The Pandemic Myth: The world is a much safer place than you're told

John Varoli

History is clear -- major outbreaks of disease only follow wars and/or sudden climatic cooling periods that lead to famine. We have none of this today. So, how can Covid be a 'pandemic'?

If microbes truly are deadly — as bumbling government bureaucrats and greedy Big Pharma execs tell us — then there should be pandemics every year. Humans should be dropping like flies, on the verge of extinction. But we’re not. Why?

No matter how much we sanitize our hands and bodies, the fact is that over 400 trillion viruses exist in each of us, and trillions more are in the air, water and surfaces around us. In addition, the Earth is home to millions of distinct viral species, as well as bacteria. In short, the microbial world is the most dominant life vector on Earth. I could easily argue that we live on their planet. And we’re simply their hosts. Thus, microbes have a vested interest in keeping us alive.

But what about a pandemic? It’s a major killer, right? Not so fast. As a purely natural phenomenon, a ‘pandemic’ is extremely rare. In fact, I can argue that pandemics don’t really exist, and anyone trying to scare you about the “next pandemic” is a wicked rogue and charlatan.

The scientific data and evidence is clear — major outbreaks of disease only follow wars, famine, social upheaval or a sudden climatic cooling that weakens one’s body and immune system. There’s never been a natural mass outbreak of disease during a time of peace and prosperity, such as the era we’ve been living in for 30 years.

As long as you’re well fed and housed, with access to clean water and air, and not facing the scourge of war and physical abuse, and not under great stress, then chances are that until you turn 65 years old, you’ll never get an infectious disease worse than the typical winter cold. Yes, as you age and reach your senior years, your body eventually breaks down. Sorry Folks, death is inescapable. The good news, however, is that for most of your life, you won’t need to have an irrational fear of ‘pathogens’

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