Scholz-Macron delivered a military ultimatum to Zelensky

German, French and even British-American pressure on B.Zelensky with Bild publicly revealing that Ukraine has been given a military ultimatum – if he fails, Ukraine is over

Bild confirms WarNews247, pointing out that Scholz-Macron is pushing Zelensky for a deal with Putin. They reiterate that the spring counterattack will be Ukraine's last chance to improve its position on the battlefields and, consequently, its negotiating power. If it fails, then the worst will be ahead: Russia will continue the war of attrition until it reconstructs the territorial boundaries of the “new Russia”, that is, from Transnistria-Odessa-Nikolaev - to Kharkov.

BILD: West will push Ukraine to negotiate with Russia: The West will put pressure on Kiev to force it into peace talks with Moscow, if Ukrainian troops fail to achieve significant success by autumn, Bild newspaper reports, citing sources from the German and US governments.

💬 "With the help of new weapons, they want to give Ukraine a chance to recapture more occupied territory. If counterattacks fail, pressure on Kiev to negotiate with the Kremlin will increase,” the newspaper wrote. It is noted that the West verbally wants to support Ukraine as long as necessary, but "behind the scenes" there is already talk of a "military ultimatum."

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