Believe It or Not, Russia Has Already Won

Phil Butler

“I understood why we won the Great Patriotic War. It is impossible to defeat this kind of nation with this kind of attitude. We were absolutely invincible. And we are the same now.” V.V. Putin

As the Ukraine conflict disappears from the world’s collective conscience, now is a good time to strive for truth in a truthless maze of misinformation. Russia’s defensive move to counter an ever-encroaching NATO has made headlines for almost two years. But the biggest battles have raged in an insurmountable war of lies. At the end of the day, the victors in this conflict, as is always the case, are revealed on the battlefield. With Israel eradicating Palestinians as if they were insects and Ukraine virtually destroyed, it’s almost as if the whole Gaza affair was orchestrated to make us forget the hundreds of thousands killed and the millions displaced in the Western alliance’s biggest promised land.

A Picture of a Thousand Lies – As I type this, I am looking at two recent photographs used to reflect the real situation in Russia’s demilitarisation of Ukraine. The first is by a famous photographer named Evgeniy Maloletka, who supposedly shows hundreds of Russian casualties at Stepove, a village on the battlefront just north of Avdiivka. The second photo is from Reuters photographer Vitalii Hnidyi, showing hundreds of recently buried Ukraine soldiers and new graves dug to accommodate more.

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