America Cleanses Southeastern Ukraine of Ethnic Russians

Eric Zuesse

The Western news media have not been showing the footage of this action by the U.S. Administration, but U.S. news media also covered up the Administration’s constant lies about “Saddam’s WMD” (which the U.N. had quietly verified were completely destroyed in 1998), and so Americans supported invading Iraq on the basis of outright lies, and we did so: the U.S. is no longer an authentic democracy, which requires an honest press.

America is now doing something that might be even more shocking than that — outright modeled upon the Hitler-movement. The present news report is being distributed to all U.S. news media, so that we’ll all get to see which U.S. media suppress this information, and which ones break the U.S. silence about it — the first-ever blatant ethnic-cleansing program carried out in any foreign country by U.S. Government agents or under U.S. control.

Here are photos of what we (our nation’s appointed agents in Ukraine) have been doing since 18 February 2014, and which is being backed up by U.S. tax-dollars under the fake rubric of “national security.” These still-photos are all taken from live videos many of which the present reporter has previously provided the links to, and all of which have been checked thoroughly and verified to be authentic by this reporter, and none of these photos has been found to be doctored.

The only organization that checks for doctored “evidence” regarding the situation in Ukraine is, a website that was recently established by an independent group of journalism students in order to defeat propaganda that is being created and spread by both sides (almost entirely by “our” side) in the Ukrainian civil war; these students are doing this so that honest news reporting can be separated out from that which is based upon, and spreading to the public, lies.

They are performing a terrific service in this matter, and all honest journalists owe them a debt of gratitude.

So: here are these still shots, of what we, through our national government, have been doing, while the U.S. “news” media have been focused on other matters, and have speculated wildly in order to suggest a very different reality in Ukraine than these pictures show. Please note that all bombs that are being dropped in Ukraine come from government planes and helicopters; the residents in southeastern Ukraine have no control over the Ukrainian military; this is quite simply a war upon the people who live there, and their attempt to form their own local governments there does not empower them with any such military — they simply don’t have that.

Also check out here and here. Here’s how the Western “news” media covered that bombing. And here is how Russian TV, which is the only TV network that is covering this in the English language, is reporting the events as of June 20th.

When one looks at that Russian TV report, and listens to the victims and sees the bombed houses, the only way to not believe it would be to be assuming lots of things that are not so, because that was about the prior 24-hour’s events, and even if the doctoring of a still photo can be done fast (within 24 hours), and even if the creation of a fictional video can be very persuasive if done slow (as a major studio production with hired actors, etc.), this doesn’t look like that at all, and appeared immediately after the event. Moreover, the present reporter has researched extensively the history and events leading up to today’s reality in Ukraine, and the TV news report that is presented there on Russian TV fits 100% with that solidly documented background and history.

So, some of those prior news reports will be listed and linked-to here, to provide that background and history, so that a reader can understand not only why Russian Television is covering the American-run ethnic cleansing operation in southeastern Ukraine, but also why the U.S. aristocracy’s “news” media (and those of allied aristocracies) do not.

To subscribe to, or otherwise pay for, “news” in the United States, is to purchase propaganda; it’s to pay for the “privilege” of being deceived by the national (and/or local) aristocracy. True news can be found free online, and the reader can check its sources instantly by just clicking on its links.

TV, magazines and newspapers are so passé. If one wants lies, one doesn’t have to pay to be deceived; one can just go to that operation’s website. And if one wants truth, one can get it just by checking out the links. Any news story that doesn’t have links isn’t worth reading, because lies are then being intentionally made difficult to detect.

The only way to avoid being deceived is to spot-check an article’s sources.

In the new economy, either the reader is in control, or the reader is a fool. No authentic democracy can be a nation of fools. The U.S. is no longer a democracy; the aristocracy has simply taken over. If the people don’t fight back by boycotting liars, they are willing fools and don’t care about their own country.


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Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity. He writes for The Huffington Post.

Article published here: Washington's Blog. Photo 1: Photo 2: The Independent


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