Candy King with sticky fingers

Finian Cunningham

The Western propaganda machine is trying to sell Ukraine's so-called Candy King as the democratically elected new president of that crisis-torn country.

The billionaire Petro Poroshenko is being presented as a self-made entrepreneur-turned-politician, who will bring to Ukraine "enlightened Western democracy and free markets".

As usual, this is typical Western propaganda inverting reality. The 48-year-old Poroshenko is certainly pro-Western, but not for benign reasons. He made his wealth, along with his father and several other oligarch figures, by operating ruthlessly as a vulture capitalist, seizing state assets belonging to the old Soviet Ukraine during the 1990s.

One of his businesses is the manufacture of chocolates, but Poroshenko has several other "interests" including ownership of news media that engages in gutter journalism to spread his belated "anti-Russian" politics and further his own selfish ambitions.

The Chocolate King has fingers sticking with corruption, with serious accusations against him over underworld dealings in drugs, prostitution and illegal arms trade. That such a sinister figure is now being presented by the US and European governments in such a positive light is like a dizzying sugar rush to the head.

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