Will the Death of U.S. Hegemony Lead to Peace—Or World War III?

Interview with Prof. Jefferey Sachs

Israel right now is absolutely radicalized—extremist. Israel is killing tens of thousands of people and I'm proud that our students are saying, "No! Don't do that." China is not an enemy. Russia is not an enemy. We don't need these wars. They don't make us safer. They don't make us more prosperous.

And the American people sense it. What is told to us are lies and the public is protesting. And to keep to the lies, the government is cracking down. That's where we are. It's extremely dangerous.

Structurally the US security establishment is fighting for its hegemony and it could end up creating a World War. The US has starkly divided the world because the US has said, "You're with us or you're against us." China is not out to run the world. It's not out to dominate the United States. It's not out to invade the US. It's not out to hinder the United States.

The BRICS countries want a means of settlement that isn't the US dollar. That's mainly because of the weaponization of the dollar by the United States. The second factor is that the dollar itself may become unstable for the reasons that we were speaking about. A third factor is that there is lots of technological change so different ways to make settlements. The current settlement system goes through banks but in the future, it will go through digital currencies probably Central Bank digital currencies.

The US, on the other hand, resents Russia for being big and powerful. The US has a completely neurotic fixation on China. Why we are slipping towards World War III is that America's self-image as a hegemon is completely inconsistent with the ground reality. We do what we want and we expect others to do what we want. Structurally, the US security establishment is fighting for its hegemony and it could end up creating a World War.

Islamic countries are ready for peace. The Saudis don't want war, UAE doesn't want war, Egypt doesn't want war, Jordan doesn't want war, and Lebanon doesn't want war, but they want Palestine not to live under apartheid rule, or worse under genocide, which is what's happening in Gaza right now.

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