The Passion of Vladimir Putin

Mark Glenn

Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill exchanges kisses with
President Dmitry Medvedev as Medvedev's wife, Svetlana,
and President-elect Vladimir Putin await their turn at an
Easter Sunday service in downtown Moscow.
(S. L. Loiko)

What are we accomplishing?” they asked. “Here is this man performing many miraculous signs…If we allow him to go on like this, everyone will believe in him, and then we will lose our place and our nation.” Then one of them named Caiphas who was High Priest that year spoke and said “You fools, you know nothing at all…Do you not realize it is better that one man die than that the whole nation perish?” — Book of John

The mood in Tel Aviv that day in early September 2013–specifically in the office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu–had to have been absolutely electric. The news blaring out over the airwaves the world over was that more war (as if there weren’t enough already) was on its way to the Middle East, close enough to Israel in fact that gawkers and fans, if they so desired (as many did during Operation Cast Lead) could pull up lawn chairs and gigglingly watch the spectacle as if it were 2nd century Rome and Christians were being fed to lions.

The winning lottery ticket that had Chosenites the world over as giddy as schulgirls was the fact that Barack Obama had finally been Bar Mitzvaed, politically speaking, as virtually all American presidents inevitably must. Having experienced his ‘coming to Moses’ moment, the news was that he had finally decided to ‘get right’ with the god of Israel by surrendering his authority as leader of the free world to the genocidal demands of the Jewish state viz-a viz the obliteration of Syria. - Given the nature of what was involved then, how could such news have been greeted in Zionist circles in any fashion other than one of orgiastic celebration?

As stated earlier, ‘electric,’ and not just any old sort of AC/DC razzle dazzle/razzmatazz, but rather the kind of ‘high voltage’ energy one sees taking place every year during the Judaic festival of Purim…Handshakes, hugs, kisses, high-fives, throaty shouts of ‘Mazel Tov’, Magan David flowing like blood from a severed jugular vein and hearty backslaps between goombahs from Likud, Beiteinu and everything in between as they congratulate each other over the fact that, once again Jewish threats, Jewish needling, Jewish duplicity and of course the infamous kvetching for which this peculiar cult has been historically well-known had finally paid off, resulting now in the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse stampeding towards ancient Assyria faster than a swarm of Tomahawk cruise missiles bearing painted slogans on their sides such as ‘Bomb a sand nigger for Jesus’.

Anti-Russia propaganda and the fabrication of a new pro-war consensus

Alex Lantier

(Then: "If Russia and the Communists should win the next world war, many American men would be sterilized. In case the Communists should conquer, our women would be helpless beneath the boots of the Asiatic Russians.") Now: Putin falsely accused of persecuting gay people. Connect the dots. -Oh, btw., American men already are sterilized. The US mainstream media has saved Putin the trouble. -Ah, one more thing, they're lobotomized and pretty stupid as well, "dumb, stupid animals". Kissinger was right. No, not just the soldiers, all of 'em. Their womenfolk too. Next thing you'll know is they'll obediently start responding to the neo-cons' evil hiss for war against Russia. ♫ "That'll Be The Day"...

The purpose of the ongoing propaganda campaign is to manufacture a new pro-war narrative.

Since Crimea voted last Sunday to secede from Ukraine and rejoin Russia, US officials and the American media have mounted a deafening propaganda campaign, posturing as defenders of world peace, the rights of small nations and international law in opposition to Russia. In this campaign, no lie told to justify support for the Ukrainian regime that emerged from last month’s fascist-led coup is too absurd.

As he announced new sanctions against Russia yesterday, President Obama denounced Russia’s annexation of Crimea. “Basic principles between governments in the world must be upheld in the 21st century,” Obama intoned, such as “the notion that nations do not redraw borders simply because they are larger or more powerful.”

Writing along similar lines, the Washington Post editorialized that “Mr. Putin’s claim that Russia should have a say in the political orientation of its neighbors, and whether they join alliances such as the European Union or NATO, is entirely unacceptable.”

Who is supposed to believe this nonsense? The governing principle of US foreign policy is that it has an unchallengeable right to determine the political orientation of its unfortunate “neighbors” in the Western hemisphere and that of every other country in the world.

As far back as the formulation of the Monroe Doctrine in 1823, the United States claimed the entire Western hemisphere as its sphere of influence, dictating what relations it could have with European powers.

The CIA spying scandal, Watergate and the decay of American democracy

Eric London

In the nine days since Senator Dianne Feinstein revealed that the Central Intelligence Agency had spied on Senate Intelligence Committee staffers investigating CIA torture programs, the issue has been all but dropped by the political establishment and the media.

The White House and Congress, including Feinstein herself, are seeking to move any further discussion of the matter behind closed doors. The aim is to prevent any broader public airing of the fundamental democratic issues at stake in both the spying and the underlying crime, torture, which the CIA and the Obama administration are seeking to cover up.

Involved are impeachable offenses implicating the intelligence agencies and top officials in the administration, including the president. In her remarks on the Senate floor last week, Feinstein charged that the CIA violated the “separation of powers” principle embedded in the US Constitution as well as the Fourth Amendment and legal prohibitions against domestic spying. Since these remarks, the White House has publicly defended CIA Director John Brennan and acknowledged that the Obama administration deliberately withheld documents relating to the Senate investigation.

It is instructive to compare the actions of the CIA and the White House today to the Articles of Impeachment against President Richard M. Nixon approved by the House Judiciary Committee on July 27, 1974. Nixon was accused of engaging in a criminal conspiracy to steal Democratic Party documents relating to the 1972 elections from an office in the Watergate Hotel. He used the CIA and other intelligence agencies to cover up the break-in and intimidate political opponents in order to obstruct the investigation into the incident.

Crimean ‘Check’ on Western Machinations in Ukraine

Finian Cunningham

American geo-strategic planners are fond of the chess game analogy, as articulated foremost by former National Security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski. In the wake of the resounding vote for Crimean unification with Russia at the weekend, it may be said that this move by the Crimean electorate declares a «check» on Washington’s machinations in the Ukraine…

A reading of reactions from officials in Washington and their allies in Europe indicates that the game was not meant to turn out this way.

When the US and the EU started to ramp up destabilization of the Ukraine at the end of November, things seemed to go to plan. A concerted campaign of political interference from Western capitals, massive Western media distortion and the covert sponsoring of violence in the capital, Kiev, created unbearable pressure on the incumbent government of president Viktor Yanukovych.

With Western-backed covert terrorism claiming up to 100 deaths among protesters and police, as well as hundreds injured, and with anarchy descending on government buildings, the elected authorities capitulated on February 22. The unelected regime that came to power in Kiev, led by self-styled prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, has quickly moved to implement the regime-change agenda of Washington and its European allies. Financial, trade and military pacts are already being drawn up with Washington, Brussels and NATO.

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