The Government should be afraid because they are in the wrong

Neil Oliver

Here’s the thing: if we set a course for ourselves and back each other every step of the way, we will cross this ocean of darkness together, all the way to where we want to be.

People write to me every day to tell me they fear the future. People from all over the world, all ages, all walks of life. I say this: we should not be afraid.

If anyone should be afraid it is our government, the whole of parliament, the State and the Establishment. They should be afraid because they are in the wrong – doing wrong things and behaving unforgivably.

You can tell they are afraid by the way they keep doing more and more, faster and faster, to make the people poor, cold and hungry – also demoralised, anxious and fearful about the present, never mind the future. The fear felt by people around the world is the deliberate consequence of the actions of so-called leaders all across the West and beyond. I say again, we should not be afraid. Those plotting and working against us, against our interests both as individuals and as sovereign states, have no power and no money other than that which we, the people grant them.

More on #’The Noticing’

"Irish Savant"

[Urban Dictionary] The Noticing: "The realization, the revelation, the noticing that every single time, that it is those who cannot be named that are responsible or behind every bad company, movement and organization." - Ed.

So far so good, #The Noticing is still with us. The most recent manifestation has been Dave Chappelle’s appearance on SNL while Tucker Carlson did a hard-hitting piece on his show. The real mind-blowing thing for me so far has been the role of LLoyd Blankfein lookalike Harley Pasternak, a self-styled ‘personal trainer’ to the stars. You’ve probably seen the ultimatums he presented to Kanye West (Ye). The first was the offer of a friendly talk – under Pasternak’s conditions – while the other was the following: “Second option, I have you institutionalized again where they medicate the crap out of you, and you go back to Zombieland forever. Play date with the kids just won’t be the same.“ [My emphasis]

Just to be clear what this represents: A ‘personal trainer’ threatens probably the biggest musical star in the world with incarceration in a mental institution where he’d be zombefied with drugs forever.

Note the ‘again’. This original relates to events at a Ye concert shortly after Trump’s electoral victory where Ye got seriously out of line, praising traditional America, Trump and – shock horror – God and Christianity. He revealed how the music industry was really run, about how certain artists mysteriously skyrocketed to success while most of the talented languished. He drew a link between this success and the artists’ commitment to a degenerate lifestyle and art form. You can imagine how that went down with his Jewish handlers (and all his handlers were Jewish).

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