Why No One Wants to Win Britain’s General Election

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc

Neither Labour nor the Conservatives want to win the coming General Election.

Sunak’s suicidal plan to reintroduce national service suggests that he’s already planning to move to the USA (where his tax bill will be lower).

And the woefully uncharismatic Starmer’s total lack of ideas, vision, and hope suggests that he doesn’t want to be sitting in No 10 either. I don’t blame them. The fact is that the money has run out.

No one under 55 is ever going to receive a pension unless they have a corporate or private pension, and many corporate pensions are vulnerable.

And politicians are talking about confiscating private pensions. No one under 55 working for a government or council can expect to receive the pension they think they’ve been promised and told to expect.

Most pensions, and all State pensions are Ponzi schemes, of course. They always have been.

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