The Bridge


Have you ever been isolated? Lied to? Betrayed?

While you thought you were dealing with loyalty and affection–instead you were staring at a mask of sanity invented to hide deceit.

Then you have known a Sociopath. You have known THE DEVOID. You have seen THE HOLLOW.

There are few things more repulsive, or more difficult, for sentient people to understand.

Deep at their core, The Devoid are not capable of feeling anything beyond their own needs. Even love for their own children is a pathology, born of self-admiration. In their children, they see only themselves, and so their children are raised to become Finger Puppets on a mission, mirror images of parents who have no empathy beyond their own self-admiration.

The Ancient One


Ancient One sat in the shade of his tree in front of his cave. Red People came to him and he said to Red People, "Tell me your vision."

And Red People answered, "The elders have told us to pray in this manner, and that manner, and it is important that only we pray as we have been taught for this has been handed down to us by the elders." -"Hmmmm," said the Ancient One.

Then Black People came to him and he said to Black People, "Tell me your vision."

And Black People answered, "Our mothers have said to go to this building and that building and pray in this manner and that manner. And our fathers have said to bow in this manner and that manner when we pray. And it is important that we do only this when we pray." "Hmmmm," said the Ancient One.

Shooting Itself in the Foot, Brazil Spreads Concrete Through the Rainforest

Stephanie Brault

Depletion of the Amazon Rainforest is not a new concern facing environmentalists, biologists, ecologists, and a growing number of the Amazonian indigenous peoples. For decades they have feared for the fate of the world’s most biologically diverse and species-rich hothouse. Brazil houses the largest expanse of tropical wilderness remaining on the globe, claiming 60% of the Amazon Rainforest. This is a vast and remote stretch which thirty years ago only Indians and wild animals roamed. Today, ranchers and sawmill owners in four-wheel-drive pickup trucks speed past new stores selling chain saws, construction materials, and farm equipment.

While land development, human settlement, and logging are the main sources of deforestation , the bedrock of this global ecocide is the construction of roads which tear through the rainforest habitat, laying down concrete in every direction with each newly paved yard. Brazil has faced a grave and pressing dichotomy ever since its ascension as an agricultural superpower in today’s globalized economy. Experts insist that if this reserve is to last, Brazil must balance development and economic growth with the implementation of a well-calculated Amazon preservation program.

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