MUST WATCH: Ernst Wolff - Uncovering the Corona Narrative - Aug 2021

Ernst Wolff / John Waters

‘All of these deeply destructive developments with which we are living and having to suffer under are enough to freeze the blood in the veins of any normal thinking and feeling person.’

‘The agenda that is being followed here is obviously not only planned, but also can hardly be surpassed in terms of evil and deceitfulness. Who would ever have suspected that, under the guise of protecting mankind from the effects of a disease, the world economy would be driven to a total collapse? To take away people’s freedom to travel, their rights of association and free speech, and freedom to express opinions, and in addition to condemn more than 100 million people to starvation, and all this allegedly “for their own protection”?’

John Waters: 'A Carefully Prepared Apocalypse' – Once more I have decided to deviate from my usual policy of publishing only self-authored material. I have done this before but never with such conviction as to the importance of what I relayed as I possess now, having watched this remarkable and moving speech by the German financial and economics writer Ernst Wolff.

The speech contained in this video was delivered by Ernst Wolff on August 24th 2021. Wolff is a German author and journalist, whose expertise lies in the global financial and monetary system. This may be the most vital, cogent and succinct description you will encounter of the situation that has gripped the world since March 2020. He speaks in German, but there is an excellent simultaneous translation into English provided via subtitles.

Some of what he says has been said before; some of it is common knowledge, though dismissed by paid shills and liars as ‘conspiracy theory’. Wolff takes us on a short, informal but informative tour of the meanings of the events of the past 18 months, and spells out the scale of our betrayal by our political leaders and supposed watchdogs. What he says is shocking, disturbing but ultimately hopeful. Above all, what he says need to be heard and understood by any human person laying claim to sentience at this unprecedented moment. The speech is relatively short — some 36 minutes — but it is packed with understanding not merely of the manufacture of the current health hoax but of the true reasons for this and the implications for our economies, lives and freedoms in the coming times. His tone is sober and direct. He does not pull his punches. But at the end he explains why he believes this attempt to enslave the human race and plunder its wealth and resources will fail.

Ernst Wolff (b. 1950, in Southeast Asia) is a German author and journalist, whose expertise lies in the global financial and monetary systems. His persistent focus over many years has been on providing criticism of the global financial and monetary system , especially the role of the IMF, the World Bank, the Federal Reserve, the Bretton Woods system and the worldwide fiat money systems. He has been vocal on the dangers and undertows of the Covid deception since March 2020.

His books, which were mainly published by Tectum-Wissenschaftsverlag, deal with the mutual relations between politics and economy, in particular with the monetary and financial economy and with the role of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). World Power IMF was on Spiegel's bestseller list for books in the field of economics. His 2017 book, Financial Tsunami, was a number one bestseller in the field of economics.

Wolff publishes articles in online magazines such as telepolis and Rubikon as well as in political blogs. He produces video programs with KenFM, such as the series The Wolff of Wall Street, with (, nuoviso and other YouTube channels. He is also listed as an author at Sputnik News and has been interviewed by RT Deutsch as a business journalist. He also published articles in Contra magazine, and on, the German Business News.

He has worked in a variety of professions, including as a journalist, interpreter and screenwriter.

In the Foreword to The Financial Tsunami, Wolff presents his basic understanding of the underlying and deceptive effects of the financial industry:

‘Largely unnoticed by the public, the financial industry has become the most powerful and all-important factor on our planet.’

Wolff's declared intention is, by his work, to enable ‘the people who live from their work to wrest control of the world from the financial industry and to take matters into their own hands in order to benefit future generations, to enable justice to be shaped, non-violent and humane.’

He has tried to answer the question as to why the financial markets seem to have become the measure of all things. He maintains that the financial industry used the Bretton Woods system to create a system that was tailored to the US dollar, and discriminated against all other currencies in the world. After two world wars, the financial institutions of Wall Street, which had risen to the status of world power through war lending, took over global leadership. At the Bretton Woods conference in 1944, politicians launched a monetary system ‘which was completely tailored to the needs of Wall Street and subjected the entire world to the rule of the US dollar.’

Wolff is of the opinion that even in the ‘near crash of the global financial system’ in 2008, no effective measure was taken to end these excesses and undesirable developments, rendering the present situation all but inevitable. He maintains that politics has a peculiar logic according to which the financial markets, like the weather, are withdrawn from the will of the people. Wolff considers this to be a conscious concealment of reality, mainly effected by the media.

These forces and trends have come to their apocalyptic culmination in what the World Bank calls the ‘Covid Project’. Ernst Wolff calls it ‘a carefully prepared apocalypse’.

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