Rational Thoughts in an Irrational World

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. Several hundred thousand doctors are heading for bankruptcy – and the pain of losing their licences to practice. Doctors who injected their patients with the covid-19 jabs (the jabs which didn’t do what government officials promised they were supposed to do but which did cause the health problems I warned they would create) believe that they are indemnified by their governments (which , at Bill Gates’ suggestion, offered blanket indemnity to drug companies). I’m no lawyer (thank heavens) but I know a fraud when I see one and it is clear that everyone lied about the covid-19 jabs. If doctors can be shown to have given jabs without checking out what they were doing, and warning their patients of the risks, then surely they will be responsible legally – as well as morally. And in that case the class action lawsuits will be legion and doctors will be running for the hills. (It is surely possible that the police will be chasing them. It cannot possibly be legal for thousands of doctors to give deadly vaccines to millions of patients.)

2. The unions, the WEF and Common Purpose have, in my view, trained a generation of psychopaths.

3. As I have been saying for decades, no one has ever tested to find out if it is safe to give numerous different vaccines to the same individual. The whole global vaccination programme is an unmonitored experiment.

4. Anyone who promotes the wearing of masks is a dangerous idiot. If they are medically qualified they are a dangerous idiot with knobs on. For the truth about masks read my book Proof that masks do more harm than good. You can purchase a copy via the bookshop on [my] website.

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