Un-Merry Christmas for me!

Nahida Izzat,
Exiled Palestinian

Blessed Christmas and heartfelt wishes to you all dear beloved friends.

It saddens me to say that Christmas for me, has always been a very sad time never a time of joy, but this year the sadness is particularly overwhelming.

Through out my adult life I have watched people around me celebrate the birth of the Palestinian man of peace, who came with the message of peace, in the land of peace, while turning a blind eye to the perpetual crimes committed against him, and against the land of his birth; his homeland has been destroyed, his people dispossessed, maimed and murdered, his message desecrated and trampled on, year after year, decade after decade, without an end in sight.

I am still unable to reconcile the breathtaking beauty of his message with the unimaginable cruelty, complicity or apathy of many his followers.

I still remember weeping often during my children and grandchildren nativities plays, hearing children cheering for Jerusalem or singing Bethlehem, while children of Jerusalem and Bethlehem are shot, bombed and torn to pieces. Often it felt like either I landed on the wrong planet or I'm living in a parallel universe, no one to talk to and no one even notices my distress and grief, no one cared to ask.

What kept me going is the knowing that if this beloved bighearted rebel, Jesus peace be upon him, was here today, he would be part of our Palestinian resistance.

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