'Israel’s' war on Gaza: War of ethnic cleansing

Jamal Kanj

"Rolling out" the Nakba, or human-made catastrophe, can neither be achieved without inducing flight and instill fear among the civilian population, nor without a cover-up and Israeli exception to international law.

In the battle of his political life, Benjamin Netanyahu has nothing to lose. He could, however, gain vainglory and self-exaltation by murdering as many Palestinians as possible to satisfy the unquenchable vengeful Israeli culture. A crime catapulted by Western leaders who rallied behind Netanyahu in the aftermath of the prisoners’ revolt against the posts guarding the largest open-air prison on earth.

The embrace of Netanyahu by Western leaders has granted the bona fide pathological liar unchecked authority to carpet-bomb civilian centers, target hospitals, and orchestrate the evacuation of northern Gaza to complete the ethnic cleansing of historical Palestine.

In a disturbing parallel to the 1948 Zionist-led massacres that marked the initial ethnic cleansing of Palestine, Israeli forces committed further atrocities in northern Gaza this week. Two of which targeted thousands of displaced refugees seeking protection at the al-Fakhura UN school, and another at an evacuation center in Tel al-Zataar neighborhood.

The deliberate targeting of evacuation centers and hospitals where civilians sought shelter in northern Gaza is part of "Israel’s" terror strategy to intensify the forceful evacuation of residents from their neighborhoods. Let’s not forget that those who heeded Israeli directions and moved south found themselves facing the same danger. Dozens lost their lives on the highways, and others were killed upon reaching the ostensibly "safer" shelters.

"Israel" is ensuring that no place in all of Gaza remains safe, a troubling reality reflected in the fact that 43% of civilians killed in the Strip are in the so-called "safer" south.

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