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Several disturbing events are happening. The dollar, the pound, the euro and the yen should soon have zero value. In America that means Nationwide Food Riots and the cities burn to the ground.

China just forgave the debt of 17 African nations. That is an unusual move. What I believe they are doing is lining up support for the next big move which could happen at the 2023 BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) meeting in May in Beijing. Sergey Glazyev, Minister of Integration and Macroeconomics of the Eurasian Union, wants all BRICS members and everyone from the Global South to refuse to repay loans denominated in dollars, pounds, euros, and yen. From that day forward trade would be conducted either in a basket of commodity backed BRICS currencies or in local ones with trade accounts settled in gold.

Bloomberg just recently noticed that the velocity or turnover of money just shot up sharply. That will support higher prices. Shadow Stats has our real inflation rate in the US at 16.8%. Money turns over faster and faster as we go further along the inflation track. Why? If I know the price is going up every 3 months, then I should run out and buy 3 months worth of consumables and pay on my credit cards. When I get paid, I can pay off my cards.

Meanwhile, people thinking like that will have cleared the shelves at the local market. America is not at that point yet but we have seen the hysteria of buying of toilet paper in the past. Even a slight increase in velocity could send the US into hyperinflation which I defined as starting at 25% for a reserve currency. When people overseas see inflation ripping through America, they will dump cash, bonds and stocks and pile into commodities.

This will force BRICS and the Global South to act. It will not be pretty. It could get so bad that to buy things from overseas Americans will first have two buy 2 ounces of gold for $20,000 to get a gold letter of credit. People overseas won’t accept US domestic dollars at that point. The criminal enterprise passing itself off as our federal government will issue a digital currency and try to give you a digital passport. I don’t want to become a slave so I will pass on that.

The Elite despise Americans. NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) led to the closing of 80,000 manufacturing plants. We do not have the machinery and the skills to make things. Asians joke that if they stopped selling us shoes that we would be shoeless in 6 months. We don’t make most of our drugs, antibiotics, vitamin C, clothes and electronics. America will become a real zoo. American cities will become No Go zones.

Dave Dubyne has been following the Chicago Board of Trade and the wheat contracts to be filled on September 16th. Corn is also looking sparse. Expect a jump in food prices and maybe even a wild ride in the commodities markets.

I should say what I think will happen in the Ukraine. As Assange said, war is a money laundering scheme. He is in jail for telling the truth.

An American doctor tried to train Ukrainian soldiers how to do first aid and had planned to give her graduates first aid kits. Her truckloads of kits were stolen and sold on the Ukrainian version of EBAY. A commander in a territorial brigade did not have sufficient weapons for his men. Prior to the war, Ukrainian generals had sold 80% of all their machine guns and RPGs stored in warehouses on the black market. Plane loads of NATO weapons are being taken overseas and sold to drug cartels, terrorists and Third World dictators. CBS said maybe 30% of the weapons we give the Ukrainians gets to the frontlines. American weapons are for sale on the Dark Net.

Two weeks ago a leaked memo from the Ukrainian Minister of Defense said that they had 191,000 casualties and 95,000 missing, either taken prisoner or desertion. A southern commander said more recently that they had 200,000 casualties. They are drafting men up to age 70, giving them a few hours training and sending them off to face the Russians who are firing from 50,000 to 60,000 artillery shells a day.

The Ukrainians have threatened to arrest any soldier who complains about those NATO Wonder Weapons, especially the ones from America. HIMARS has 6 multiple launch tubes. Compare it to the Tornado which has 12, a range 50% further and double the payload. The HIMARS and the M777 are not designed to kill the enemy. They are designed to fleece the US taxpayers. First you pay more than $5 million and then after less than a day’s combat you have to have a technician repair it for a substantial fee.

The Pentagon has had more than $30 trillion go “Missing.” Robbing the taxpayers is the primary concern of the criminal enterprise otherwise known as the federal government. That is why Putin is deploying a Mach 10 cruise missile and America still has a sub-sonic relic.

On September 11th a referendum will be held in the Donbass. They will vote to join the Russian Federation. At that point, Putin can legally send 120,000 conscripts to the Donbass as it will be part of the same Federation. They can stay in safe positions. They will free up his seasoned troops to encircle Odessa in the south and Kharkov in the north. He has to do that before the snow makes everything almost impossible.

The Russian Duma (parliament) has a motion before it to declare the Ukraine to be a terrorist state. When it passes, they can cut off all natural gas to Germany. If Germany goes, the European Union goes. When, not if, the euro dies, then everyone holding euros will get paid in the currency of the originating nation. Europe will be a mess. BRICS will take over for the US, the UK, Europe and Japan. At least Australia and New Zealand have natural resources and the Europeans and the Japanese have factories. America has nothing and is way over populated. If we are lucky 10 million or more immigrants will return home. That will lower rents and create job openings.

Also, if the Duma passes the legislation declaring the Ukraine to be a terrorist state, then the Russians can attack any building occupied by the Ukrainian government including the SBU (Intelligence Service) and the military. Cruise missiles will do nicely in most cases. But the Kinzhal has potential though it might be cheaper to fire off some Iskander missiles.

Read what Wikipedia says of the Kinzhal. Because it flies at hypersonic speeds within the atmosphere, the air pressure in front of it forms a plasma cloud as it moves, absorbing radio waves (plasma stealth).

The high speed of the Kinzhal gives it better target-penetration characteristics than lighter, slower cruise-missiles. With advanced maneuvering capabilities, high precision and hypersonic speed, some sources give it the name “carrier killer” due to its alleged ability to disable and possibly even sink a 100,000 ton supercarrier with a single strike. With a mass of 2,000 kg (4,400 lb) and a speed of Mach 12 (including 500 kg warhead and the other parts of the missile), the Kinzhal has more than 16.9 gigajoules of kinetic energy or the equivalent of 4,000 kg of TNT. A few blasts from the Kinzhal and 100 plus from the cruise missiles and a few Iskanders will change the tune of Ukrainians who tell their soldiers to commit atrocities so they will be forced to fight to their deaths instead of facing a Russian military tribunal.

I assume you are aware of the Guardian report that 7.1 million Americans own 40 or more guns and have 100,000 plus bullets. America might not run the world ever again but at lest we will have fun on the home front.

I expect to lose a lot of people who took the Pfizer or Moderna shots. Our healthcare system will collapse. But even after a substantial die off America will still be over populated.

Take care and plan accordingly. We do not have a lot of time until the end.


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