False Flags Won’t Pass!

"Hadi bin Hurr"

Why would ISIS choose to carry out such a large-scale terrorist attack on Russian soil at this very moment when we know that nothing similar was attempted even in the midst of the war in Syria?


If it weren’t infinitely disgusting and totally inappropriate to the tragic moment, someone might find it funny how much Washington and their satellites are trying these days to prove that Ukraine has absolutely nothing to do with the horrible terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall that killed 144 completely innocent Russian civilians, while 360 of them were injured and 95 are still considered missing. If these professional Western liars had a little more brain than a parrot needs to endlessly repeat the same nonsense that no one on this planet believes anymore, they would realize that Moscow, by labeling the Kiev Nazi regime as the culprit of the second largest terrorist operation in Russia since 1991, in fact, in front of the whole world, more than directly calls out Washington and their other subordinate power centers. After all, simple logic and the abundance of direct and indirect evidence that is already available to the public lead each of us to come to the same conclusion ourselves.

American attempts to shift the blame for the massacre in Moscow solely to the “Islamic State” are more than naive and foolish. Worse than those pathetic attempts was only the American conviction that this false flag operation could pass and that the Kremlin could be successfully misled. Moscow does not believe in American crocodile tears! In addition, a large part of the world public has never allowed itself to become a victim of brainwashing by the Western mainstream media, so it does not fall for the American claims about the non-involvement of Kiev in the massacre in Moscow, which also applies to an increasing part of the Western public, which has become resistant to the lies of Zionist-controlled Washington. The world public has long been aware of the fact that Daesh is nothing more than a proxy weapon of global terror under the control of the infamous Zionist triad of special services consisting of the CIA, MI6, and the Mossad. Reinventing ISIS as the duty culprit for all the crimes planned in Washington, London, and Tel-Aviv is no longer possible.

Maria Zakharova: Biden is not interested in peace but in ISIS*

Maria Zakharova

In an article for Komsomolskaya Pravda, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman tells who is sowing controlled chaos in the interests of the United States.

American politicians have persuaded themselves that the terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall was committed by the ISIS* terrorist organization banned in Russia. Why they do this is clear - there are no two ways about it.

Billions of dollars and an unprecedented amount of weapons were invested unaccountably and with the use of corrupt schemes in the Kyiv regime, aggressive rhetoric against Russia and blatant nationalism, the ban on peaceful negotiations on Ukraine, and endless calls for a violent solution to the conflict, the refusal to condemn the long-standing terrorist attacks carried out by the Kyiv regime and massive information and political support for any, even the most terrible actions of Zelenskyy - all this directly and indirectly points to the involvement of the current occupants of the White House in the sponsorship of the terrorist organization ISIS*. Hence, Washington's daily "excusing" of its underlings in Kyiv, and the attempt to cover themselves, along with the Zelenskyy regime they created, with the scarecrow of the banned ISIS*. And then they fell into their own rusty trap.

What is ISIS*?

At one time, as part of the counteraction to the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, Washington actively supported the mujahideen, armed and guided them. Already when she was Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, almost clapping her hands, recalled: "...we are going to recruit these mujahideen. And that's great. Let's import the Wahhabi variety of Islam into Afghanistan so that we can defeat the USSR". It was as a result of that Afghan campaign that Al-Qaeda* (recognized as a terrorist organization, banned in Russia) emerged. Let's leave Afghanistan for a moment and move on to Iraq.

The resurrection of Russia and the multipolar world prevented the New World Order

Cesare Sacchetti

There was a time when Russia was not even a State. At least, it was not a national State in the real sense of this word. Its government had no power to enforce its laws and other actors dominated the scene. This was the time of the 90s. If we were to speak with some Russians who lived at that time in the country, they would surely tell us what kind of living hell Russia was then.

The collapse of the Berlin wall was a disaster because it dismantled the Soviet blockade and created a political vacuum. A political vacuum that was filled by foreign powers such as the US deep state along with the infamous Russian oligarchs, who happen to be quite often Ashkenazi Jews.

These oligarchs allowed Russia to be ruled by the worst kind of people, including mobsters, human smugglers and drug dealers. All these elements were the de facto government of Russia at that time. At this point, we need to stress some facts before continuing our analysis. We are certainly not nostalgic of the Soviet era.

How Wall Street created the USSR – The USSR was a creation of the Anglo-Saxon financial world and it was conceived to spread communism throughout the world and also to get rid of the ancient Russian tsarist tradition, which embraced Christian values.

The real story of the birth of the USSR is not told in the history books because it would disturb the liberal narrative. For instance, we do not read in the history books, at least the ones that we study at school, that Trotsky went to New York to plan his revolution in 1917 and we do not read that in this city he received funding by the local powerful and wealthy banks.

