The most powerful woman in the world

Forbes magazine can always be relied on for a good laugh. In their latest edition they are telling us that Michelle Obama was the most powerful woman in the world. Hilarious! Implied in Forbes' choice is the long debunked myth that a U.S. president was a powerful man. Sure, Obama is nominally the head of state of the biggest and most heavily armed economy, but that doesn't give him any real power. Nobody becomes U.S. president without prostituting himself to the crime dynasties that run this planet. And - as the examples of Kennedy and Nixon show - nobody stays U.S. president, without religiously adhering to the script provided to him.

No, if Forbes was serious about finding the most powerful woman in the world, they wouldn't have looked for her in America, but in England. Try the world's richest woman and biggest landowner, commander of the armed forces, head of church, head of state, unrestrained by constitution, let alone constitutional court. How more powerful does it get?

The professional liars in British academia, media and politics are trying to sell us the hoax that the Queen of England was only a ceremonial head of state and that the real power lied with parliament and Prime Minister. Mind you, even the Prime Minister himself humbly admits that he is only 'her Majesty's faithful servant' and it's the Queen who appoints and dismisses him at her sole discretion. Anybody who believes that these were just empty phrases rather than powerful symbols is sadly mistaken. All that nonsense about tradition is just a smokescreen. The only thing that restrains the Queen is public opinion. And who controls public opinion? The media. Who controls the media? The big banks. Who controls the big banks? The ruling elite. Who heads the ruling elite? Bingo!!!

The only reason why the 300 odd intermarried crime dynasties that own and control this planet are bothering to maintain the democracy hoax is because it makes it easier for them to exploit us. They know from centuries of experience that the most productive slaves are those who don't realise that they are slaves. Fortunately, the Internet is rapidly changing that. More and more people are awakening to the fact that the world as we know it is just a big fat lie. In that sense, the Internet has proven to be a two-sided sword. On the one hand it gives our parasitic crime families unrestricted access to personal information via NSA backdoors to our personal computers, facebook accounts, google history etc. On the other hand it provides all of us with unprecedented knowledge of their antiques.

Given the fact that our self-chosen rulers have a policy of employing some of the brightest people that walk this planet, I'd be surprised if they had not foreseen the awakening resulting from the Internet. They probably think that it doesn't matter. Most people only care about their career and their share of the loot. They are happy with the privileges their complicity provides. Crime pays. They refuse to look behind the smoke and mirrors, because they are afraid of facing the truth. It's not just the cognitive dissonance they are trying to avoid, being confronted with their own share of guilt. It's the fear of committing career and social suicide by being suspected of harbouring doubts in the official version of the truth.

My message to all those mild-mannered monsters and soft-spoken psychopaths that run this planet is this: We know who you are and one day we will get you. There are plenty of lamp posts out there, and I know just the one that is right for you.


Thanks to The Truth Seeker


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