The Bridge


Have you ever been isolated? Lied to? Betrayed?

While you thought you were dealing with loyalty and affection–instead you were staring at a mask of sanity invented to hide deceit.

Then you have known a Sociopath. You have known THE DEVOID. You have seen THE HOLLOW.

There are few things more repulsive, or more difficult, for sentient people to understand.

Deep at their core, The Devoid are not capable of feeling anything beyond their own needs. Even love for their own children is a pathology, born of self-admiration. In their children, they see only themselves, and so their children are raised to become Finger Puppets on a mission, mirror images of parents who have no empathy beyond their own self-admiration.

The children of The Devoid have jobs before they are born.

There is nothing they will not do.

Instead of seeing a world filled with wonder, and with people worth knowing, they see fish in a tank.

They see human fish to be preyed upon, used or robbed, intimidated or exploited. The Devoid believe they have the right to do what they want, and to take what they can, by employing the power of second sight–for without true emotions to drive them they are able to sense even the smallest emotional weakness in the way reptiles smell meat.

They are real. They are among you. They are always in the hunt.

As with reptiles, there is no fairness, no doubt, no compassion and no true affection. This is the key to their lives. They become expert actors who can pretend otherwise, when they are not capable of loyalty, shame or guilt. They have no lasting close relationships unless an individual is perceived as an “appliance” with something to offer.

Just like reptiles–they will attack their own if it pleases their self-interests.

If this sounds too familiar, then this site will be able to help you in the future, for it is about a special type of Sociopath known as a “Cukor”–a classic Investigator term coined from the movie GASLIGHT,” which George Cukor directed in 1944. A young woman is made to feel she’s going insane by a Devoid who engineers gaslights to dim in a menacing house. She is told that she is seeing things. Since the film’s release, the term “Gaslighted” has been widely used to describe the targeting, or target, of such Sociopathic Devoid predators.

If you have read this far, and think you are seeing things–the odds are you have been, or are being, Gaslighted. You will know because the only things such Sociopaths leave behind is heartbreak, confusion, decay, ruin.

But only if you let them.

As the weeks and months unfold, you will be able to learn through experiences related here how such Sociopaths work–who they are, how to spot them–and most important–how to stop them. This site has been reserved for the True Story of those targeted by a family of Devoids.

Learn who they are.

Learn who they have dishonored, and learn who they have tried to prey upon.

Watch as they are stopped by a skilled professional, and read the official court testimony and depositions that will be forced upon them.

As the great Psychiatrist Hervey Cleckley, M.D., commented in 1941, being Gaslighted by a Sociopath is akin to standing alone on a misty bridge in the darkness, lost in an unknown city without a friend in the world.

Stay with us. There is no need to cross that bridge alone.

Here is the home where I was raised, and yet I had to forge a key to enter.

It was dark but I walked in.

It is darker, and I walk in.

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤



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