Commitments That NATO Has Failed. Why A Major War Is Possible

Vasilis Kapoulas (Βασίλης Καπούλας)

17 Dec 2021: Russia calls on US to stop NATO eastward expansion in draft security treaty (Source)

Russia Releases Secret Documents: "Which Commitments NATO Has Failed - Why A Major War Is Possible". In a pivotal moment, the Kremlin released recently declassified secret documents concerning the NATO-Russia agreement after the fall of the USSR and the talks up to 2000. These documents were shown on the Russian RT TV. You can watch the clip below.

Moscow gives a clear impression that Ukraine will only be the beginning if NATO does not compromise on fundamental issues [and] there is no return to the status quo of 1990! It raises three basic issues that NATO did not respect: Its non-expansion, its non-interference in the post-Soviet space, and the reduction of the number of troops in Europe (withdrawal of American forces – anti-missile bases in Romania-Poland, etc.) The non-compliance with these three conditions justifies, for example, an attack on Finland or the Baltic countries. Why there; Because after Ukraine, NATO through the Baltic countries directly threatens Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and Kaliningrad. So it is a cause of World War III.

"Which agreements NATO did not keep:" Saskia Taylor reveals to RT: 💬 When you make promises, you have to keep them. Unless you are NATO, then a promise is just a few words strung together! These documents, mostly redactions, describe the optimism with which the fledgling Russian state sat down at the table with the West in the early 1990s. Top US and NATO figures have courted the Kremlin with talk of reducing nuclear arms, promoting peacekeeping missions, joining councils together, and welcoming Russia into a New Europe from the Urals to the Atlantic. Cooperation, inclusion, peace, partnership. It was the dawn of a New Era... By and large NATO and the West went wild in making empty promises during the collapse of the Soviet Union to gain access to Russia's vast natural wealth. They said it was needed to assuage Moscow's concerns. Let's be clear: We were told no NATO expansion, no involvement in the post-Soviet space, and fewer troops in Europe.

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