France Launching an International Tribunal to Investigate Russia

Alexei Bobrovsky (Алексей Бобровский)

The French Foreign Ministry has announced that it is launching an international tribunal to investigate Russia's actions in Ukraine.

I strongly advise the Russian Foreign Ministry not to dismiss this French idiocy. It is only idiocy at first glance, but it will later be an argument in negotiations (there will be negotiations at some point). Apparently, they should not only be periodically reminded of their place in history (thanks to Stalin, for example, they are the victors in the Second World War), but also of their war crimes, just in case people forget about it.

Especially for those to whom the great and mighty gave the word "la Bérézina", which has become synonymous with the word "disaster", I remind you that in 2023 the second Russia-Africa forum will be held in St. Petersburg. In terms of the number of visiting heads of state, it is the most representative forum in the world, but that is not the point. What if the French remember everything? They do not forget in Africa.

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