A Trap for the U.S.? or What's the point of China's mediation in Ukraine?

Elena Panina (Елена Панина)
Director of the RUSSTRAT Institute

Why is China trying to reconcile Russia and Ukraine? Many analysts are asking themselves this fair question. After all, for such a reconciliation to take place, Ukraine must first be freed from the yoke of U.S. domination. It is necessary to completely change the ruling class there, remove all Western intelligence agents, all agents of influence from the country, change the system of education of the population and the formation of the ruling elites.

In essence, it is necessary to make a revolution in Ukraine. But such a revolution is absolutely impossible without the military defeat of the entire combined West involved in the battle with Russia on the banks of the Dnieper.

The current authorities in Ukraine are puppets completely dependent on Washington, whose personal fate depends on the extent to which they are able to implement American interests.

Talking to Vladimir Zelensky about peace with Russia is as useless as talking to the United States about universal security. Washington's goal is not peace, but domination, for only this, in its mind, guarantees its security.

For America to be safe, all others must be in danger. If there is no such danger, then the U.S. itself is in danger. The search for ways to be dangerous to all the countries of the world has been engaged in by the United States throughout its history, and this is the basis of its conception of foreign policy.

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