The White Whale

Alexander Wolfheze

Recently, somebody from the East asked: how is it for Westerners to live in the West in the fall of 2022, under a power-cabal and a hate-ideology now openly at war with the entire world?

For decades, a hidden cabal, disguised in the cloak of ‘democratic institutions’ and ‘progressive values’, waged a proxy-war on the Western peoples through culture distortion (‘secular’ education, ‘soteriological’ science), social deconstruction (women’s ‘liberation’, sexual ‘revolution’) and ethnic displacement (‘open borders’, ‘multicultural enrichment’), but only recently, facing the massive indigenous risings of the Trump-Brexit era, did it throw off its mask.

Early in 2020, it decided to go for an all-out ‘Great Reset’ totalitarian power-grab by combining the new capacities of Big Pharma (bio-hacking, nano-medicine), Big Tech (surveillance, censorship) and Big Government (‘pandemic’ legislation, ‘misinformation’ persecution) - all to the benefit of Big Business and High Finance (breaking of small and medium private enterprise, take-over of family-held real-estate, imposition of generational debt slavery, no-risk state-funding of politized pharmacological and military business models). The ‘Covid’ swindle (economic shut-down, social liminality, psychological mass-trauma), the ‘BLM’ swindle (street terror impunity, openly politized judiciary, cultural dispossession) and the ‘Biden’ swindle (legalized fraud, all-out censorship, show-trials) were major mile-stones on this totalitarian trajectory.

Once control had been assured and the opposition had been silenced, by mid-2021, the globalist cabal felt save enough to make its first substantial move. In a first step to physically subdue and enslave the Western masses, the ‘vaccine’ roll-out served three purposes simultaneously: it introduced the first physically-invasive mass-intervention with trans-humanist technological, it enforced collective cognitive dissonance and it identified remaining religious and free-thinking non-conformers. Its second move was to physically confront and eliminate key non-Western challengers to the globalist ‘Brave New World Order’. The artificially manufactured ‘Ukraine Crisis’, not only tied up Russia, globalism’s ‘enemy number one’, in a war of attrition, but it also conveniently served the glossing over of the increasingly horrendous effects of its first move at home. One of the staple stratagems of (aspiring) totalitarian regimes is to gloss over domestic terror by foreign war: the Armenian genocide was a side-show to World War I, the Nazi atrocities were a side-show to World War II, the US-led kill-rape-torture campaign in Latin America was a side-show to the Cold War. What better stratagem to silence the multiplying voices rising up on behalf of the hundreds of thousands - perhaps already millions - of dead, slow-dying and permanently maimed victims of what can now only be described as the ‘Vaccinocaust’? As the Western-manufactured mRNA-manipulating and nanoparticle-laced ‘vaccines’ are increasingly exposed for what they are, viz. purpose-designed bio-weapons, and as the ‘Covid’ narrative is rapidly falling apart under the sheer weight of accumulated lies, it is useful to shift public attention from the domestic (‘antivaxx’) enemy to the foreign (‘Russian’) enemy, so that everybody can once again feel good about uniting against a ‘designated’ target. But foreign wars have a tendency to be risky affairs: it is much easier to terrorize, maim and kill your own defenseless civilians than to confront, fight and defeat a well-motivated foreign military led by non-compromised leaders who are determined to hack their way through your webs of deceit. The fortunes of battle are not as easily manipulated as domestic ‘public opinion’: for a while, slick atrocity propaganda and hyped-up local successes may artificially boost ‘popular support’ at home, but the grim reality of stale-mates, defeats and failure on the battlefield can only be glossed over for so long.

And so, most of the West - most acutely Western Europe - finds itself in a situation strangely parallel to that of occupied Europe under Nazi rule during World War II: a minority actively promotes and supports the new globalist-Nazi occupation, a majority passively accepts and appeases it - and a tiny minority actually stands up against it. Hardly anybody says it, but everybody knows it: the ‘total war’ demands of globalist occupation regime, as represented by NATO and the EU spitted against Russia and its Eurasian allies are unreasonable and suicidal. Similarly, hardly anybody says it, but everybody knows it: the outcome of the new ‘world war’, fought once again primarily in Europe’s eastern borderlands, once again against a Russia struggling for its naked survival and once again against a Russia-supporting global alliance of ever-growing strength, is far from certain. A relatively small group, the collaborators - politicians, journalists, academicians - say whatever they need to say to ride out the storm and remain in the regime’s good graces. A somewhat bigger group, the war-profiteers - stock-replenishing arms manufacturers, refugee-market real estate speculators, regime-loyal contractors - make windfall (and ‘green’-coloured) profits. The largest group, the cowardly masses, do what they always do when there is a serious storm of any kind: they keep their heads down, hunker down and cling to whatever small resources and respites the regimes allows them. The tiniest group, a few brave souls - activists, thinkers and publicists of all non-conforming shades and hues - either stand up and are mowed down on the spot, 1r they hide and run away - underground or abroad - to perhaps fight and live another day.

That is how it is to live in the West in the Fall of 2022. These are historic times - the chaff is being separated from the grain. Not much grain - lots of chaff.

