Mass psychosis – Covid’s No 1 symptom

Frederick Edward

In years past, complaints following the festive period usually involved an expanding waistline or slightly bruised liver. This being the modern world, of course, we have other things on our mind.

On December 31, American commentator Joe Rogan released a podcast with Dr Robert Malone. In the mainstream media you will learn that this doctor is a crank, a weirdo, an antivaxxer. Less frequently you will be reminded that he is one of the inventors of mRNA vaccine technology, making him one of the most qualified people in the world to pass comment on the issue.

Rogan’s interview with Dr Malone is three hours long and constitutes essential listening. Valid questions about the efficacy of rushed-out vaccines, their potential ‘rare’ or long-term side effects and the abandonment of medical ethics are all raised. For anyone whose critical functions have remained intact over the last two years, it is alarming stuff.

The interview has already been listened to millions of times. In the United States alone, Joe Rogan’s ratings consistently trounce anything that the mainstream media can produce. As such, he represents a grave threat to the narrative peddled relentlessly by Big Government, Big Pharma and Big Media. It is for this reason – sorry, for encouraging ‘vaccine hesitancy’ – that the interview has already been pulled off YouTube, and Dr Malone’s Twitter account shut down even before the interview’s release.

Perhaps the crucial moment in the chat is the discussion of Covid-19’s mental aspects. I do not mean the brain fog that comes with the virus and sometimes with the vaccine. Instead, it has long been abundantly clear that Covid-19 is predominantly a virus of the mind. The excessive reaction to its spread by governments, elements of the healthcare profession and the hysteria-inclined has revealed a deep spiritual sickness at the core of modern society.

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