How Sarah Ashton Cirillo Echoes Joseph Goebbels

Stephen Karganovic

Mens morba in corpore morbō: How Sarah Ashton Cirillo Echoes Joseph Goebbels (cf. "Mens sana in corpore sano" -ed.) Let us analyse the implications of the use of Nazi memes in the discourse of an average American who happens to be in Ukraine.

The unhinged Monty Python hermaphrodite Sarah Ashton Cirillo (real name Michael John Cirillo) got its comeuppance. Famous pranksters Vovan and Lexus could not resist the temptation of making a complete fool of this poor ignorant nitwit. Once again they have performed a public service and as usual have done a brilliant job of it. [You Tube now has deleted these videos. You may however try Rumble - Ed.] Vovan and Lexus’ conversation with Cirillo is interesting on several levels.

The main takeaways of the prankster interview are AFU “sergeant” Cirillo’s affirmations that Russians are “not human” and that the West does not fully understand the threat they pose, that all “Russian propagandists” should be targeted with every available weapon, including terrorist attacks, that the immensely talented Russian journalist Daria Dugina, who was murdered by Kiev regime agents in a booby trapped vehicle, “died a death that she deserved,” and that Ukraine should go on to target Maria Zakharova as well, presumably in similarly gruesome fashion.

After the subject’s moral and psychological portrait was thus established, the conversation with the pranksters turned to what is probably the most revealing segment of their interaction with Cirillo.

RE: Colonial pressure

Maria Zakharova

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova on the impossibility of endlessly suppressing the independence and sovereignty of nations

In two articles of the UN Charter, 73 and 74, there is such a rarely met nowadays term - "Non-Self-Governing Territories". The official Charter definition is that they are territories "whose peoples have not yet attained full self-government". We are talking about colonies.

The UN Special Committee on the Situation about the Implementation of the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples ("Special Committee 24") approved a provisional list of territories subject to the Declaration.

The UN is mandated to regularly update and publish a list of "Non-Self-Governing Territories" whose peoples are still in colonial dependence on metropolises.

It was last updated just three months ago, on May 10. Special Committee 24 counted 17 colonies. Think about it: 17 colonies in the 21st century, in 2023:

Three by the United States (United States Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam);
Two for France (French Polynesia, New Caledonia);
Ten for the United Kingdom (Anguilla, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Malvinas, Montserrat, St. Helena, Turks and Caicos Islands, Gibraltar, Pitcairn).

When the British monarch "apologizes" for the colonial crimes of his ancestors in Africa and other parts of the world, he remembers that even according to UN estimates, where Britain still has a veto in the Security Council, he is still the head of a colonial country. And for these colonies, his government is ready to kill and die (remember the relatively recent Falklands War). But that is not all.

Britain and NATO "At War" - Russian Military Strikes Against Them Would Be Lawful

Christopher Black

Attorney Says Britain and NATO "At War" - Russian Military Strikes Against Them Would Be Lawful

On the 19th of May, the Financial Times quoted the British Minister of Defense, Ben Wallace, stating that the West could face the threat of full-scale war with Russia and China by the end of the decade and proclaimed defence preparation a paramount task for Western countries.

One has to wonder what universe Mr. Wallace and his boss, Rishi Sunak, are living in since Britain is engaged in war with Russia right now, has, with every step, every hostile action, set itself up for a full-scale war, a full-scale catastrophe, which they cannot prevent. Why Britain would go to war with China as well as Russia when China has not threatened it and is oceans away, no one can explain in rational terms. Yet, this is the British rhetoric, the fetishistic parroting of the words of their lord and master, the USA.

Many argue that statements, a war is not happening, that it is something that exits only in the future, are desperate attempts to fool the British people, to lie to them about their government’s intentions and what is coming. Others argue that they are signs that the British government has no sense of reality. But, in the end, one has to conclude that they are both at the same time. Worse, these statements speak of a government, that seems to think it is untouchable, that the war with Russia will be limited in geographic space to Ukraine, that Britain’s participation in the war against Russia will have no direct consequences for Britain and its people, that Russia will not dare to follow military and political logic and conduct military strikes against Britain. Nothing could be further from the truth, yet the British establishment, dreaming of its past, is unable to accept reality, is leading the British people towards disaster, as the gathering storm of war edges ever closer to their shores.

Are the Chinese nice?

Gilbert Doctorow

Without mincing words, my answer to the question is that the Chinese are not nice. They are dignified, they are hard working and commercially minded. They pay all due respect to professional competence and operate a system of governance that might fairly be described as a meritocracy. But they are not nice in the sense of tolerant of the sins and trans-gressions of others. They are not Good Christians.

That is where the Chinese should not be confused with the Russian leadership, in which President Vladimir Putin has over the two plus decades at the helm always shown restraint and frequently turned the other cheek when he and his country were abused by the United States and its allies.

