Gaza – Hidden Truths

Dr Vernon Coleman

The war in Gaza is our war. But if you’re American or British then you are clearly supporting the wrong side in the war. Your government is complicit in the worst genocide in living memory; a ruthless territorial grab and brutal ethnic cleansing disguised as revenge killing.

At the United Nations, thirteen nations voted to demand a cease fire – to stop the Israelis continuing their slaughter of babies and children and old people in Gaza.

Two countries did not vote for peace. The United States of America, under Biden, vetoed the vote – which means they voted to allow Israel to continue the slaughter. What’s the difference between supporting Israel’s genocide and supporting Germany during the Second World War? If there is a difference I cannot see it.

A genocide is a genocide is a genocide is a genocide is a genocide.

Biden effectively said to Israel: `It’s OK to kill as many children as you like. Here are some bullets and bombs which you can use.’

The United Kingdom, under Sunak, sat on the fence and abstained. In practice this means that Sunak also said `Carry on Murdering’. Sunak, like war criminal Blair, is an American poodle. He barks when he’s told to bark. And he does nothing when he is told to do nothing.

As I predicted at the start of the Iraq war, Blair became very rich. What’s Sunak’s price? Whatever it is, the result is that Britain has stamped the genocide with Sunak’s seal of approval. This is the worst, most cold-blooded war crime in modern history, and Sunak has turned his back on decency, com-passion and honour. Why I am not surprised.

Israel, as some brave Jews now agree, has weaponised the `holocaust’ and uses history as its perennial get out of jail free card. Netanyahu and the Zionists seem to think that history gives them special rights – and entitles them to behave contrary to human, moral and criminal laws.

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