What I believe about COVID

Denis G. Rancourt, PhD


Researcher, Ontario Civil Liberties Association (ocla.ca)
Member scientist, PANDA (pandata.org)
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Opinion/Belief (not submitted for journal publication)
This is purely my personal beliefs. I do not speak on behalf of OCLA or PANDA.

At this time, I hold the following beliefs about COVID:

In 2020, no respiratory disease virus or viruses (the postulated SARS-CoV-2 included) caused any anomaly (total     or incremental) in all-cause mortality.
All-cause mortality by month, week or day has the clear signature of localized mass deaths caused by the     measures purportedly intended to reduce transmission (response-induced deaths).

Honneur aux résistants !


Le plus révoltant, dans le drame palestinien, c’est, bien sûr, la brutalité de l’occupant, sa morgue coloniale, son mépris pour la vie des autres, son aplomb dans le meurtre, son arrogance de vainqueur à la victoire facile, sa bonne conscience lorsqu’il appuie sur la gâchette, sa lâcheté lorsqu’il assassine des civils, son accoutumance au crime.

Mais c’est aussi cette mauvaise foi abyssale, cette hypocrisie de l’agresseur qui joue à l’agressé, ce mensonge qui sort de sa bouche lorsqu’il prétend se défendre, lorsqu’il condamne le terrorisme, lorsqu’il ose invoquer la légitime défense, lorsqu’il parle d’antisémitisme.

Des terroristes, les combattants palestiniens ? Non, ce sont des résistants, des vrais, de ceux qui se battent pour la patrie, pour la terre de leurs ancêtres, pour vivre en paix, un jour, dans cette Palestine dont l’envahisseur veut les spolier, pour cette Palestine dont l’État-colon se croit dépositaire, alors qu’il n’est qu’un occupant illégitime, un usurpateur.

La légitime défense d’Israël ? Soyons sérieux : la seule légitime défense qui vaille, c’est celle du peuple palestinien, pas celle de la soldatesque coloniale ; celle de l’occupé qui résiste, pas celle de l’occupant qui opprime. Des résistants qui ont raison de se battre, et qui savent que si l’honneur est de leur côté, le déshonneur est dans le camp adverse.

Abp. Viganò offers considerations on the Great Reset

Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

It is our duty to uncover the Great Reset's deception, because the same deception may be attributed to all the other assaults that have sought to nullify the work of Redemption and establish the tyranny of the Antichrist.

I offer heartfelt thanks to dear Professor Massimo Viglione, who wanted to invite me to take part — remotely so to speak — in the conference he has organized as President of the Confederation of the Triarii. I also extend my warmest greetings to each of the illustrious participants in this event. Please allow me to express to you my profound esteem and my fervent thanks for your courageous testimony, for the enlightening contributions and the tireless commitment you have not ceased to display in the most pressing and incisive way, beginning in February of last year. I encourage you not to retreat and not to disarm in this deadly battle that we are called to fight in this fatal hour of history as never before.“Be strengthened in the Lord and in the might of his power. Clothe yourselves in the armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the deceits of the devil. Our battle is not against flesh and blood but against the Principalities and Powers, against the rulers of this world of darkness, against the spirits of evil that dwell in the high places. Take up therefore the armor of God, so that you may be able to resist on the day of evil and remain standing after having endured all trials” (Eph 6:10-13). The brief reflection I am about to offer you is in some manner a shortened preview of my presentation at the Venice Summit which will take place on May 30, organized by Professor Francesco Lamendola, in which some of you will participate.

The Netanyahu Regime’s Diabolical Reign of Terror

Stephen Lendman

What’s going on in Gaza and throughout the Occupied Territories is all about inflicting maximum pain, suffering, misery, mass slaughter and destruction — with no end of it in prospect.

Like its predecessors, the Netanyahu regime is guilty of high crimes of war, against humanity, and slow-motion genocide against millions of Palestinians.

Through around midday May 15, over 150 Palestinians have been massacred in cold blood, including around a dozen in the West Bank and East Jerusalem — women and children among them.

