masquerading as a legitimate editorial.

1. World opinion is to be divided into two categories. The first category is the category of governments, and the second category is the category of citizens. In the framework of the first category, the overwhelming majority of governments have supported the Israeli massacre of the Freedom Flotilla, because the majority of governments are under the influence and/or subversion and/or control of the Zionist lobby. In that same framework, whatever government officials have offered a condemnation of the ‘attack,’ have not specified who exactly they’re condemning, and this, as aforementioned, is the result of the Zionist lobby. Again, in the same framework, the minute amount of government officials that have actually condemned Israel itself, their condemnations ring hollow, for they will not be backed up with action. In the framework of the second category, it is becoming increasingly evident, that populations of the world, Muslim and Jewish, Christian and Hindu, Black and White, Latino and Asian, lower-class and middle class, have lost their patience with the constant tyrannical, genocidal, and quite frankly, insane behavior of the illegal occupational entity known as Israel. The people are tired of forking over their tax dollars to a state that murders, steals, occupies, rapes, tortures, imprisons for no reason, and now, pirates, when their money could go to their failing social and economic crises. The people are tired of another people, just like them, being unjustly treated in a fashion worse than animals, for 62 years. The people are weary of their governments who continue to lend their irrational, unwavering support to this criminal fraud of a nation. The people, finally, seem to understand the severity of the crimes against the Palestinians, and it seems, they finally want an end to it. When world opinion isn’t divided into these two diametrically opposed categories, then that phrase, is simply a generality being used to mislead on behalf of Israel and its cohorts in America and Britain.

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