The resurrection of Russia and the multipolar world prevented the New World Order

Cesare Sacchetti

There was a time when Russia was not even a State. At least, it was not a national State in the real sense of this word. Its government had no power to enforce its laws and other actors dominated the scene. This was the time of the 90s. If we were to speak with some Russians who lived at that time in the country, they would surely tell us what kind of living hell Russia was then.

The collapse of the Berlin wall was a disaster because it dismantled the Soviet blockade and created a political vacuum. A political vacuum that was filled by foreign powers such as the US deep state along with the infamous Russian oligarchs, who happen to be quite often Ashkenazi Jews.

These oligarchs allowed Russia to be ruled by the worst kind of people, including mobsters, human smugglers and drug dealers. All these elements were the de facto government of Russia at that time. At this point, we need to stress some facts before continuing our analysis. We are certainly not nostalgic of the Soviet era.

How Wall Street created the USSR – The USSR was a creation of the Anglo-Saxon financial world and it was conceived to spread communism throughout the world and also to get rid of the ancient Russian tsarist tradition, which embraced Christian values.

The real story of the birth of the USSR is not told in the history books because it would disturb the liberal narrative. For instance, we do not read in the history books, at least the ones that we study at school, that Trotsky went to New York to plan his revolution in 1917 and we do not read that in this city he received funding by the local powerful and wealthy banks.

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