It’s war on Russia, and The West’s game plan for it is public

The West’s game plan for World War Three is public

Zbigniev Brzezinski’s mujahedin-creation to give Russia its own Vietnam was no isolated point, and Natalia Poklonskaya’s post that World War III has already begun is correct. Events show that the RAND Corporation’s planning is being used. You can access and read the entire document EXTENDING RUSSIA: Competing from advantageous Ground. But for now, you can use the RAND table of contents as a checklist.

Measure 1 Provide lethal aid to Ukraine
There will be no peace here. The simplest road to peace is for Ukraine to just stop bombing the Republics. But the whole point of the Special Envoy for Ukraine was that the Republics do not exist, and talking to them would only legitimize them. To see the implications, one need only suppose that King George III refused to talk to the American Colonies. You cannot make peace with people who don’t exist, but you can certainly keep right on killing them.

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