Putin’s Christian convictions and the behavior that follow from them have led his domestic critics among super patriots to harshly condemn the way the war in Ukraine or Special Military Operation, if you will, is being prosecuted. Russia has the capability to decapitate the Kiev regime at any time but has not done anything of the kind. Instead it has regularly permitted Western heads of government to visit with Zelensky at his headquarters as if the country were at peace. Russia has allowed the United States to repeatedly cross its declared red lines without punishment. [*] Regrettably, judging by the U.S. activities with respect to Taiwan over the past couple of weeks, Washington does not seem to appreciate the difference between Russia and China in temperament of the leaders and national cultures.

Russia Banned from Munich Security Conference

Stephen Lendman

(L-R) Dmytro Kuleba Foreign Minister of Ukraine, United
States Secretary of State Antony Blinken and German Foreign
Minister Annalena Baerbock listen during a Q&A at the 2023
Munich Security Conference (MSC) in Munich, southern
Germany, on Saturday on February 18, 2023. (© S. Goerlich)

On Friday, the Munich Security Conference began, all things Russia and Nazi-infested Ukraine its main focus.

Presidents, prime ministers and other officials from scores of nations are attending, including the Biden regime’s Kamala Harris and interventionist Blinken. Germany’s delegation includes foreign minister Baerbock of we’re at war on Russia infamy. An array of unindicted war criminals include Biden regime officials, Baerbock, Britain’s Rishi Sunak, France’s Macron and US-installed NATO puppet Stoltenberg.

Ongoing from Friday through Sunday, no Russian officials were invited to attend for the first time since the 1990s. At a press conference days earlier, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, said the following:

💬 “We regret to say that in recent years, the conference has been increasingly transformed into such a transatlantic forum, losing its inclusiveness and objectivity.” “Interest in Moscow for this event dropped noticeably.”

In February 2007, Vladimir Putin addressed the Munich International Conference on Security, stating the following:

💬 “NATO put its frontline forces on our borders.” Its hostile actions are unrelated to “the modernization of the (war-making) alliance itself or with ensuring security in Europe.” “On the contrary, (they) represent a serious provocation that reduces the level of mutual trust.” “And we have a right to ask: against whom is this expansion intended?” “And what happened to assurances (that) western (regimes) made after the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact?”

You’re Being Lied to and Betrayed

Stephen Lendman

Cynthia Sularz, shown on a studio monitor, hosted an Eng-
lish-language version of “StopFake News” this month in
Kiev. Credit...Brendan Hoffman for The New York Times

By escalating conflict, [the Biden regime is] recklessly pushing things for greater US direct confrontation with Russia. The risk of global war 3.0 is more ominously high than any previous time since WW II ended.

Most everything reported by MSM on major world and national issues turn truth on its head and trample on it. MSM are bribed with big bucks to stick exclusively to the fabricated official narrative. What diverges from it is excluded from daily editions.

In print, the New York Times is the worst of the worst, a lying machine since the mid-19th century — proving it in daily fake news editions with rubbish like the following:

💬 “Russian tanks were stuck in the mud outside Kiev earlier this year (sic).” Russia’s SMO caused “economic fallout” in the country (sic).

The Times [also] mockes the reality of “secret (US) labs in Ukraine” for developing and producing deadly bioweapons.

And the Times repeatedly defies reality by falsely claiming that Ukrainian Nazis are prevailing over vastly superior Russian firepower, including the following trampling on truth rubbish:

"It's done": realities of the hyper-transparent spy world

Alex Krainer

On Monday, 26 September 2022 someone blew up the Nord Stream pipeline system, built at Germany’s request, to deliver Natural Gas from Russia to Germany. For a number of reasons, some of which I articulated in the article, “Britain’s Secret Diplomacy and the European Wars,” I thought that Great Britain was probably the mastermind and one of the perpetrators behind the attacks. Again, not any legitimate British government organization, but some deep state networks within the British military and structures. I expressed this view in the podcast with Tom Luongo, published five days after the attacks.

This week, Russia’s Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Defence revealed that Britain’s (then) PM Liz Truss sent a message to the US State Secretary Antony Blinken, saying “It’s done.”

The message was sent only one minute after the pipelines were destroyed. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova demanded an explanation from the British government. Not surprisingly, the allegations were rejected on both sides of the Atlantic, with the UK Ministry of Defence claiming that the Russians were “peddling false claims on an epic scale.” Of course they are: we all know that we in the west are the good guys and that the Russians are evil and far too unsophisticated for any such feat, so that should settle the issue. Or maybe not - Putin does hack into other nations elections and switch votes at will...

If you’re not so sure about the western narrative anymore, please continue reading.

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