Around 3,300 others were wounded, many seriously, throughout the Territories, according to the Palestine Red Crescent Society. The destruction, death and injury toll continues to rise exponentially as long Israeli terror-bombing, shelling, and rampaging on the ground go on unchecked. Numbers of missing Palestinians are believed buried beneath rubble from Israeli terror-bombing. So far, most world community nations largely looked the other way — effectively supporting Israel’s reign of terror by not condemning it and demanding accountability.

Abp. Viganò on Fatima day: Supplication to the Most Holy Virgin Mary

Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

Feast day May 13: I exhort faithful Catholics to recite the Holy Rosary daily during this month dedicated to the Blessed Virgin, adding this supplication.

For over a year, the whole world has been held hostage by an elite that, under the pretext of the pandemic, intends to create the conditions for the Great Reset and the establishment of the New World Order. This latest revolution, planned by the enemies of God and the human race, is certainly an infernal work, and as such it must be combated by recourse to the spiritual weapons of prayer, fasting, and penance. I exhort faithful Catholics to recite the Holy Rosary daily during this month dedicated to the Blessed Virgin, adding this supplication. May the Mediatrix of All Graces, the Queen of Victories, assist us with her patronage in these moments of apostasy and grant us the virtue of Fortitude to resist evil and obtain the conversion of sinners. + Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

Why are we being lied to about Covid? There’s no good reason

Dr. Mike Yeadon

Former Pfizer VP: Truth is our most powerful tool. And the truth is that we’re being lied to. The truth also, however hard it is to believe it, is that there is unequivocal and clear evidence of planning and co-ordination. Not to face this fact is to have your head in the sand.

Be in no doubt, among the reasons that voices and opinions like mine are never heard in the main media is extreme censorship more suited to China than a liberal democracy. Please allow me to illustrate with an example close to my heart why it is high time for us to change our response.

Ivermectin is one of the WHO’s ‘essential drugs’ which all countries should have access to. It’s very cheap as its patent has long expired; it’s one of the most-used drugs in world history; it’s extraordinarily safe; it is often life-saving against parasitic infections. It is also one of the best-established pharmaceutical treatments for Covid-19, showing benefit in every stage of the disease, in multiple independent clinical trials of varying quality.

On January 3, 2021, Dr Tess Lawrie attempted to alert the Prime Minister to the potential of ivermectin. Her video here was pulled from YouTube within hours of posting, though it survives on Vimeo. [Ooops, no more] The paper by the FLCCC group of US intensivists (whose survival rates for severe Covid-19 are best in class) that was the inspiration for Dr Lawrie’s work was accepted after extensive open peer review (including two career employees of the FDA) and ‘provisionally accepted’ by the ‘open science’ journal Frontiers in Pharmacology. The screenshot of the abstract tweeted by Clare Craig shown here attracted more than 100,000 views. Then, mysteriously, it was rejected and pulled by the Frontiers editor in chief. It is still here in cached form though the Ministry of Truth has been at work and placed it in a memory hole, so no trace survives on Frontiers’ own website.

Vaccine Passports: It’s illegal, medical apartheid

Dr. Mike Yeadon

It is very important that people understand what is happening here.

The intention is to introduce vaccine passports everywhere. But this is a disguise.

It’s a world’s first digital common-format, globally-interoperable ID system with an editable health flag (vaccinated Y or N).

It makes no one safer. If you’re vaccinated, you’re protected & are not made safer by knowing others immune status.

As in Israel, you will be compelled to present a valid VaxPass in order to access defined facilities or access services. No VaxPass, you’re denied.

It’s war on Russia, and The West’s game plan for it is public


The West’s game plan for World War Three is public

Zbigniev Brzezinski’s mujahedin-creation to give Russia its own Vietnam was no isolated point, and Natalia Poklonskaya’s post that World War III has already begun is correct. Events show that the RAND Corporation’s planning is being used. You can access and read the entire document EXTENDING RUSSIA: Competing from advantageous Ground. But for now, you can use the RAND table of contents as a checklist.

Measure 1 Provide lethal aid to Ukraine
There will be no peace here. The simplest road to peace is for Ukraine to just stop bombing the Republics. But the whole point of the Special Envoy for Ukraine was that the Republics do not exist, and talking to them would only legitimize them. To see the implications, one need only suppose that King George III refused to talk to the American Colonies. You cannot make peace with people who don’t exist, but you can certainly keep right on killing them.

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