Syria - UN Report - 25 questions

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Question 1: Why was the news of the chemical attack posted before the attack took place?

Question 2: Were the weapons home-made or were they produced in a factory?

Question 3: If the Iranians told the USA in 2012 that terrorists operating in Syria had chemical weapons, why did US Secretary of State John Kerry say they did not and why would it be outside the realms of possibility for them to have deployed such weaponry in Ghouta?

Question 4: Why would the Syrian Armed Forces have deployed such weaponry in an area where their own forces were massing on the eve of a UN inspection?

Question 5: Why was the first video to be released (Amer Mosa), which claimed to be a recording of the attack, showing the terrorists operating in Syria firing rockets at Government positions?

Question 6: Why does the date of the said video antecede the attack and how can its title referring to chemical weapons be taken seriously if the video was released before the attack took place?

Major Media Liars Never Quit

Stephen Lendman

"How many times was Khamis (Gaddafi) killed?" Still believed to be alive, he's now a legend. "Killed by NATO five times, and resurrected," he symbolizes loyalist resistance.

Whenever major media Libya reports appear, truth is distorted, manipulated and falsified. For seven months, despite daily terror bombing and ground attacks, courageous loyalists bested the ferocity of NATO and its rebel army.

As a result, they control most of Tripoli, Benghazi and other cities across the country. Fighting, however, still rages. Loyalists are holding their own. They're determined to liberate Libya, live free and rebuild.

NATO ravaged widespread areas, willfully targeting civilians and sites unrelated to military necessity. They include hospitals, schools, residential neighborhoods, and at times anything that moves.

Loyalist victories are called NATO ones. On October 17, bogus reports again said Bani Walid fell. New York Times writer Rick Gladstone headlined, "Pro-Qaddafi Enclave in Desert Is Said to Fall After a Battle," saying:

"Libyan forces (read cutthroat mercenaries) fighting the vestiges of (Gaddadi's) toppled government said Monday that (they) were in control of Bani Walid," south of Tripoli.

Claiming it and Sirte are "the last holdouts of pro-Qaddafi resistance," completely ignores reality as loyalists control most of Libya.

Despite years of more credible reporting, Al Jazeera now functions mainly as Qatar's propaganda arm. On October 18, it headlined, "Libyan fighters claim capture of Bani Walid," saying,

"NTC military commanders....said they captured about 95 per cent of" the city."

Al Jazeera's Tony Birtley is a notorious liar, saying:

"We are very much in the center of Bani Walid. (Rebels) came through here just over an hour ago and they are saying this is an almost complete liberation of the town." "The gunfire of celebration is ringing out and they are going completely crazy here because they know this (will) send a very clear message to those pro-Gaddafi elements who are still holding out in Sirte. Basically, there is nowhere left to go."

At least Times reporter Gladstone explained that other claimed TNC victories "proved overly optimistic." In fact, they were willfully falsified. Media scoundrels, including The Times and Al Jazeera, reported them like gospel.

The lesson from Sirte: NATO protects civilians from terrorists by murdering them

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Sirte must go down in history as one of the world's epic tales of heroism and bravery, the tremendous resistance of a handful of courageous and resolute warriors standing fast against the hordes of sheer evil, cowards cowering behind a relentless and inhuman NATO bombing campaign, strafing civilians and soldiers alike in support of terrorists.

The lesson from Sirte must go down in the annals of the collective identity of humankind as a classic and historic tale of resilience and virtue and determination, the fight to survive against the most tremendous odds - a handful of loyalists and Libyan Patriots standing fast against marauding gangs of cowards and traitors, foreign mercenaries, looters, rapists, murderers, torturers and terrorists which the TNC have revealed themselves to be throughout months of horrific human rights outrages.

The lesson from Sirte is an example in quite how low an evil invasion force - NATO - can become, for several reasons. How it can use military hardware to strafe anything that moves, how it can bomb civilian structures, how it can mow down Libyan heroes defending their homeland against foreigners and defending their homes and families against terrorists and rapists. It also shows up the connivance between NATO and Islamist terrorists (yet again visible since Afghanistan, since Kosovo, since Iraq) and it shows the callous cold-blooded disregard for human life demonstrated by a faceless and grey organization which thinks nothing of signing up desperate young men from across the Arab world, and beyond, and sending them to their deaths for a sign-on fee of 10,000 USD.

UN has no authority to pass Resolutions on Libya

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Photo: Abdul Ilah Khatib, UN special envoy for Libya (L) and UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon. Mr. Khatib reported to the UN Security Council that a solution 'lies with the Libyan people themselves.' Mr. Ban apparently disagreed...

The United Nations Organization is no more or less than an umbrella for humanitarian intervention after disasters and catastrophes, a forum for discussion of issues pertaining to cultural heritage and a useful tool to channel developmental approaches. As a law-making body, the Libya Question has shown that the Organization has lost all legitimacy.

The people of the world community are not stupid. Those who still believe the biased and controlled media (certainly very few after the Libya Question) may be duped but these days, despite draconian measures and sinister and criminal acts of cyber terrorism, hacking, blocking access to independent media resources and threats, people have the means at their disposal to get themselves informed.

This is not a cause, it is a victory for those of us who have fought for an independent media over the last decade. Like all victories, it must be protected and its legacy cherished and the second we allow freedom of expression to slip, we have lost the battle and reactionary forces will sweep things back to where they used to be. There, is, however, another cause and that is an international justice system whereby the rules of international law apply and are enforced with the same set of weights and measures on all, and this means NATO as well as African countries or Serbia. This means respect for the law, it means respecting the terms of international agreements and conventions and it means accountability for all when such terms are violated.

On September 15, 2011, this is not the case. For those in the world community who accept that laws are made to be broken and accept that the law of the jungle should be applied, where the strongest bullies the rest by force, then do not bother reading on, just scroll down to the note at the end. Others who want a civilised world where criminals are held accountable, please read on.

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