Candy King with sticky fingers

Finian Cunningham

The Western propaganda machine is trying to sell Ukraine's so-called Candy King as the democratically elected new president of that crisis-torn country.

The billionaire Petro Poroshenko is being presented as a self-made entrepreneur-turned-politician, who will bring to Ukraine "enlightened Western democracy and free markets".

As usual, this is typical Western propaganda inverting reality. The 48-year-old Poroshenko is certainly pro-Western, but not for benign reasons. He made his wealth, along with his father and several other oligarch figures, by operating ruthlessly as a vulture capitalist, seizing state assets belonging to the old Soviet Ukraine during the 1990s.

One of his businesses is the manufacture of chocolates, but Poroshenko has several other "interests" including ownership of news media that engages in gutter journalism to spread his belated "anti-Russian" politics and further his own selfish ambitions.

The Chocolate King has fingers sticking with corruption, with serious accusations against him over underworld dealings in drugs, prostitution and illegal arms trade. That such a sinister figure is now being presented by the US and European governments in such a positive light is like a dizzying sugar rush to the head.

Another disturbing aspect of Poroshenko's business empire is his involvement in modern slavery in Africa. As a chocolate manufacturer, the billionaire is heavily involved in the international cartel that dictates the cocoa trade, the raw material for that industry.

As political analyst Christof Lehmann points out, two-thirds of world cocoa supply is produced in the Ivory Coast, West Africa. The industry is notorious for the appalling exploitation of child labor, with millions of children dying from starvation, sickness and horrendous injuries from toiling on plantations, day-in, day-out with machetes and toxic pesticides. As a major player in the cocoa cartel operation in West Africa, Poroshenko bears responsibility for this criminal child-slave trade.

"Now he wants to apply this slave-trade mentality to the Ukraine under the auspices of IMF austerity, slashing workers' wages and gutting assets for Western capitalist pirates," says Lehmann.

Poroshenko's political views are as assorted as a box of chocolates. Jewish and born in pro-Russian Crimea, he is now siding with the neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic regime that seized power illegally in Kiev in February when the CIA-backed coup ousted the then elected President Viktor Yanukovych.

Indeed, at an earlier stage, Poroshenko had a ministerial job in the Yanukovych government, as he did with the previous administration of Viktor Yuschenko and Yulia Tymoshenko that stemmed from the US-backed Orange Revolution of 2004.

Poroshenko made millions of dollars previously selling candies to Russia - the same Russia that he now vilifies and says he wants his country to avoid in preference to the European Union. No doubt that political "vision" is strongly motivated by the personal gain of Poroshenko's chocolate business finding new lucrative access to European markets.

US Secretary of State John Kerry this week hailed Poroshenko's victory in the so-called Ukrainian elections. According to Voice of America, Kerry said the result showed that: "Ukrainian people want to live in a democratic country anchored in... European institutions."

This was in the same week that the Kiev regime, which backs the Candy King, sent more assault troops to attack Russian-speaking civilians in Eastern Ukraine. Hundreds have been killed in recent weeks since the Western-backed Kiev junta launched its so-called "anti-terror operation". This week three women were among the dead in the cities of Donetsk and Slavyansk after the neo-Nazi Right Sector paramilitaries, masquerading as a National Guard, shot and bombed their targets. In one bomb attack, a woman was reportedly decapitated on the street in front of her own child, who was also mutilated.

Poroshenko won this fiasco election, with 54 per cent of the vote, marked by a turnout of less than 45 percent nationally, amid widespread state-sponsored violence and abstention in the east and south of Ukraine.

Nevertheless, with fulsome Western support, the Chocolate King claims to have a democratic mandate to go after "terrorists" with even more deadly force. Referring to the ethnic Russian people who refuse to recognize the Kiev regime, he has said there would be "no negotiations with terrorists" and that he would "finish them all". Poroshenko even compared his supposed compatriots to Somali insurgents.

"Their goal is to turn Donbass [in eastern Ukraine] into a Somalia where they would rule with the power of machine guns. I will never allow that to happen on the territory of Ukraine," he said.

The big question is: what will Moscow do about this? Vladimir Putin's government says it will recognize the election of Poroshenko and wants to engage in dialogue. However, Moscow has also urged the cessation of "anti-terror" military operations in the east of Ukraine.

So far, the Candy King shows no inclination to be reasonable and engage in peaceful dialogue. In fact, the signs are that state terrorism is to be stepped under his management, and with full Western support too. His so-called election portends the bitter taste of further appalling violence in Ukraine.

Finian Cunningham, originally from Belfast, Ireland, was born in 1963. He is a prominent expert in international affairs. The author and media commentator was expelled from Bahrain in June 2011 for his critical journalism in which he highlighted human rights violations by the Western-backed regime. He is a Master’s graduate in Agricultural Chemistry and worked as a scientific editor for the Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge, England, before pursuing a career in journalism. He is also a musician and songwriter. For many years, he worked as an editor and writer in the mainstream news media, including The Mirror, Irish Times and Independent. He is now based in East Africa where he is writing a book on Bahrain and the Arab Spring. He co-hosts a weekly current affairs programme, Sunday at 3pm GMT on Bandung Radio.

Source: PressTV


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