Unable to Defeat Palestinian Resistance, Israeli Regime Intensifies Killing and Torturing Children

Finian Cunningham

Locking children up and threatening their families with punishment if they show the slightest emotion is the dirtiest terror tactic.

Despite Western media’s systematic attempts to normalize Israeli state terrorism, it is inescapably evident even from their distorted lens just how wicked the Netanyahu regime is.

All Palestinians released so far in hostage exchanges by the Israeli regime are women and children. Women and children! Why were they even in detention in the first place? What sort of despotic regime does that?

One that is supported to the hilt, militarily and diplomatically, by the United States and other Western governments. So much for “Western Values”.

And for all their valiant attempts to cover up for outrageous war crimes, the Western media can only be seen to be contemptible laundromats washing the blood away. They are as complicit in this sickening genocide as the U.S. and European governments are. The BBC and CNN, etc, are the most trusted news sources, according to their advertising. Yes, the most trusted to make you throw up.

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