The globalist-nihilist cabal that has taken over the West - effectively occupying it as a foreign force - is engaged in a deadly, all-or-nothing ‘flight forward’ strategy. It has conditioned, manipulated, deceived and bullied the Western masses to march to their doom. No reason and no argument can halt this march. Only intense physical suffering and the total physical defeat of the power structures that hold them captive can dislodge the psychological props and blocks that sustain the masses’ active support and passive tolerance of their increasingly delusional ‘leadership’ and of its increasingly macabre ‘ideology’ of inverted values. The mass-psychosis is not just going to disappear by itself: it needs to be actively dispelled. Rather, the psychosis will get deeper and stronger as people will start to feel threatened beyond mere material well-being and accrued privilege. As incredible as it may sound to any rational observer outside the West: the very identity of the Western masses has become deeply invested in and, at the educated ‘midwit’ and ‘intellectual’ levels, even fully absorbed into a hyper-secular, anti-traditionalist, progress-triumphalist and eschatologically tinged ideology that has now morphed into a non-negotiable ‘worldview’. As in cases of malignant narcissism and some other psychological pathologies, it may be that, at some dim half-unconscious level, these ‘madding masses’ do recognize themselves as engaged in self-destructive behaviour - even in real evil. But they cannot tear themselves away from what has become their core concern: the outward compensation of an inner void and the outward projection of inner demons. This reality is a real-life factor in contemporary geopolitics: it is the psycho-historical aspect of the great chasm now opening up between West and non-West. It has to be dealt with in a realistic fashion. This is where the long-forgotten words of Crusade and Jihad come back to require earthly applications.

In a very bizarre but very real ‘cultic’ sense, the most-modern ‘marketing managers’, ‘consent engineers’, ‘psy-op specifialists’ and ‘performative behaviouralists’ of the West have - most of the involved individuals probably unwittingly - created that elusive ‘prize’ of pre-modern alchemists: the Golem. But on an industrial-thinking appropriate, larger-than-life scale: we are talking about a ‘golden billion’ mass of Golem creatures able and willing to do the unthinkable - including attacking and hurting their nearest and dearest. In many Western countries, ‘parents’ are having their children deliberately ‘sexualized’ and surgically ‘transgendered’ - now even injected with ‘vaccines’ that any sane person knows threaten their life, health and future. The Western masses frantically cheer their ‘governments’ when on their screens they see yet another Middle Eastern or Balkan country bombed into the ground and poisoned for generations with ‘depleted Uranium’ and other horrifying weaponry - they unquestioningly pay their taxes for the hellish weaponry and they unquestioningly cast their vote for the button-pushing politicians. And every new outrage that succeeds only encourages a worse outrage to imagined, planned and committed. The Zombie Apocalypse is not just some Halloween/Hollywood fantasy or some spooky dream beyond some far-away Event Horizon - it can be willed into being and it has been willed into being.

Long ago, a great American writer wrote a book about the diabolic possession that men can fall prey to if they ignore God-sent warnings and if they transgress God-given boundaries. In that book, in the final analysis, the hunt for the White Whale was revealed to be no mere undertaking for profit, glory or adventure: it was a deliberate War on Creation - and, beyond that, a war on the Creator Himself. A deliberate quest to reach absolute evil. The crew followed the captain to the end – and to their end - bytheir own free will. The Creator allows for such free will - but he determines its final physical boundary as well. He lets man chose - even to choose predestination away from Him, and against Him:

💬 ‘Ahab is for ever Ahab, man. This whole act's immutably decreed. 'Twas rehearsed by thee and me a billion years before this ocean rolled. Fool! I am the Fates' lieutenant, I act under orders.’ ~ H. Melville

We may well ask what drives a men, masses of men, millions of men, to pursue something that is so obviously contrary to all things human and good. The answer is very ancient, but the writer of the story of the White Whale put the sentiment in very modern, very American words. They should be read carefully - because it is important to know who and what is your enemy:

💬 ‘What is it, what nameless, inscrutable, unearthly thing is it; what cozening, hidden lord and master, and cruel, remorseless emperor commands me; that against all natural lovings and longings, I so keep pushing, and crowding, and jamming myself on all the time; recklessly making me ready to do what in my own proper, natural heart, I durst not so much as dare? Is Ahab, Ahab? Is it I, God, or who, that lifts this arm?’ ~ H.Melville

To fight such an enemy requires discernment, courage and endurance. We, the few Westerners who have ‘jumped ship’ to get away from this evil, and who are now adrift in full view of the final ship-wreck of our civilization, may admire and salute those who history put on the right side of the fight. But with our ship, when it is finally covered by the Great Sea, much that is good and beautiful will also disappear forever:

💬 ‘[A]nd so the bird of heaven, with archangelic shrieks, and his imperial beak thrust upwards, and his whole captive form folded in the flag of Ahab, went down with his ship, which, like Satan, would not sink to hell till she had dragged a living part of heaven along with her, and helmeted herself with it.’ ~ H. Melville

We, even if there are very few of us, humbly pray that God’s Wisdom may yet prevail in human affairs and that by His will, miraculously, yet something may be saved out of the ruin of the West - and that its people turn away from sin. But we also pray that God’s justice prevails swiftly and decisively against the evil that has befallen our lands. And if God permits fire and brimstone to rain down from the heavens for the purification of His Earth, we will give praise to Him.


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