The Workless Class Woke Up

Gilad Atzmon

The undeniable surge in the support for Euro Sceptics and right wing parties in yesterday’s European Parliament election, suggests that the European working class, isn’t as apathetic as the Zionised Left wants it to be.

The nationalist, patriotic and anti-immigration parties took the lead all over Europe last night. In France, Marine Le Pen’s National Front pushed the shameless Socialist Party into third place. In Britain the situation was similar. Nigel Farage’s UKIP has taken the lead and is now a major player in British politics.

While the British conservatives were quick to react, advocating that immigration policy be reviewed and amended, the Left and its crony media expressed shock at the rise of the “far Right” and “Nazis.” Once again it is painful, but not surprising to witness the Left’s detachment from the working class.

French PM Valls who recently used every available tool to harass hugely popular black comedian Dieudonné in order to appease the French Jewish Lobby (CRIF), announced last night that the election results represented “a political earthquake in France.’ But can a popular vote on such a vast scale be an earthquake, a surprise or a shock? Not really, a moment of truth or epiphany is a better description of the political shift. However, the Left’s evident surprise exposes the depth of its detachment from society and is tragically symptomatic of contemporary left thinking and politics.

This state of alienation is easily understood. Advocacy of liberal immigration policies in the West has been supported for the last few decades by both Left and Jewish progressive institutions. The reasons are clear. The progressive Jew tends to believe that a multi ethnic and fragmented society made up of multiple identities, is ‘good for the Jews.’ In such circumstances, Jews are merely one ethnicity among many. Open immigration also weakens the host nation. Jews, who have been subject to animosity and hostility throughout their history, understand that weakening the cohesive bond of their host nations is an effective strategy to protect Jews.

Obama in Afghanistan

Stephen Lendman

Torturer-in-Chief Barack Obama, right, is greeted by US
Ambassador to Afghanistan James Cunningham, center,
and Marine General Joseph Dunford, commander of the
US-led International Security Assistance Force, after
arriving at Bagram Air Field for an unannounced visit,
on Sunday, May 25, 2014, north of Kabul, Afghanistan.

He left Washington Saturday. He arrived in Afghanistan Sunday. It was his fourth visit. He stayed less than four hours. Earlier trips were in March 2010, December 2010 and May 2012. Obama addressed US troops. He did so at Bagram Air Base.

It houses one of America's notorious torture prisons. Dozens of others operate globally. Guantánamo is the tip of the iceberg. Bagram is called the Parwan Detention Facility (aka Bagram Theater Internment Facility). It's next to Bagram's air field. It was formerly called the Bagram Collection Point.

In mid-2011, it held 1,100 political prisoners. Maximum during Bush years was 600. None have POW status. All are political prisoners. They illegally held.

Abuse continues. It's notorious. It's not reported. It's out of sight and mind. Former detainees describe horrendous treatment. Not far from where Obama spoke. It includes:

painful extended period shackling;
exposure to extreme heat and cold;
abusive treatment while naked, hooded or blindfolded;
waterboarding numerous times;
isolation in tiny cells;
other times in overcrowded ones forcing detainees to sleep in shifts;
hung from steel bars in cells or metal hooks in interrogation rooms for extended periods;

Is Putin caving in to West pressure?

Finian Cunningham

A Ukrainian helicopter Mi-24 gunship fires its cannons against rebels
at the main terminal building at the airport in Donetsk, May 26, 2014.

Moscow would be better to condemn this regime, as it did until recently, and the sham election that this imposter-junta is foisting on the Ukrainian people.

Russian President Vladimir Putin told the international business conference in St Petersburg that his government would recognize the results of the presidential election being held this weekend in Ukraine.

That seems to signal a significant concession by the Russian leader to placate the Western-backed regime in Kiev.

Only a few weeks ago, Moscow's position was that the Ukrainian presidential election was not legitimate. That was because, rightly, it is being organized by a regime that seized power illegally from the elected government of President Viktor Yanukovych on 23 February. That coup came on the back of nearly three months of street violence in Ukraine’s capital, Kiev, during which more than 100 civilians and state security personnel were gun downed by snipers. There is convincing evidence that many of these deaths were carried out with the complicity of Washington and its covert forces working in collusion with the coup plotters. On the face of it, that represents a huge criminal interference in Russia’s strategically important Western neighbour.

Putin told delegates this week at the conference in St Petersburg that he still views the Kiev coup to be unconstitutional, and he laid the blame squarely on Washington and its European allies for orchestrating the criminal overthrow of the elected Ukrainian authorities.

So, it seemed a strange logic from the Russian leader to now say that Moscow will “respect the will of the people”.

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