The Age Of Revelation

Kev Boyle
No One To Vote For

The very-traditional-Christian, Talmud scholar and sometimes-genius, Michael Hoffman, argues in his book "Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare" that we are currently in the age of 'the Revelation of the Method'

Having studied masonic and Pharisaical Jewish occultism, he says that in this current time the Group Mind has been alchemically processed sufficiently for the "cryptocracy" to "make manifest all that is hidden."

This 'alchemy' is, he claims, the final stage in the occult trajectory that has been working ceaselessly for total global control for many centuries.

We are being allowed to see and understand what is being done to us because, such is the hypnotised state of the masses, that even though many of us can see the truth there is nothing we can do about it.

Thus, rather than these revelations (about 9/11, 7/7, the money system and the like) liberating us, they deepen our humiliation and sense of helplessness.

As he says, it is a terrible thing to have someone rape your wife. How much worse if the rapist tells you what he's going to do first and then comes round and rapes her anyway.

Well, so far things do look pretty bad. There are plenty of people who know the truth about the great crimes that have been perpetrated against the common man in order to enslave him but, as yet, only small signs of any effective fight-back against the globalist powers-that-be.

In the end, however, this bold and, from their point of view, (one can understand) necessary strategy is obviously highly dangerous and will, in the end be undone.

What some of us call God, the creative force behind and within ourselves and everything else in the universe is an all-loving power offering ecstatic affirmation to any soul that relies on It alone. 'Christ consciousness' is the pure awareness of and service to this force, the 'Father in Heaven' that is within us all and connects us all.

God cannot be undone.

This power can only be misdirected.

God affirms the criminal and oppressor as completely as He affirms ourselves who (perhaps) imagine we are the only ones on His side. God can do no other. This is the nature of the source.

Let's leave aside for now the possibility that access to this source might be affected or modified by the interventions of other real but discarnate entities in the spiritual realms.

Lacking awareness of and belief in this reality but still enjoying full affirmation, we can and do err. We find satisfaction in the material and in the power that the world has to offer.

We do not fix our minds and our lives on love (or God) Itself and the achievement of Christ-consciousness but struggle against our very source, and thus against our brothers and sisters, in order that we might join an overpaid parasitical class (even at a low level....just about all westerners can claim membership of this club) who can enjoy the good life on the back of the cheap labour of impoverished and suffering others.

But during these astonishing times 'The Revelation of the Method' does not only serve the interests of the satanic masters.

Realisation of our seemingly 'hopeless' position does not only drive people to helplessness and despair. We can realise the Satanic/Luciferian nature of the foe, and understand too that it is our source, our very God upon whom we must rely.

Christ said it all.

Nothing, in essence, has changed since His day.

He lived in Love and for Love.

But He also condemned the Pharisees (the prototypical Orthodox Jews/Masons). He condemned them for their teachings.

"Ye Are Of Satan."

His first public act after His entrance into Jerusalem was to drive the moneychangers from the temple. This is the only time He resorted to violence. Christ, the very soul of truth, understood the nature of these people.

There were no negotiations.

He did not mess around.

So too for ourselves. We surely understand that the first, but only the first, political step in any real solution to our problems must be the end of money-creation as interest-laden debt. We too must expel the moneylenders from our temple.

Take over their institutions and issue debt-free government-created money, as other societies have successfully done in the past. This is the only possible meaningful beginning that anyone should be prepared to consider.

It is clear that people are beginning to understand the frauds that the powerful are committing against them. They are also, significantly, learning that en masse they and their children are being posted into long-term debt slavery. They are starting to understand that this process, whatever sleek politicians tell them, is simple theft. A transfer of wealth from the poor and the just-comfortable to the richest element in society.

We don't like it and although the concerns may be initially material for most, the realisation of the spiritual roots and causation of our ever-deepening problems is certain to grow.

As we seek answers the truth begins to dawn.

We really do know what we most want. Material security, yes, but more than that we want good relationships with those around us. We want a sense of joyful connectedness to the world. We also usually understand that this connectedness cannot exist without first finding such a reality inside our own selves.

This personal reality is created by what we used to call 'the spiritual life'.

I believe that, one way or another, we as a society will eventually recognise two major truths:

1) That the achievement of 'Christ Consciousness', full spiritual connection to our creator, is the rightful and primary purpose of a life, and

2) In the longer term we will have to abandon all remote 'top-down' power systems, in politics or in religion.

"By their fruits shall ye know them."

.....and we've seen their fruits.

Top-down systems offer power that is often unaccountable. In practice it is those who abandon the search for a selfless loving spiritual life and pursue this power for its own sake....these types will always tend to control such systems. The consequences are obvious and disastrous.

Such a system has destroyed even the Christian churches.......who appear to be marching as one in acceptance of all they should be opposing. A satanic, enslaving one-world government.

As a Catholic, who has loved aspects of his education and who has the greatest respect for many of the great men (as most of those priests were who devoted their lives to an sublime ideal), it pains me to say that it is hard to see anything but negative value in a church that would direct its flock into the arms of and international banking 'New World Order'.

As successive popes have done.

It is impossible for me not to abandon an organisation that has silenced the only man amongst its ranks who has showed the courage to stand up and say what is necessary about 9/11 and much else to his flock.

We, the sea of souls, are the church. We always were and we always will be.

Recognising the proven disaster that inevitably goes with humans living in obedience to centralised authority, it is surely obvious that future societies will be structured on a human scale around myriad self-governing communities, small enough for everyone to learn the character of all in their group.

Such human knowledge would necessarily preclude the rise of criminal types and other wickedness. Only that which is perceived as serving the common good would be acceptable to any empowered and responsible community.

Communities would also tend to be self-supporting, concerned with the spiritual development of the individual, focused on loving the young and also work in some kind of service for a greater good outside itself. Atheist Howard Storm claims in relating his rather amazing NDE [Near Death Experience] (see below), that this is almost exactly the kind of future for mankind that was revealed to him.

If we are to attempt to follow the teaching, "Ye will be perfect, as your Father in heaven", all this seems pretty obvious in principle, if far from reality. For how can anyone acting under anything but their own authority and responsibility hope to aspire to the loving 'perfection' that is unity with the Divine..

God made us free.

We will be free.

And we will choose our freedom to rest in His light or 'Christ Consciousness' or whatever other term exists out there for the abstract ecstasy that has been known by so many 'masters' in the past and can surely be known by each and every one of us today.




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