The present struggle against the Federal Reserve and the Empire

Sergei Glaziev

Sergey Glazyev: For those who still don’t understand (The Saker)

Translation: The hanging of Hussein was broadcast on all world TV channels in 2006. The death of Colonel Gaddafi, torn to pieces by the crowd, was also broadcast on all TV channels of the world in 2011. Why do you think this is shown to the whole world? This is a demonstration execution so that all countries can see what will happen to those who want to leave the American financial system.

The US Federal Reserve System (in other words, the US Central Bank) is a private organization owned by 20 private US banks. This is their main business – to print the world’s money. To achieve this, the current owners of the Fed have spent a lot of time – decades, centuries, to be exact – and effort – here: World War 1, the coup in Russia in February 1917, and then World War 2 and the Bretton Woods agreements, etc. d. and, of course, the very creation of the Fed in 1907. The Federal Reserve System is a very smart, gigantic in volume and scale financial pyramid scheme.

One thing must be understood here – humanity is dealing with a brilliant, incredibly strong and ruthless group of people who have built the structure of the world in which we live. Their conceptual apparatus does not take into account such concepts as “humanism”, “kindness”, “compassion”, etc. The main thing is numbers, the main thing is profit, the main thing is the arithmetic of transactions. In a situation where it is necessary to destroy people, but make a big profit, there is no particular doubt for them what to do. In their own interests, they can level cities with the ground along with civilians. For them, the only truly meaningful result can only be profit.

And now Russia has challenged them. And the whole world is waiting for how it all ends. If Russia wins, the American financial system will lose half of the planet, China, India will also get out of the influence of the US Federal Reserve. But, for now, there is a deadly fight. We must win otherwise we will be destroyed.

Judging by the decisions being made at the highest level, everything in Russia has been calculated now. So don’t panic comrades! Yes, it will be difficult for 1-3 years, yes, there is still a lot of mess, prices will rise, some factories will stop, but soon such a powerful development of Russia will begin, which the world has not seen yet! But before building cities, for example, in Siberia, it is necessary to resolve the issues of the country’s security. Near our borders for decades, remove the main military threats, move the NATO military infrastructure away from our borders, this is what the Russian Army is doing now! Only forward! Our ancestors won and we will win!

I APPEAL TO REAL RUSSIANS WHO REALLY LOVES THEIR HOMELAND! Putin V.V. removes Russia from the influence of America and Europe. Himself out of the influence of the oligarchs. The process is underway. This does not suit the West. This does not suit some people in our country. Putin has many enemies. A coup d’état is being prepared. The overthrow of Putin is being prepared. America spares no expense for this, and there are people in the country who are ready to do it. Now RUSSIA is conducting an information war against Russia and against Putin. Part of this war is a deliberate attempt to create a negative attitude among Russians about what is happening in the country. Cause dissatisfaction with Putin’s policies. A dissatisfied people will more willingly support the coup. How do coups d’état and the overthrow of presidents end. we already know. A recent example is Ukraine. Maidan just wanted to change the president, and as a result, the whole country “Maidan” We have a choice. Support the president of RUSSIA, preserve the state, preserve peace and stability, defend the sovereignty and independence of RUSSIA. This is the main thing now.

The situation is very acute. We stand, and life will begin to change for the better. Then we will also remember about salaries, pensions, about thieves and about everything that has interfered and is preventing us from living a good life in recent decades. Be vigilant Russians! Let’s not “promide” our Motherland! Our children will be grateful to us later, they will say thank you!

Now it is not necessary to sow discord, but pray for our Motherland and our President!

Sergei Glaziev
Telegram channel

P.S.: Who agrees, please send to groups and support our president!

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