The present struggle against the Federal Reserve and the Empire

Sergei Glaziev

Sergey Glazyev: For those who still don’t understand (The Saker)

Translation: The hanging of Hussein was broadcast on all world TV channels in 2006. The death of Colonel Gaddafi, torn to pieces by the crowd, was also broadcast on all TV channels of the world in 2011. Why do you think this is shown to the whole world? This is a demonstration execution so that all countries can see what will happen to those who want to leave the American financial system.

The US Federal Reserve System (in other words, the US Central Bank) is a private organization owned by 20 private US banks. This is their main business – to print the world’s money. To achieve this, the current owners of the Fed have spent a lot of time – decades, centuries, to be exact – and effort – here: World War 1, the coup in Russia in February 1917, and then World War 2 and the Bretton Woods agreements, etc. d. and, of course, the very creation of the Fed in 1907. The Federal Reserve System is a very smart, gigantic in volume and scale financial pyramid scheme.

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