Ukraine: Elite conspiracy theory


A Short Comment by Xymphora

Most Americans don't care about Ukraine, or are even aware there is an issue, but the American elites are energized by the possibility of resumption of the Cold War. The 80s were the last time Americans felt good about themselves. Since then it has been a series of financially and morally ruinous Wars For The Jews under ZOG and the debilitating Israeli-created 'War On Terror'. Under the Cold War, Americans were always right and good, and the Soviets were plain evil. Under ZOG, Americans slip further and further into a moral malaise that seems impossible to escape.

So it is ironic that the coup in Ukraine was just another War For The Jews. The entertaining apparent irony of the Americans arming al-Qaeda in Syria while financing neo-Nazis in Ukraine teaches us something about the realities of power and propaganda, but behind the incongruities there were no real American goals to the coup. The point of the coup was to weaken the Russian position in the Middle East and embarrass Putin personally for his thwarting Zionist goals, both of which were goals of World Jewry (the Jew-controlled media provided the propaganda basis by attacking Putin for his country's position on homosexuality, and denigrating the very successful Sochi Olympics). The fallback position of World Jewry, even of they didn't inconvenience Putin at all, was to play up the neo-Nazi element and spray a few swastikas on synagogues to scare the 200,000 Jews in Ukraine to move to Israel.

Tymoshenko: Nuke 8 million Russians in Ukraine

Jim W. Dean

Image: Glorified Beyond Recognition. - Jewish Yulia Tymoshenko channeling Lilith, the evil female demon
in Jewish mythology (Babylonian Talmud).
(Feminine Strategies in Ukrainian Politics...and the Case of Yulia Tymoshenko) (Painting by Illia Panyok. Oksana Kis)

When the first phone intercept came out with Victoria Nuland's famous F-bomb we knew the Russian security people must be sitting on a mountain of them, and how interesting things could get if they released one a week.

We also knew that all the other European heads and military leaders would have to start thinking about calls they have made ending up on YouTube...ones they would regret.

Tymoshenko's PR people at first claimed the phone call intercept was faked. Later on her Twitter she admitted it was real. But she claimed the part about killing 8 million Russians was not that was only referring to 'Ukrainian Russians'. I guess that makes a big difference, especially if you are a one.

The pretty blond lady wants to kill, and she seems to have a big appetite. My editorial line early on in this Ukraine madness was a dual track one. First, American leaders don't seem to be able to learn from past mistakes over fear of being held responsible and having to resign. Taking responsibility does not exist anymore. Our elitists don't really care what we think. That makes them very dangerous...really the biggest threat that we have.

How Much War Does Washington Want?

Paul Craig Roberts

A mural in Moscow depicts the Crimea peninsula: "Together Forever"

America does not at the moment have a functioning democracy.” ~ Former US President Jimmy Carter

I doubt that the Ukraine crisis precipitated by Washington’s overthrow of the democratic government is over. Washington has won the propaganda war everywhere outside of Russia and Ukraine itself. Within Ukraine people are aware that the coup has made them worse off. The Crimea has already separated from the US puppet government in Kiev and rejoined Russia. Other parts of Russian Ukraine could follow.

In Kiev itself where the unelected, imposed-by-Washington dictatorial government resides, extreme right-wing Ukrainian nationalists, whose roots go back to fighting for National Socialist Germany, are at work intimidating public prosecutors, media editors, and the US imposed “government” itself. There is an abundance of videos available on the Internet, some made by the extreme nationalists themselves, that clearly reveal the intimidation of the imposed and unelected government installed by Washington..

In Kiev US bribes contend with naked neo-nazi force. Which will prevail?

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